Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 Departure

A day later.

Rod was standing outside the tomb, waiting for the vampire to return from the tomb.

Rod remembered that creatures like vampires, sleeping coffins should have a special prop placed in them. Since the inside of the tomb was filled with gas produced by burning flames, Rod could not enter it himself and could only let the vampire enter and take it out.

While the vampire was moving the barrier used to block the way in the tomb, Rod also recalled what had happened earlier.

At the end of the previous day’s battle, Rod planted a Soul Invocation in the dying vampire’s consciousness. Under the pressure of death, the vampire submitted to Rod.

With the Soul Invocation, Rod was able to completely command the vampire. It can be said that the life and death of the vampire is completely controlled by Rod.

The Soul Invocation is equivalent to mastering everything about the undead creature, by the Soul Invocation, the necromancer can manipulate the undead creature to do anything, no matter what the type of undead creature is.

The undead creatures with their own consciousness, even if they choose to give their allegiance to the undead master, will not be easily planted by the necromancer’s Soul Invocation.

The undead creatures like vampires, unless their lives are threatened, will not be willing to be controlled by the necromancer.

The vampire’s Soul Invocation takes up a total of 3 points of Rod’s spiritual attributes.

Based on the previous experience of controlling undead creatures, Rod knew that he would be able to get 300 experience points if he chose to kill the vampire.

As the character level rises, the experience value needed to raise the rank becomes more and more, 300 experience points, for the current Rod, is only enough to raise 1 character level.

Through the strength shown by the vampire earlier, Rod was confident that by controlling the vampire, he could easily gain more than 300 experience points.

While checking the system log, Rod also saw the achievements he had earned during the battle.

“You have earned the race achievement [Rest in Peace].”

“[Rest in Peace]: All undead creatures under your control (at least 10) were killed in a battle. Base bonus 2 manipulation spirit points”

“You have earned the Race achievement [Conquer the Undead].”

“[Conquer the Undead]: Control an undead creature that is one rank above you. Base bonus 2 control spirit points.”

The Control Spirit from the Race achievement allowed Rod to return the Spirit attribute for controlling the vampire, instead Rod’s Control Spirit increased by 1 point.

After the battle, the seriously wounded vampire forcefully swallowed the flesh and blood of the remaining undead creatures with the only remaining life force, then went into a deep sleep and did not awaken until a day later.

After waking up, the vampire showed the powerful immortality property of undead creatures, a large amount of flesh and blood allowed the vampire to recover, although the combat power did not return to its peak state, but has been able to move freely, not the slightest look yesterday’s serious injuries dying.

In the process of waiting for the vampire to wake up, Rod not only meditated, but also sorted out the items he had obtained.

After taking back the items placed by the tomb to the spatial ring, Rod looked through the other book “The Basics of Pathfinding” that he got from Elliott, and found two laminated parchments in it.

Rod took them out. The first parchment was a bit worn, and the paper showed a dark brown color. Based on his experience in his previous life, Rod knew that the map drawn on it was a map of the continent, but most of the locations only had a general topography, as well as a place name.

The second one is more complete, with some topography drawn on it, as well as landmarks represented by various partial symbols, and most of the locations on the paper are empty, and Rod guessed that this should be a map of the vicinity here drawn by Elliott.

After reading “The Basics of Pathfinding”, Rod was able to read the map drawn by Elliott according to the landmarks and terrain recorded in the book.

After studying it for half a day, Rod understood the range expressed by this map. The range shown on the map is not too large, almost based on this tomb to the outside, even around the tomb there are several villages, several towns are clearly marked.

The actual map is a good way to get the most out of your life.

In addition, it seems to be to remind himself, Elliott’s map in all directions have obvious warning signs.

After reading “The Basics of Pathfinding”, Rod also received a system prompt.

As in the previous life, all the special skills are difficult to obtain through learning. After reading the book, Rod only gained 3% progress of the elementary pathfinding technique. But this 3% is not any different from 0. As long as you don’t spend skill points to learn the pathfinding technique, it still has no effect.

At this point, waiting for the vampire to return, Rod began to check his character attributes.

Name: Rod

Heroic specialty: unawakened (1/3)

Rank: 2nd rank swordsman level 3 (0/300)

Attributes: strength 15, speed 12, physical 15, knowledge 5, spirit 6, control spirit 2 (5)

Life value: 74/75

Mana value: 50/50

Prana value: 150/150

Experience value: 145

Skills: Heavy Slash Lv3, Burst Lv2, Two in a Row Lv1, Shield Slam Lv1, Soul Invocation

Special Skills: Expert Sword Art, Elementary Resistance, Elementary Eagle Eye, Elementary Scouting, Elementary Wisdom, Elementary Soul Invocation, Elementary Fire Magic

Spells: Magic Arrow Lv1, Retardation Lv1, Body Shield Lv1

Achievements: Heart of Warrior, Beginner, Brave, Hero’s Blood, Embark on a Journey, Necromancer, Undead Controller, Rest in Peace, Conquer the Undead

Just as Rod was checking the attribute panel, the vampire also brought up the props Rod wanted and returned to Rod from the catacombs.

Rod took the prop handed to him by the vampire and played with it in his hands.

It was a black crystal with a rough surface, a large part of the crystal was worn in the middle, and the interior was cloudy. The fire did not bring any harm to it, instead, the crystal was releasing death energy outward all the time.

Rod knew that this was the prop he was looking for, the dead soul crystal.

The dead soul crystal will release the death energy outward all the time. Based on this characteristic, whether it is the transformation of undead creatures, or enhance the rank of undead creatures, can play a very good effect.

This kind of prop is generally common in Diya, favored by necromancers, the price is not expensive. Just like this piece in Rod’s hand, even if it has been broken, the energy contained inside is not much left, it also needs hundreds of gold coins to obtain.

The true purity of the dead soul crystal, several thousand gold coins are difficult to obtain.

The production of dead soul crystals is very small, mostly produced within the cursed crystal mines. How to make large quantities of necromantic crystals has always been a subject of research for necromancers.

Putting the dead soul crystals into the spatial ring, Rod led the vampires, according to the map, towards the forest.

Leaving the tomb at the time of awakening, the direction that Rod took was exactly the same as the direction that Elliott had taken when he returned.

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