Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Promotion

This kind of behavior that puts his life on his skills, and if he makes a mistake, he will be seriously injured. If it weren’t for the fact that his attributes were

Rod has knew that he was not in the game now, the place where he can pursue the excitement and fight for the spike in the game, but now he can only do it stably. But the result was good, and he killed the Skeleton Soldier without taking any damage.

After resting against the wall for a while and recovering his spirit, Rod began to check his system log.

“You dealt 2 points of damage to the skeleton soldier, who has you as the first hate sequence ……”

“You successfully dodged the skeleton soldier’s attack ……”

“You dealt 25 points of weakness damage to the skeleton soldier, triggering the instant death effect, damage modifier ……”

“You dealt 43 points of instant death damage to the skeleton soldier, the skeleton soldier died ……”

“Brilliant victory! You have gained 10 experience points!”

Rod saw this and knew that he could gain experience points through the original in-game method. Thinking that the system log had ended here, Rod found another row below.

“You have comprehended the combat skill [Burst] in full focus on the battle!”

“You learned the skill about prana, prana unlocked!”

“[Burst Lv1]: The next attack will consume half of your current prana points, and the damage dealt is increased by 30%. Experience points required to upgrade is 10.”

Rod looked at the attribute panel and found that underneath the Life and Mana values there was an additional attribute of Prana value, which currently showed 2780.

“I didn’t expect to be able to automatically comprehend skills, remembering that in the original game such combat skills had to be learned by a special tutor. I just don’t know if the skills are obtained based on completion, or can only be obtained in life and death battles.” Rod’s heart had a enlightenment.

Looking at the 10 experience points on top of his character panel, Rod chose to upgrade his job level.

“Consumed experience points 10, remaining experience points 0. Job level raised to 1st rank militia level 2 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

Currently Rod is facing undead creatures, with the combat awareness from his previous life, relying on the existing speed attributes is enough to handle their movements, but the damage inflicted may be on the low side, especially when facing slow but thick blooded walkers. Thinking of this, Rod allocated his attribute points to strength, which is currently at 8.

Skill points can be used to learn a variety of special skills, if the attributes are the basis, then special skills will determine the positioning of the character. Since there are no restrictions on special skills in the game, any special skill can be obtained by skill points, so the use of skill points is often particularly important.

Seeing that he had gained a little skill point, and thinking of the next battle he might face, Rod used it directly to learn elementary swordplay.

(Elementary Sword Art: Years of experience with swords have given you a certain summary of how to use a sword, and you can use a regular sword skillfully. Your mastery speed for the general sword art increases, and the damage caused by using the regular sword increases by 10%.)

Rod felt a series of skills about using the sword come to his mind, and then reacted to his body. First of all, the sword grip adjusted itself, as if it was the best way to hold the sword found in the day after day sword swinging training, and various other sword postures were integrated into the body instinct. Holding the weapon in his hand, Rod felt a moment of peace of mind.

After sorting out the proceeds of this battle, when the prana points recovered to more than half, Rode is ready to move on.

The passage still seems so deep, a little luminescence can not illuminate the hidden darkness, the skull at the foot crooked as if to tell that a battle had occurred here.

Slowly moving forward a few dozen meters, with the help of this passage of ghostly light, Rod saw two undead creatures not far away, respectively walking corpse and skeleton soldier.

The walking corpse was the first to notice Rod in front of it and let out a roar of unknown significance. The skeleton soldier also noticed Rod and rushed towards him, with the walking corpse slowly following behind.

Rod, who has slightly improved his attributes, didn’t want to fight between life and death like the last time. He watched the skeleton soldier lift its sword and slash at him. Rod retreated two steps back to avoid its chopping, taking advantage of the skeleton soldier. After hacking the empty space, the exposed space slashed at the skeleton soldier’s body with a sword.

As the skeleton soldier had no flesh and blood, the slash did not cause a good effect. Rod himself also understood, so he flew up and kicked the skeleton soldier’s waist bone. The skeleton soldier was unstable and took two or three steps backwards to stabilize himself, leaving an opening in front of him.

While Rod was killing the skeleton soldier, the walking corpse behind him also arrived at Rod’ side and grabbed him with its green claws. Rod had just killed the skeleton soldier with a full burst of his strength, and was unable to dodge this claw for a while, so he could only block it with his arm to avoid taking fatal damage.

The pain from the arm was accompanied by a tingling. Rod understood that he had been hit by corpse poison.

“I’m careless….” Rod knew that he couldn’t drag it anymore at this time. The life points of the walking corpse was more than twice as thick as that of the skeleton soldier, about 100. He could have used the advantage of speed one by one. The blood came to kill the walking corpse, but now that he was wounded, he had to be careful to be consumed by it. There is no other way to deal with the injuries but to speed up the battle.

The next attack of the walking corpse arrived, still a one-handed claw strike, Rod retreated to avoid this attack, taking advantage of the walker’s movement when holding a sword to the walker’s throat stabbed out, while using the skill [Burst].

When the sword pierced into the throat of the corpse, something unexpected happened. The sword in Rod’s hand had zero durability, and Rod wanted to kill the corpse with a single stab through the throat, but the sword broke when it was not deep into the corpse’s throat.

The walking corpse is then a claw strike up, Rod hurriedly backward dodge. At the same time, he bent down to pick up the iron sword held by the skeleton soldier before, and then made a heavy cut before the walking corpse’s claw hit.

“That is to say, low-level undead creatures such as walking corpses and skeleton soldiers can made their weakness to beheaded and kill them. Ghosts can float and be difficult to beheaded, vampires will not die for a while after being beheaded. The death knight’s soul fire is located in the chest. And if it’s beheaded, later, it can continue to fight as a headless knight…” Rod sighed.

Rod looked at the system log at the end.

“A glorious victory! You have gained 25 experience points!”

“You have comprehended the combat skill [Heavy Slash] during the fierce battle.”

“[Heavy Slash Lv1]: consumes 10 prana, next chop will deal 120% damage of the base attack, damage is increased to 160% when attacking weak points. Experience value required to upgrade 5.”

The pain coming from his arm reminded Rod that he should find a way to return his life value at this time.

Rod checked the attribute panel, half-blood status, bleeding, necrotic …… current experience points is 25, the experience points required to upgrade is 20, Rod chose to upgrade the job level.

“Consumed experience points 20, remaining experience points 5. Job level upgraded to 1st rank militia level 3 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

In the game, assigning free attribute points to Physique, in addition to boosting the maximum health and prana points, together with it, can also restore a lot of health and prana points to two-thirds of the full state.

Rod didn’t know if this was still valid now, but based on his previous experience, the attribute panel and experience points all existed, so it was likely that this effect was still retained as well.

Rod assigned the free attribute points to Physique, and when he saw that the Healt and Strength points had returned to half, he understood that this point was still valid. This is undoubtedly good news for Rod, who lacks the means to restore healt points at this time.

At the same time, Rod also saw the necrotic poison status on the attribute panel. The necrotic poison state will not deduct much health points, but it is easy to get tired, that is, the prana consumed is abnormally increased, and it is very likely that the body will be weakened by hitting in the battle.

“I was thinking of saving the skill points for learning the four spell specialties in the future, but now it seems better to use them first.”

In order to avoid running out of energy during the battle, Rod chose to spend a little skill point to learn primary resistance.

(Primary resistance: You have some resistance to any abnormal state, including but not limited to stun, faint, poison, paralysis, burn, frostbite, charm. You have some reduction to any spell damage taken, to a value of approximately 5% of this damage. There is a very small chance of being directly immune to one spell damage.)

At this point the necrotic poison and bleeding marks on top of the attribute panel had disappeared. Rod felt a tingling on his arm, and the wound scratched out by the walker had already scarred.

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