Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – The Seal of Silver I

Early in the course of the game in the previous life, Rod deeply understood that intelligence is of vital importance. Whether it is business or combat, before determining the plan, need to have sufficient intelligence to support.

Perhaps the influence of the Thieves Guild’s sale of information, the game of all people understand a truth, intelligence, itself has value, not out of thin air can be obtained.

If you want to get information, you either have to spend time and effort to investigate it yourself, or spend gold and buy it from someone who knows.

Of course, in addition to the thieves’ guild, the rest of the people selling information may not be correct, more likely to be completely wrong information, but more or less mixed with some useful information.

If Rod is not willing to pay gold for the information, certainly not from the maid to get the information, only to get some basic information.

After accepting the gold coins from Rod, the maid gave the general information of the merchant group. For Rod at this time, it undoubtedly gave him an intuitive understanding of the strength of this merchant group.

Not long after, under the leadership of the maid, Rod and the vampire came to the premises of the Merchant Group of Silver Seal. The maid stepped forward, confessed a few words with the guards stationed outside the caravan, and then turned and left.

After the maid of honor left, the guard led Rod towards the interior of the premises as he already had a general idea of what Rod was up to.

In the process of walking through the entire premises, Rod observed the situation inside.

Inside the premises, most of the members were busy placing the goods on the vacant wagons.

At a glance, Rod saw that most of the goods were sealed with wooden boxes, and it was impossible to see exactly what was contained inside. The members of the merchant group seemed to be extremely strenuous in the process of transporting the wooden boxes, and when Rod listened attentively, he could hear the sound of iron colliding inside the wooden boxes.

On the side, a few overseer-like people also noticed the arrival of Rod, but did not say anything more, just look ahead to lead Rod’s guards, still carrying out the work at hand.

When Rod was observing the surrounding environment, the guard led Rod, came to the largest tent in the premises.

The guard told Rod to wait outside the tent, entered the tent, informed a few words, then came out and gestured for Rod to enter.

Rod led the vampire and stepped inside the tent.

As soon as he entered the tent, Rod sensed something was wrong. It’s not that Rod had a sense of danger, but the surrounding atmosphere felt very familiar to Rod.

The vampire also has this feeling, began to be a little agitated, Rod used the Soul Invocation to let it calm down, and then observe the environment of the tent.

The tent is decorated with some miscellaneous items, but overall it is quite neat. Perhaps not the reason for the permanent place, the tent is not a table, just placed a few chairs.

At this time, the chair directly opposite the entrance to the tent is sitting on a person, Rod looked towards him.

This person is dressed in cloth, but the cloth can not hide his sturdy figure, his face is firm, his face several scars carved by sharp weapons is telling the past deeds. The whole person is always emanating an aura outward.

Rod knew that according to the information provided by the maid, this person should be the head of the merchant group, Youser.

The head of merchant has strength of a senior warrior, and according to Rod’s understanding, the corresponding rank should be in the third rank. High-ranking warrior is equivalent to a formal mage, corresponding to the fourth rank.

Looking at Rod who entered the tent, the headmaster in front of him gestured for Rod to sit down on a chair at the side.

After Rod took his seat, the head merchant took the lead and said to Rod, “I am the head of the Silver Seal merchant troupe, your purpose of coming here I have already heard the previous guards say, is to become a traveler and follow the merchant troupe to the town of Sorrow, right?”

Seeing Rod nodding, Youser continued, “You should have understood that, except for our merchant group, there are not many merchant groups going to the town of Sorrow these days, right?”

As Rod continued to nod, Uther added, “So, you two are both necromancers, right?”

Rod had no intention to hide his identity as a necromancer, it was better to let the other party know from the beginning than to be discovered by the caster halfway. Just some doubts in Rod’s mind, both the veteran at the door and the merchant chief at this time, without the detection of mana, just a glance can see his identity as a necromancer, and asked.

“How did you see that we are necromancers, based on appearance alone, we should be similar to thieves in this outfit.”

Uther laughed: “The hood and the hem.”

Not waiting for Rod to continue to ask questions, Uther continued: “Although thieves also wear black robes, but for the convenience of battle, the hemline only up to the front of the knee area, unlike your black robes, almost to the back of the feet.”

“If the hood, thieves rely more on masking to conceal their identity, not particularly dependent on the hood. The hood behind the necromancer’s vestments is much wider, and the rest of the places won’t sell this style of black robe except for Diya. These can be observed by experience alone.”

“What’s more, you guys have an aura …… that is not something a thief can possess. Combining these circumstances, isn’t the identity of your necromancer crying out for attention?”

Rod listened and froze, did not think that a single black robe, it hid this information in it. Since the previous life was not a necromancer, the past game experience did not allow Rod to notice these details.

The previous life’s game experience also did not cover all the knowledge in the game. This undoubtedly reminded Rod, if he paid attention to the differences on the black robe, there may not be no way to observe it, but too much reliance on his own experience in his previous life, neglected these details.

What Rod didn’t expect was that originally he was just a tentative question, and had thought that Youser would casually muddle through, but he would actually tell all this information.

Even if it is only the information brought by experience, it still has an extremely high value for those who do not know.

Rod knew that the reason for Youser to give out this information was either because he wanted to use it to overpower himself in terms of momentum and thus raise the travel expenses, or he himself was a person who did not care about these details.

But, to achieve the position of the merchant chief, Rod does not believe that he will be a random person to say information, the purpose of doing so, can only be to raise the travel expenses.

Seeing Rod as if he was thinking about something, Uther continued: “Although I often deal with necromancers, but my men do not necessarily accept. Two necromancers want to travel to Diya as travelers, how to think is a bit suspicious, so ……”

Uther did not continue to speak, but looked at Rod, waiting for his answer.

Rod understood that if he did not say something, unless he paid a high price, this merchant group would not take himself along.

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