Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Entering the Town

After tidying up, Rod took out a set of Elliott’s clothes from his spatial ring and changed them, and took out a set of folded vestments from his ring.

After putting on the robe, the wide robe will Rod’s figure covered, put on the hood even face is difficult to see, the whole body shrouded in black robe under.

After finishing up, according to guidance on the map, Rod led the vampire along the river, towards the direction of the town.

After walking for a while, a few deer appeared by the river that were drinking water. Seeing these deer, a wave came from Rod’s Soul Invocation, and the vampire was asking Rod for action.

As the vampire did not recover from the injuries sustained in the previous battle, at this time, seeing these creatures in front of it, the vampire could not hold down the instinct to devour flesh and blood, but without Rod’ consent, the vampire did not dare to rush forward without permission.

When he thought that the rest of the creatures’ flesh and blood could speed up the vampire’s recovery, Rod agreed. The next moment, the vampire directly rushed out.

The vampire had just reached the halfway point when the deer herd reacted and began to scatter and escape. The vampire caught up with a deer, grabbed it with its hand, and then went directly in the direction of the next deer.

The deer caught by the vampire was still running away, but four deep blood marks appeared on its body, and after a few steps it let out a wail and fell to the side due to the massive bleeding from the wound. But in the time it took for the vampire to strike, the rest of the deer had moved away and the vampire had difficulty catching up.

As the deer scattered to escape, several other deer had already escaped far away, but one deer was closer to Rod and was fleeing into the distance at this time.

Rod raised his hand and released a magic arrow, which shot rapidly at the fleeing deer, hitting and penetrating the deer’s body, leaving only a deer’s corpse lying in a pool of blood.

When the vampire saw that it could not catch up with the other deer, it stopped and began to devour the flesh and blood of the deer on the ground.

Just as the vampire was devouring the flesh and blood, Rod looked at the system log.

The deer belonged to the unranked creature, and did not gain any experience value after killing it. This situation was expected by Rod, and Rod didn’t pay much attention to it.

Rod tried it, and after changing his title, tried to use the soul invocation technique on the fallen deer, and the result he got was that it required 5 mana points, which was not even comparable to a magic divine arrow. Rod had an idea in his mind.

It didn’t take long for the vampire to finish feeding, and the fluctuations of the Soul Invocation were slightly stronger.

Before moving on, Rod used the soul invocation on the deer on the ground.

Affected by the soul invocation, the blood on the body of the dead deer began to quickly coagulate and no longer flow down. Even with the wounds left by the vampire bite, the dead deer still stood up.

Because the deer itself has no rank, plus there is no way to attack, even if awakened by the soul-invocation spell, it can not be treated as a regular undead creature.

At the beginning, Rod did not think of letting the corpse deer fight as an undead creature, but had other uses.

Rod directly rolled over and rode on the deer’s body, and let it go forward through the spirit imprint.

Dead undead creatures have no more physical limitations, and Rod chose to transform the deer’s corpse into an undead creature to ride, which could shorten his time to the town.

Using the same method to convert another deer into an undead creature, Rod had the vampire ride it as well.

Rod continued on his way, and because of the deer’s surrogate, even if the journey was bumpy, the speed was increased by a lot.

The rest of the journey, Rod did not bother to encounter other creatures. Finally, when the sky was about to turn dark, Rod saw a town not far away.

By observation, Rod expected that this should be considered a small town. At this time, probably due to the reason that it is almost night, the entrance of the town has a lot of people into the town.

According to the map, Elliott had traded in the town, whether dealing with undead creatures or selling hero. The town should have a Free Trade Guild, and does not prohibit trading with necromancers.

In order to avoid trouble, Rod took out another set of vestments from his space ring and gave the vampire a change, while tearing off some black fabric to cover the vampire’s face and keep the iconic teeth from showing.

This practice of Rod’s can only cover the appearance of the vampire, can not hide the strong aura of undead creatures on it. To the caster, it was still instantly recognizable.

Rod used his sword to kill the corpse deer, then led the vampire and prepared to enter the town.

At this time into the town there are still some people, Rod with vampire to the rear, waiting for the front of the queue in the first to enter.

Before entering the town, for those who carry a lot of goods, the soldiers at the town gate to check. On the contrary, people dressed as warriors can enter directly.

In addition to the main town and large cities, other towns will not set up entry fees, of course, there are some lords in order to collect money, regardless of the establishment of some small towns.

At this time, into the town of Rod was not overly checked, but was directly allowed to enter the town.

Compared to other dresses that either pull goods or are dressed up in commoners, the dressing of Rod and the vampire next to him in a black robe is still too eye-catching.

The veteran at the gate frowned slightly after noticing Rod, and then let him in directly.

After Rod entered, the veteran winked at the surrounding members and signaled, and the surrounding people quickly made their move.

During the process of entering the town, Rod saw all this in his eyes.

Rod understood what they were doing. Even if the necromancer wanted to enter the town, because they were not sure of the strength and purpose of the necromancer, they would not deal with it immediately, but would secretly send people to keep an eye on it, and also to prevent the necromancer from doing damage in the town.

Rod shook his head. This was the game’s first expansion.

In the course of the game in the previous life, on the eve of the release of the second expansion, due to the massacre of civilians by necromancers to create an army, all the cities except Diya banned the entry of necromancers, and the town gates would have special mage apprentices for inspection.

What Rod didn’t expect was that even without the inspection, the veterans at the gate were able to discover their identity based on their impressions alone.

In contrast to the new recruits who know nothing, the veterans undoubtedly do a better job in analyzing the situation, which is the reason they can retire from the army and not die in a certain war.

Rod did not care too much, but walked towards the town.

Not much farther, a man dressed in cloth passed quickly in front of Rod’s body.

Even without using the perception brought by the scouting technique, Rod could feel that although the person in front of him didn’t even glance at himself, his attention was locked on his body the whole time.

“Want to try? ……”

Rod sneered.

Just as Rod was about to pass him by, this person seemed to be unsteady, and his whole body fell in Rod’s direction. At the same time, his right hand seemed to be trying to find a balance point and stretched towards Rod.

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