Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Thieves’ Guild II

After coming to the Thieves’ Guild, Rod originally intended to quickly ask his questions and obtain some key information, but after seeing the stance the Thieves’ Guild put up, Rod changed his mind.

Rod moved the parchment from the middle of the table to his face, wrote “The Situation in Crullod” on it, and then pushed the parchment to the old man on the opposite side.

The old man picked up the quill in front of him, quickly wrote on the parchment, and then slowly pushed the paper towards Rod with both hands.

Rod took it, while looking at the parchment, it read “Return of the hero, 3”.

The first half of the parchment was the answer to his question, and the number written on the back was the total amount of gold Rod had to pay.

The Thieves Guild guarantees that the information sold is correct, but will only provide a little information at a time, if you want to know more and more detailed information, you need to spend a lot of gold to ask multiple times.

The company’s reputation is such that it will not easily sell unconfirmed information. Looking at the answer written down by the old man, Rod fell into thought.

The purpose of Rod asking this question was to confirm the period of the game he was in through this question.

According to Rod’s memory in his previous life, when he first entered the game, the game’s first expansion [Ruined War God] was about the battle between the barbarian leader Tanan of Crullod, who fought against the Bracada mages after obtaining the divine weapon, the Forbidden Magic Sphere.

Seeing the passage written down by the old man, Rod had a certain idea of the period he was in, but did not dare to fully confirm it.

Rod put pen to paper and wrote down “the name of the hero”, then handed the parchment to the old man.

The old man took the parchment and wrote “Tanan, 5” on it.

Just the name of a hero, it is worth 2 gold coins, this is the value of the information can bring. Rod knew that this was not expensive, if you want to know the general combat ability of a hero, you need to pay more gold coins.

When he saw the name, Rod was also completely sure that he was in the period when the game had just started, the early stages of the first material.

Previously, when he got the Elliott’s pendant, Rod had this premonition that he might have returned to the very beginning of the game, that is, the stage when all players just entered the game, but Rod was not sure.

At this time, after making inquiries, although only fragmentary information was obtained, but according to the experience of the game in his previous life, Rod had been completely sure that he had indeed come to the first stage of the first material film.

In this stage, the hero Tanan just finished his adventure on the continent, with all his treasures, returned to his hometown of Crullod, began to integrate all the barbarian tribes of Crullod, to build up strength against the mages of Bracada.

This is what the old man meant when he wrote “The Return of the Hero”.

In his mind, he quickly thought about the rest of the first documentary, and then wrote on the parchment, “Free Trade Guild in this town, born hero”.

Rod asked this question in order to get some information about his soul mission. According to the map, it was at the Free Trade Guild in this town that the previous Elliott sold Lorraine.

The old man took the parchment, his eyes narrowed slightly, and then wrote on the paper “has been transferred, 10”.

Generally speaking, the Free Trade Guild can’t hide what they want to do from the Thieves’ Guild in the same town. The thieves’ guild sold the information of the Free Trade Guild, which also led to the war between the two powers in the later stages.

The old man deliberately wrote only a few short words, if Rod especially want to understand the situation, will certainly continue to ask questions, which will cost Rod more gold coins.

Rod did not care about the old man’s tactics, but wrote “transfer destination” on the paper.

After receiving the parchment, the old man did not directly write down the answer to the question on the paper, but looked at Rod.

He understood the old man’s meaning, which was that the news was more secretive than the previous news, and also more valuable, and he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get so many gold coins after knowing it.

The old man nodded at him. The old man quickly wrote down the message after getting Rod’s gesture, and at the same time handed the parchment back to Rod.

Rod looked down and saw that it was written “Town of Sorrow, 60”.

Just one place name costs more than 50 gold coins, far more than all the previous information. A place name alone is certainly not worth such a high price, but under Rod’s question, it has a high value. This is exactly the benefit that the combination of information can bring.

Perhaps because of the location, compared to almost at the other end of the continent in Crullod, the information of the Free Trade Guild just within a town, obviously more expensive, if not for the several thousand gold coins that Rod obtained from Elliott’s spatial ring, then even the cost of paying for this information is a problem.

As for not paying the bill after asking for information, with the force to force to leave, Rod never thought. The people who did this in the previous life were all wanted by the Thieves’ Guild.

The high bounty, coupled with the detailed information provided by the Thieves Guild, many high-ranking assassins will choose to take such tasks.

At this time, the memory of the news flashed by. Rod seemed to think of something, drew a symbol on the parchment, then wrote “specific, place” on the paper, then pushed the parchment to the old man opposite.

This symbol comes from the spatial ring of Elliott’s emblem, and Rod had seen this symbol in Elliott’s magic book.

The old man handed back the parchment, Rod saw the answers to his two questions “Black Raven Necromancy Academy, 62” and “Diya, town of Sorrow, 65”.

As if to tell Rod the value of each answer, the old man marked the gold coins required to pay after each answer. But Rod’s attention was clearly not on this, but on the top of the place name, the town of Sorrow.

Looking at the name of the place, which appeared twice, but at completely different prices, Rod fell into deep thought.

What happened in the first profile, the identity of the necromancer, the town of Sorrow, the soul quest ……

The old man across the table also saw this thinking of Rod, and did not have any urging, but put his hands back in front of him and waited for Rod’s next inquiry.

It didn’t take long for Rod to finish his thinking, put his hand into his pocket, took out the 100 gold coins from his spatial ring that he had divided into a bag beforehand, quickly divided 65 gold coins in front of the old man and placed them on the table.

Then, according to the practice of quiet room inquiry, Rod put the parchment into his coat pocket and walked out.

Outside the door, the waiter from earlier was still waiting here, ready to lead Rod back to the Thieves Guild hall.

The old man remained in the quiet room, reaching out with a sweep of his hand, the gold coins instantly disappeared, then he took out a new parchment from a hidden compartment under the table and waited for the next guest who came to inquire.

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