Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 Thieves’ Guild I

Generally speaking, thieves do not patronize people dressed like Rod.

The target of thieves is either the kind of obviously careless people or the wealthy businessmen. Rod’s appearance as a spellcaster can often dispel thieves’ desire to steal.

But there are such thieves who attempt to steal from Rod. The town’s power is actually a test for Rod, and depending on how Rod reacts to the test, there will be different follow-ups.

Rod stood there without any movement, watching the thief’s body fall towards him, as if waiting for the thief to reach out to his pocket..

Seeing the target did not have any action, the thief’s heart was secretly happy, originally he was reluctant to do this kind of task of testing the target. In the past, the probing mission, a careless will offend the target of the probing, but the target in front of him did not look very good. Although he was dressed as a spellcaster, he had no defense against such a thing. He hit him by himself. In an instant, he could take his valuables along.

Thinking that any objects obtained during the test are his own, the speed at which the thief reaches out his hand hastened a lot. The person in front of him is probably an inexperienced caster. Once he succeeds, the magic items on his body can be sold for a high price.

Suddenly, the vigilance brought about by years of thievery life made the thief feel something. The thief wanted to stop and retreat, but it was too late

The thief was horrified to see that just as he attempted to pull back his hand to the rear, a hand with sharp claws poked out from the side in a hurry, far faster than his own movements.

The hand with sharp claws, accurately grabbed the thief’s hand. The thief is ready to resist, instantly is a burst of pain came, half of the palm fell to the ground.

For a while, the pain overwhelmed the thief’s consciousness. The thief was full of fear, knowing that this time the test had hit a hard target.

Blood dripping to the ground, the thief wanted to escape towards the back, but just as he was about to make a move, he suddenly realized that the caster in front of him hadn’t made a move.

From the time the thief attempted to fall back on Rod, Rod did not make any move and just looked at the thief in front of him. The abolition of the thief’s hand, is only next to the vampire probing a claw.

The strong sense of death, so the thief knew that if he fled to the rear, the caster in front of him would release a spell to kill himself.

The thief, holding back his fear and pain, knelt directly on the ground, not daring to look up at the black-robed caster in front of him, but quickly told a series of reasons, begging for mercy from Rod.

Rod did not make it difficult for him, and asked him directly.

“Where is the thieves’ guild within this town?”

The thief whispered to Rod and explained the direction, Rod then asked.

“Where is the Free Trade Guild?”

After getting the answer from the thief, Rod did not bother with him. Rod walked around the thief who was kneeling on the ground, while controlling the vampire through his Soul Invocation, so that he could suppress his desire for blood, and headed in the direction of the thieves’ guild pointed out by the thief.

The thief kneeling on the ground was full of remorse, even if the bleeding wounds were stopped, he had lost the hand that was most adept at stealing forever, and his career as a thief could be said to be over.

The forward Rod, obviously feel the change of the surrounding eyes.

As soon as he entered the town, Rod felt the eyes around observing himself, wanting to know where he came from, his purpose …… and his strength.

Perhaps the identity of the necromancer brought negative effects, Rod does not expect that every first time into the town will be subject to this kind of probing.

During the thief’s test, the vampire instantly abolished one of the thief’s hands with just one blow. This ruthless approach, as well as the high strength, undoubtedly shocked the observers lurking around. In addition, in this process, Rod himself did not make a move at all, and his unfathomable strength made the people who had waited and watched put a dangerous mark on Rod and his party.

Rod did not ask which side the thief test was from, whether it was the various forces in the town, or the Thieves Guild, it did not matter to Rod, Rod obviously did not intend to expend energy on such matters, but had a more important purpose.

The vampire was led to the door of a building in the direction indicated by the thief.

Rod looked inside the building, the interior was dimly lit, with only a few oil lamps providing illumination, but it was still brighter than the crypt Rod had been in earlier.

There were many people inside the building but it was silent, even the conversation was in a low voice. Under the illumination of the lights, the shadows of people shrugged, giving the building a special sense of ritual.

Seeing the scene inside, Rod knew that the thief was not lying in order to stay alive, and that this was the place he was coming to, the Thieves’ Guild.

Just as Rod entered, a waiter dressed in black robes came forward to ask the reason for his visit.

The same is to obtain information, different from the tavern such a noisy place, thieves guild has always treated information as a commodity. Whether it is to sell information or to obtain information, there is a special place for it.

Rod indicated to the waiter his intention to ask for the news. The waiter whispered to Rod to follow him, and then led them towards the interior.

Under the guidance of the waiter, Rod and the vampire walked through the hall of the thieves’ guild and arrived at the door of a room.

The waiter knocked twice on the door, and then opened the door and Rod and the vampire entered.

Rod looked into the room, which was a soundproof quiet room for asking for information, and there was a long table inside the room. The light source in the quiet room came from candlesticks placed at both ends of the table, illuminating the items placed on the table.

Through the light of the candles, Rod saw that at each end of the table was a quill pen, and in the middle was a piece of parchment.

Opposite the table sat an old man, also hooded dress, black scarf will be his face surrounded by the exposed eye sockets, with deep wrinkles. The wrinkled hands on the table, indicating to Rod that he had no weapons, is now quietly looking at Rod.

Rod understood that according to his own understanding of the thieves’ guild in his previous life, in terms of the thieves’ guild within this current town, this was already the highest specification for a quiet room inquiry.

Rod guessed that it should be that the news of his previous strike against the thief had reached the thieves’ guild, and that was why he was making the highest specification hospitality to himself at this moment.

Perhaps, the previous trial was arranged by the thieves’ guild.

Without thinking about these questions, Rod sat on a chair in front of the table, while the vampire stood aside.

The old man across the table raised one of his hands that was originally on the table and gestured for Rod to write down his question on a piece of paper.

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