Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Vampire IV

Rod stared at the vampire not far away. Just in the process of this observation, Rod seemed to have found something.

The vampire had just recovered and immediately rushed towards Rod’s side. Since there were wounded undead creatures around, Rod did not let them surround the vampire, but met the vampire himself in front.

In the field, Rod and vampire figure staggered, sword and claws constantly clash, emitting the sound of gold and iron. For a time, Rod relied on Expert Sword Art, coupled with a notable attribute, he was comparable to vampire to fight a close match.

As the battle progressed, as well as personal perception, making Rod understand the attributes of the vampire in front of him.

Among the third-order creatures, vampires have balanced attributes, whether it is strength, speed, or physique, there are no obvious weaknesses. In addition to the batting ability it has, as well as the characteristics of undead creatures, in general, more on the survival ability, as well as the ability to deal with large groups of low-ranking enemies, and thus the moves alone, can not quickly solve the Rod.

For the current Rod, it is difficult to deal with an opponent who is biased towards one attribute, like a vampire with balanced attributes, in the absence of any one attribute into the elite stage, Rod can rely on expert swordplay to deal with.

The damage that vampire was capable of inflicting, Rod also gained some understanding by observing the injuries of undead creatures. Rod believed that if the vampire caught himself by the neck, it would likewise be able to kill himself in seconds.

The main way to deal with vampire, Rod’s fighting style lies in the counterattack, as well as for the control of distance, through the sword blade to frame the vampire’s claws, coupled with flexible dodge, so that the vampire can not attack himself.

At this point, the effect of expert sword art was brought to its fullest, and the vampire was completely unable to get to Rod based on his moves alone. On the contrary, Rod cut multiple wounds on the vampire’s body.

But, at this time, Rod’s face did not have the upper hand when the relaxed, but more serious.

The vampire’s combat experience, although not as good as the expert sword skills of Rod, but more than all Rod’s enemies so far.

Whenever Rod wanted to attack the vampire’s vitals, the vampire could either dodge through or directly rely on his powerful physical attributes to forcefully attack Rod.

Rod naturally would not exchange wounds with the vampire and had to give up the opportunity to attack.

At the same time, Rod also realized that under this type of combat, each of his own attacks could only leave very shallow wounds on the vampire’s body. And the shallow wounds he left behind, for the vampire’s high physical attributes, had little effect, but instead made the vampire even more berserk.

The undead creatures around, not nothing is done. Under Rod’s control, whenever the vampire tried to take Rod’s attack hard and come forward to attack Rod strongly, the surrounding undead creatures would immediately come forward.

The walking corpse is beside Rod to ward off damage, while the corpse wolf takes the opportunity to hold the vampire back with an attack.

However, this also makes the undead creatures under Rod’s control less and less. Both the walking corpse and the corpse wolf can barely withstand the full force of the vampire’s claws.

Watching the surrounding undead creatures die one by one, Rod’s heart began to get anxious, but thinking of the way to deal with the vampire, he knew he still had to wait for his chance ……

Originally, the vampire only needed to batten down the passage twice, then all the surrounding undead creatures could be solved, and after that they could go straight up and attack Rod. However, due to the fact that the batting was used too many times in the tomb beforehand, the limit on the number of times allowed the vampire to fight only on the basis of his basic attributes.

The vampire’s wounds are becoming more and more numerous, but they are obviously minor and insignificant, and the nature of undead creatures predetermines that the vampire’s combat power will not be weakened by these wounds. The vampire’s real vitals, Rod did not attack once.

The vampire swung a claw at Rod, and Rod turned his sword blade upward, trying to block the attack. The vampire directly changed its grasp into a palm, regardless of the possible damage caused by the sword blade, and grabbed it into his hand, while the other claw swung towards Rod.

At this time, except for the corpse wolf king who suffered a serious injury from a vampire attack and did not die, the surrounding undead creatures have not much left.

The vampire took advantage of this and wanted to hit Rod hard without the interference of the surrounding undead creatures.

The rich combat experience has made vampire understand that even if the human flesh and blood body is superior to itself in terms of skills, it cannot beat itself in terms of physique. As long as the human being in front of it can be severely injured in this way, he can be killed later.

“Here it comes ……”

Rod’s eyes stared, and obviously understood the vampire’s thoughts, but at the same time, this is the opportunity Rod has been waiting for.

Apart from waking up the corpse wolf at the beginning, and lighting the torch afterward, Rod’s mana value was never consumed again. The mana that Rod had left was only able to release two spells.

Rod did not choose attribute-related spells. Even if he used magic to temporarily raise his basic attributes, he could not kill the vampire within the duration, not to mention that the vampire could still use batting, and he did not think that the vampire would use up all his batting.

Rod chose the magic arrow that could change the battle. In the previous battle, Rod understood that even if the magic arrow hit the vampire, if it did not hit the vitals, it could only cause minor damage.

Therefore, the use of the magic divine arrow requires Rod to find a good time.

The weapon in his hand was grabbed by the vampire, watching the vampire claw up, Rod did not dodge, instead, to the vampire in front, raised the other hand.

A bright light took shape in Rod’ hand at great speed. While the vampire was attacking, there was no protection for the body, and the bright light shot at the vampire in front of him.

Magic divine Arrow!

Vampires have very few vital points. Vampires of high rank, even if they are decapitated, can continue to fight for a while.

But for vampires of only the third rank, they obviously do not have such an ability, and the head is considered the most important part.

Therefore, in the face of the vampire whose whole body was wide open, this magic arrow pointed at the place where it could cause the most damage, the vampire’s head.

The vampire grabbed Rod’s neck with one claw, and its sharp claws just pierced into it, just as he was about to rip out the flesh, Rod’s magic arrow also hit the vampire’s skull!

The close proximity of the spell caused the vampire’s head to be directly penetrated by the magic divine arrow, and the blood mist burst up in front of Rod’s eyes. The deadly damage caused the vampire’s hand to lose its strength as it gripped Rod.

The vampire’s strong life force made it not die even though its head was penetrated.

Rod took advantage of the situation and was about to stab his sword when the vampire’s body cracked and a large cloud of black mist burst out in front of Rod.

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