Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Power

Stepping out from within the Thieves’ Guild, Rod headed towards his next target.

Rod recalled that throughout the continent, there were three most powerful forces, namely: the Thieves’ Guild, the Magic Guild, and the Free Trade Guild.

The Thieves Guild is mainly engaged in the collection and sale of information. From royal secrets to tavern escapades, basically most information can be bought within the thieves’ guild. The more detailed the information, the higher the price required. Generally, when buying information from the thieves’ guild, you need to make your own analysis and judgment to reduce the cost of gold.

In addition, the Thieves Guild will also issue some assassination missions, the strength of the assassination target varies, the pay is generous. The person taking the mission can use gold to get detailed information about the target, or he or she can investigate it personally. If the target is wanted by the Thieves Guild, it will provide all the information directly.

Rod remembers that precisely because of the thieves’ guild’s practice, bounty hunters who specialized in assassination missions were once popular among players at the time. However, due to the time and money required to collect information, and the leveling up was too slow, the bounty hunter eventually fell.

The Magic Guild, on the other hand, provides magic learning and the sale of spell props, but the price is very expensive.

In the past life, according to Rod’s understanding of the Magic Guild, learning a third-order magic will require thousands of gold coins, his own spatial ring of gold coins seems to be a large number, but if used to learn, it’s only enough to learn some low-order magic.

Unlike thieves’ guilds and Free Trade Guild, which can be found in any town, magic guilds are only set up in large towns because of the high cost of gold to learn spells, and the children of nobles in small towns can only go to large towns with magic guilds if they want to learn spells.

Unlike hero-level creatures and players, ordinary people need a long period of study in addition to talent to perform magic. The special skills that players can acquire instantly through skill points often require years of study and accumulation for ordinary people to acquire.

For this reason, the Magic Guild once cooperated with the lords of the towns to form a special product of a magic academy for all children of nobles who wanted to learn magic, had ordinary talent, and had a lot of gold.

In addition to players who could learn magic quickly, heroes could as well. Or rather, quickly learn various skills, which is originally the ability of the hero. What players who have just entered the game have, are unawakened hero templates.

The hero is beyond the same class of creatures in every way, whether it is learning combat skills or magic, it can be done instantly. This is why, heroic level creatures have a very high value, and the benefits of cultivating a heroic creature to grow up are extremely high.

The Free Trade Guild is responsible for most of the trade on the continent, whether it is cheap food, fine implements, precious minerals or slave population, the Free Trade Guild is involved.

The Free Trade Guild is a platform for all merchants, and within it, there are a large number of merchant groups. The transportation of goods is organized by the merchant groups themselves, and the Free Trade Guild is responsible for providing resources for goods and shipping channels, and taking commissions in the process.

The price of the same item varies depending on the region. Before transporting goods, merchant groups need to collect information through various methods, and then use their own judgment to decide the type of goods to be transported in order to obtain the maximum profit.

At the same time, to ensure the safety of the process of transporting goods, the merchant group will hire a part of the professionals to follow the protection on the road, which is also the source of income for most of the low-ranking professionals.

These three organizations cover almost most of the affairs in the whole continent. Rod had already collected information from the Thieves’ Guild, and the target at this time was the Free Trade Guild.

After confirming the period he was in from the Thieves’ Guild, what Rod wanted was how to quickly improve his strength in order to complete the soul quest.

If there is no soul mission restrictions, Rod will immediately go to the first expansion the most intense conflict, the battlefield of Crullod, according to the grasp of the plot of the previous life, to obtain the maximum benefit.

But with the soul mission of the Rod can not do so, first of all, the road to Crullod is extremely far. Because of the inconvenient traffic, the only way Rod can use at present is to ride a horse, and it takes months to travel to Crullod, plus the time limit of the soul quest is only one year, Rod certainly can not do so.

Rod can only change the way and choose to travel to Diya.

In Rod’s impression, in the middle of the first material, a war broke out between Diya, the kingdom of necromancers, and Eri, the elven kingdom adjacent to its border.

The exact reason for the war, Rod does not know, but Rod knows the general direction of the war.

Under the attack of a large number of necromancers, due to the lack of any preparation, a large number of elven creatures on the border of Eri died, all of them were transformed into undead creatures, and finally the entire border fell.

Just when the necromancers wanted to continue to expand their advantage and attack the interior of Eri, the higher-ranking creatures inside Eri who originally preferred peace came out in droves, just like the deadwood warriors that Rod had seen earlier, and joined the battlefield.

At this point, the disadvantage of the undead clan’s lack of high-ranking creatures was exposed. As the high level of suppression for the lower level is extremely obvious, even a sea of walking corpses and skeleton soldiers, but also completely unable to counteract the dead wood warriors that Rod saw earlier.

Against the higher-ranking creatures, the lower-ranking undead creatures were completely useless, and could not even be held back, relying only on the necromancer’s own spell-casting ability.

Under Eri’s counter-attack, this invasion by Diya ended in failure, and the necromancers were badly damaged.

But there are also a lot of necromancers in this war to benefit. As far as Rod knows, it was in this battle that the former Elliotth came to prominence, building up strength for the arrival of the second expansion.

Rod believes that if Eliott in his previous life can benefit from this war without knowing the direction of the battle, he can do the same if he knows the general development of the battle.

Now, Rod’s spatial ring has Elliott’s academy badge. …

Therefore, Rod chose to go to the Free Trade Guild, follow the caravan, and go to the Town of Sorrow in Diya.

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