Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Trade Guild

Rod arrived at the destination of this trip, the Free Trade Guild

Unlike the thieves’ guild that Rod had previously visited, the interior of the Free Trade Guild was extremely extensive, and in addition to a few major buildings used to handle various affairs, the rest of the location was divided into merchant groups.

Of course, not all merchant groups are able to obtain a residence within the Free Trade Guild. Unless they make a significant contribution to the Free Trade Guild, if a merchant group wants to obtain a residence, it depends on the strength of the members’ rank in addition to gold.

Just after Rod entered the hall of the Free Trade Guild, the maid waiting at the side greeted him and asked him about his intentions.

Rod said, “I want to go to the town of Sorrow, and I hope I can go with the merchant group.”

After hearing this, the maid of honor asked, “Dear professional, do you have the identity certification of the Free Trade Guild?”

Rod understood what the maid meant. With the identity certification of the Trade Guild, you can join the merchant group that is going with you and become the temporary escort of the merchant group. When it comes to combat situations, the escorts are responsible for protecting the safety of the merchant group.

After reaching the destination, the merchant group will pay the escort a sum of money, but unless it is the permanent escort of the merchant group, the temporary escort is usually not paid much.

The Free Trade Guild has a special set of rating guidelines for a person’s identification. As the number of escort assignments increases, along with the success rate of the escort, the rating will get higher and higher, from F to S rank. The higher the rating, the easier it is to be accepted by the merchant group, and the compensation the merchant group needs to pay will also increase.

Rod recalled that in his previous life, players were aiming for an S-rank rating for the Free Trade Guild, but not many were really able to reach the S-rank. To reach the S-rank, in addition to spending a lot of time on escorting the Trade Guild, you also need a certain amount of opportunity, as well as your own strong strength.

Rod replied to the maid, “No, I only wish to go as a traveler.”

Travelers are different from escorts, who need identification to confirm their own strength and past escort achievements, and experienced merchant chiefs often only need to glance at the identification to confirm whether the escort is worth hiring. If an escort fails in his mission, he will also receive a penalty from the Free Trade Guild.

Travelers, on the other hand, do not need to be authenticated. Travelers only need to pay gold coins to be brought to their destination by the merchant group. In the event of a fight, the traveler does not need to fight at all.

Travelers are just travelers who are led by a merchant group to another town. Therefore, the Free Trade Guild does not take any commission for the merchant group to carry the travelers, and also does not have any management, all rely on the merchant group and the travelers to negotiate.

The reason why he chooses to become a traveler, follow the caravan to Diya, rather than obtain the map and go alone on the road, Rod has its own considerations.

Just like looking at the map drawn by Elliott before, even he knew the current location of the town, Rod can not go directly in one direction. Instead, he found a river as a reference and compared it with the map. Found this town.

Even with a detailed map, without the guidance of pathfinding, it is easy to get lost in the dense forest where the scenery is repeated.

What’s more, there is a possibility of encountering other situations along the way. Whether it’s looters on the road, lurking thieves, or various creatures’ quarters, to avoid these, in addition to pathfinding, a high level of scouting is also essential.

Therefore, choose to follow the merchant group to the target, although it takes longer, but more secure than alone on the road.

As a traveler, Rod only needs to wait in the carriage provided by the merchant group. Rod could also use the time on the road to do a few deep meditations. The only drawback is that the gold coins needed as a traveler are slightly expensive.

After listening, the maid guided Rod to the side hall. After making some inquiries, the maid told Rod the situation.

“Respected professional, just a short while ago, a large merchant group has traveled and delivered a large amount of goods to the town of Sorrow. As the much-needed goods were made up, it resulted in not many merchant groups being willing to travel to the town of Sorrow again. Currently, there is only one merchant group in the residence that has chosen the town of Sorrow.”

After Rod listened, it was as if he thought of something. When a large merchant group wanted to travel to a place, it required an extremely large amount of manpower and material resources in order to ensure that the road was foolproof. In such a loud situation, the movements of large merchant groups could not be concealed from the thieves’ guild in the town at all.

Without much hesitation, Rod said to the maid: “Take me to the premises of this merchant group.”

Carrying travelers will bring all kinds of variables to the merchant group. And, this practice, for the travelers themselves, is not necessarily safe.

Whether the merchant group extorts travelers on the road, or kills lone travelers in the wilderness to obtain their belongings, or travelers collude with thieves to kill the merchant group in the dead of night, it is a common occurrence. The Free Trade Guild does not care about this, it depends on the choice of the merchant group and the travelers themselves.

Therefore, both the merchant group and the travelers need to examine each other before confirming. This is also the reason why travelers want to join the merchant group, need to pay a high fee.

After listening to Rod’s request, the maid led the way in front and brought Rod to the merchant group’s quarters in the back.

The maid led Rod, to the back of the premises, towards the depths. At this time, the sky has slowly darkened, Rod just into the town, can still rely on the sky to see the surrounding scenery, but now can only rely on the roadside candlelight to see things.

On the way, Rod asked the maid for information about this merchant group, and got some information.

The name of this merchant group for the Silver Seal merchant group, the core members of the merchant group has six to eight, including the merchant group managers, decision makers, and the merchant group training professionals. The rest are responsible for the transport of goods, as well as hired guards, the overall membership of about twenty.

The information provided by the maid, seemingly extremely rich, will be the entire Silver Seal merchant group’s situation have told Rod, but in fact these are the most basic information, as long as Rod into the premises a little observation, he can see, there is no key information in it.

Seeing that he was about to come to the Silver Seal merchant group’s premises, Rod took out a gold coin from his spatial ring and called out to the maid in front of him.

“Tell me the really useful information.” Looking at the maid’s eyes, Rod said.

The maid of honor took the gold coin and smiled and said.

“The Silver Seal merchant group, the leader of which is named Youther, is a senior warrior with strength close to high rank. The rest of several core professionals also have senior strength. Of particular note is that there is a mage in the group, whose strength is unknown.”

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