Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Deadwood Warrior

With the vampire in tow, Rod walked through the dense forest.

The forest was darker, and there were dead branches and leaves under one foot. The surrounding trees are tall, Rod a glance, are some five or six people can embrace the trees, so it is difficult to distinguish the direction.

Because there is no road in the forest, coupled with the lack of pathfinding guidance, Rod is difficult to confirm the direction of progress. Even with a map, Rod also needs a reference to get to his chosen target.

According to the markings on the map, Rod was going to head to the nearest river first, and then follow the river to the nearby town.

Rod looked at the map in his hand. According to the map, if you want to go to the river in a straight line, you must pass through a location with danger signs.

Without knowing the specific surroundings and the possible enemies, Rod did not dare to go to the river at full speed, but led the vampire, while moving forward and observing the surrounding environment.

Rod, who has reconnaissance skills, is undoubtedly extremely comfortable in observing the surrounding environment. Although the speed of action is a bit slower, there is no need to spend time on detours.

According to Rod’s idea, the apprentice Elliott difficult to defeat the enemy, does not mean that they can not be defeated either.

Directly to the river, Rod was able to spot the enemy in the distance through scouting. If the enemy is strong, Rod can directly retreat, but if the enemy is weak, it can be killed.

Rod reckoned that, being able to manipulate the vampire himself, he would not necessarily lose even if he had to face the original Elliott head-on. The successive victories gave Rod confidence and made him want to defeat the unknown enemy.

Along the way, although no abnormalities were found, but Rod has not put down the heart of the alert, did not just move forward, but always observe the surrounding environment.

As the distance from the tomb got farther and farther, the light in the forest became darker and darker. Rod looked around, the surrounding trees were abnormally tall, the branches of the trees blocked the light, Rod only had to walk through these large trees.

In the process of moving forward, the side, a few crooked trees caught Rod’s attention.

Tall trees for some reason, fell to the side, still thick trunk erected on the other trees. Originally firmly coiled in the ground roots at this time also buckled out of the ground, the rootstocks are still stained with soil on the ground.

This unnatural situation makes Rod alert, relying on the perception brought about by reconnaissance, Rod quickly look around, but did not find any abnormalities, had to continue to move forward.

After walking not far, suddenly, as if he had discovered something, a strong sense of crisis emerged in Rod’s heart, and Rod hurriedly took the vampire and hid behind the tree.

The ground began to shake regularly, from far to near. In the forest, there was a sound of swaying branches and leaves, and the sound became louder and louder.

Rod knew that, in the distance, the enemy, who did not know what kind of creature, was approaching in the direction of his side. The power it brought, even Rod, who was hiding behind a tree, could not help but feel a palpitation.

The vibration of the ground is getting closer and closer. The vampire can likewise feel the enemy’s might, and the body behind the tree trembles violently.

Strong vibrations came in front of the tree, and Rod understood that if there was no cover from the tree in front of him, the enemy had already found himself.

The Soul Invocation pulsed strongly, as if it was a biological instinct, and the vampire developed a kind of awe. Rod could only force the vampire not to move by manipulating the Soul Invocation, while converging his own aura.

The vibrations gradually moved away, and the enemy did not find Rod and the vampire, but headed deeper into the dense forest.

The powerful enemy was far away, the vampire gradually calmed down, while Rod still leaned his back against the tree trunk, recalling the last enemy he saw.

At the last moment of the enemy’s departure, Rod swept a quick glance in its direction, and with just one glance, the enemy’s species was determined by its appearance.

A body as tall as the giant trees around it, with a humanoid torso and a epidermis covered with deadwood-like lines ……

Deadwood warrior.

The tremors gradually subsided, but Rod was still recalling the might brought by the enemy.

Tier 5? Or was it higher?

Rod did not know, but he knew that the enemy in front of him was far beyond his ability to deal with. If it weren’t for Deadwood Warrior’s inherent low perception, maybe he had been discovered by it.

For ordinary people who were lost in the forest, the Deadwood Warrior would usually ignore them, and would even help them leave the forest. But for necromancers, deadwood warriors are not so good-tempered. Rod did not think that he would have any good end after being discovered.

The good thing was, there was only one creature like the Deadwood Warrior in an area. Looking at the enemy far away, Rod didn’t have to worry about encountering other Deadwood warriors again.

With the vampire in tow, Rod continued in the direction the Deadwood Warrior had come from.

“Eri ……”

For the place he was in, Rod had a certain idea in his mind.

Before encountering the deadwood warrior, just by looking at the trees around the sky, Rod had a rough guess of where he was. At this time, after meeting the deadwood warrior, Rod finally determined that the location is exactly Eri.

Eri is ruled by the elves, most of the territory is the forest, the forest has a large number of magical creatures, such as centaurs, tree spirit are common in Eri.

Among them, Deadwood Warrior he saw was one of powerful guardian in Eri. Huge strength, coupled with strong vitality, makes the deadwood warriors extremely difficult to deal with. Rod still remembers how these deadwood warriors looked like when they were glowing on the battlefield.

And the gathering place of necromancers, Diya, was located on the edge of Eri, adjacent to the Eri border. All creatures in Eri have always loathed necromancers, and necromancers have to be extra careful within Eri, and once discovered, they will be hunted down and killed by the creatures native to Eri.

Rod knew the general location of where he was, but still did not know the period in which the game was currently located.

If he can know where he is and the current period at the same time, according to his previous life’s mastery of the plot, Rod can follow the general trend of the plot and obtain the greatest advantage.

A little further, the air is filled with a damp feeling, as this feeling is getting thicker and thicker, Rod knows that now is not far from the goal he decided at the beginning.

Finally, the shade of the foliage ahead diminished, the light brightened, and a river appeared in Rod’s line of sight. The sound of rushing water rang in Rod’ ears, and Rod knew that he had found the river marked on the map.

According to the map’s markings, Rod’s next goal was to follow the river to the nearest town.

The river’s edge, Rod looked at himself in the water, a scattered can not see the color of short hair, the flow of the river can not show the specific appearance, a large part of the face with blood stains, wearing clothes have long been cut not know how many mouths, the body of various scabs after the scars.

Rod gave a bitter smile, he was basically fighting since he came into this world. He didn’t have any time to organize himself. Taking advantage of the opportunity at this moment, he threw his torn clothes aside and went to the river to clean up.

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