Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 Vampire V

Watching the vampire use batification in front of him, in order to avoid being attacked by a large number of bats, Rod rolled straight backwards.

After the roll was completed, Rod quickly got up and prepared to meet the bats that pounced on him.

But, what Rod didn’t expect was that the bats that the vampire used to transform this time did not pounce on himself, but on the corpses of the undead creatures that had fallen to the ground.

The bats pounced on these corpses and began to devour the flesh and blood from the corpses. Even the corpse wolf king, this time also could not dodge, hanging all over the bats that pounced on it, could only fall to the ground.

The moment he saw this happen, Rod realized what the vampire wanted to do.

The vampire’s biological characteristic, Rod remembered, is that it can return life value by sucking blood. And for this kind of vampire in front of him, it is possible to return the life value by eating flesh and blood.

In the previous battle, the dead undead creatures spread all over the ground, which undoubtedly gave the vampire an excellent opportunity.

A glance around the corpses of undead creatures covered with bats that eat flesh and blood.

Rod rushed to the corpses where the bats were with his sword and used it to pick them off one by one. But the bats do not care, just devouring the corpses of undead creatures.

Even if they turned into a black mist, the bats did not stop swallowing it.

At this point, Rod did not care about the others, he just stabled the bat on the corpse to death with his sword at a very fast speed, hoping to reduce the vampire’s recovery effect.

Finally, under Rod’s successive sword strikes, the number of bats stabbed to death reached a certain number. At once, all the bats left the corpse they were devouring at the same time and gathered towards a place not far away.

Just as the bats left, Rod followed closely behind.

Based on what he knew about vampires in his previous life, Rod understood that vampires have many restrictions when using batting. The vampire in front of him is able to use multiple batting, so there must be limitations in other areas.

The reason why Rod followed the bats away is precisely because, through the previous observation of the vampire batting skills, Rod found a breach of the vampire.

Previously, just when the bats gathered, Rod noticed a detail, that is, when the bats reverted to vampire, there will be a period of time can not move the stiff state.

This is why, whenever the vampire batting ends, it will deliberately pull away a little distance, rather than gather directly in front of Rod.

As the bats gathered in one place, a black mist gushed out and the vampire was about to appear. And Rod, chasing the bats, came to the front of the black mist and was staring dead inside it.

The vampire had just appeared, and before it could make any movements, Rod stabbed it with a sword, and the blade directly pierced its throat.

Taking advantage of its inability to move this opportunity, Rod launched a strike against the vampire.

At this time, due to devouring a large amount of flesh and blood, plus its own batification can restore the wounds on its body, the vampire’s head that was originally pierced by the magic divine arrow had recovered.

Although the appearance of recovery, but the vampire’s own vitality lost a lot, along with itself also became extremely weak. In addition, the vampire was pierced through the throat by Rod’s sword, and the vampire received a major blow at once.

Rod did not intend to give the vampire any chance, and directly raised his hand, aimed at the vampire’s head, and prepared to release the magic divine arrow again.

Seeing this action of Rod raising his hand, the vampire instantly realized what Rod wanted to do.

The vampire immediately reacted. The vampire just prepared to cast a spell, the vampire directly forward, at the same time a claw swung towards Rod, not caring about the throat by the sword blade through, the entire sword blade from the vampire’s throat to the back, the sword body covered with black and red blood.

Seeing the vampire approaching him even though its throat was penetrated, Rod reacted instantly, releasing the sword in his hand for the first time, and at the same time dodge to the rear, avoiding the vampire’s surprise attack.

In order to avoid the vampire’s surprise attack, Rod did not release the magic divine arrow. Unlike the previous state, if Rod insists on releasing the magic arrow, the vampire will cut Rod’s neck first.

After dodging the surprise attack, Rod’s hands did not have the rest of the weapons.

Previously, in order to transport wooden blocks to block the passage of the tomb, Lord put all the items in the space ring on the open space outside the tomb, not far from here. At this time, Rod didn’t have any weapons in his space ring.

The vampire’s entire throat was penetrated by the sword blade. The sword blade was stuck in the vampire’s neck, and the vampire could be decapitated with a tug in any direction.

Looking at the vampire stopped in place, holding the sword hilt with both hands, attempting to pull the blade out of its neck, Rod did not choose to go aside to get his weapon, but stood still and raised his hand at the vampire.

Realizing that the enemy might release another spell, the vampire moved quickly, not standing still and waiting for Rod’ magical divine arrow to arrive, but with two claws holding the sword blade at his throat in place, moving quickly towards the left and right dodging.

The vampire could not move while drawing the sword. At this time it is dodging from side to side, once the sword blade is drawn out in the movement, it is undoubtedly equal to beheading itself and will die directly.

Rod did not hurry, but raised his hand, and did not release spells, but just kept locking the vampire, watching the vampire dodge there.

Rod knows that at this time, not releasing the magic arrow is more powerful than releasing the magic arrow.

The vampire had obviously been seriously injured and did not use the batting skill, which could only mean that the number of times it could use the batting skill had run out. Once another batting skill is available, it will be possible to recover most of the injury at the throat, and the role of the arrangement in the channel has finally manifested itself.

The vampire did not know how many times Rod could release the magic arrow, but Rod himself understood that he only had the mana to release the magic arrow once, and could not release it easily.

So, at this time, Rod just hold up his hand, will undoubtedly give the vampire a lot of pressure. The vampire did not dare to stop to draw the sword inserted in the neck, and could only keep dodging.

The vampire also understands that the enemy in front of it will not release the spell so easily, but wait until he stops to extract the sword blade before taking the opportunity to attack himself.

The vampire tried to move backwards away, but Rod immediately followed, while still in a stance of preparing to release spells. As soon as you see which way the vampire is moving, Rod will immediately move with the vampire.

At this point, the vampire has no way out. The initiative is in Rod’ hands, as long as Rod does not cast magic divine arrow, vampires have to keep worrying, have not dared to stop drawing the sword.

Once the vampire stopped to draw its sword, without the batting skill to avoid damage, as long as it was hit by the magic arrow again, the vampire knew it would have difficulty surviving.

Black and red blood flowed down the vampire’s throat, and even though the vampire tried to hold the blade slightly in place as it dodged, the sword itself had weight, and as the vampire dodged, the hard to hold blade continued to widen the wound at its throat.

The ground where the vampire was dodging was already stained red, and the vampire, at this point, had already been severely wounded and was extremely low on life.

As the vampire was dodging, a black shadow suddenly came out from the side and bit the vampire’s foot, none other than the Corpse Wolf King.

When the vampire batted, the Corpse Wolf King was seriously injured, but its stronger vitality than other undead creatures allowed it to survive.

As the life value of the Corpse Wolf King is extremely low, it can no longer withstand a single injury from the vampire, so Rod let it lurk on the sidelines until the most critical time to strike.

At this time, under Rod’s control, the corpse wolf king bit the vampire’s leg.

After being attacked, the vampire naturally could not continue to dodge, holding the sword blade at the throat with one hand, fixing it, and swinging down rapidly with the other hand.

Even though it was severely injured, the vampire still showed its power and killed the Wolf King with just one blow.

Although the King of Corpse Wolves was killed, the vampire knew that when he attacked the undead creature at his feet to reveal a crack, the enemy, who had been looking for an opportunity, would cast a spell that he could no longer dodge.

But, the spell the vampire expected did not come. For a moment, the vampire also did not draw the sword blade at his throat, but quickly looked up at the enemy in front of him.

Rod looked at the vampire expressionlessly while casting a Soul Invocation.

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