Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Vampire III

Watching the vampire continue to rush towards him, Rod hurriedly controlled the undead creatures next to him and leaned towards the vampire.

The vampire rushed to Rod’s side, and Rod backhanded a sword upward, colliding with the vampire’s sharp claws.

Taking advantage of the vampire’s attack on himself, Rod commanded the undead creatures on the side. On the side, one of the nearest corpse wolves leapt up under Rod’s control, ready to bite at the vampire not far away.

The vampire’s body flashed and its claws raced through the air, breaking the corpse wolf into two sections. The blood spilled on the vampire’s face, instead of slowing its pace, it seemed to give it a stimulus, making it more excited.

The rest of the undead creatures around had also arrived and began to surround the vampire.

In the tomb, Rod had seen the vampire after batting, and did not have an intuitive understanding of its own strength. At this time, with the bright light outside the crypt, Rod finally saw the vampire’s appearance.

The vampire’s body shape is no different from that of a normal person. Originally a robe costume in the erosion of the years and the burning of the flame became tattered, it is difficult to cover its body.

On its body, there are traces left by burns, especially in the area under the feet, almost no intact place. However, due to its powerful physique, even if it is damaged, it does not affect its mobility.

The vampire’s hands and face are the places where Rod focused his observations. The vampire’s blood-stained claws and teeth that burst out of the mouth are undoubtedly its strongest weapons.

In a short observation, from the traits it carried, Rod distinguished the type of vampire in front of him.

There are two types of vampire, one is the traditional vampire, hidden in human city-states everywhere. Even if they are only of the second rank, they have the appearance of human beings and behave like normal people, and like to suck human blood, so that they can raise their ranking.

Taking advantage of the same appearance as humans, they will secretly establish forces in human city-states, but in general they cannot completely hide and mingle among society. When discovered, they are often expelled and even tried as heretics.

Another kind of vampire is similar to the vampire in front of Rod, although the size is no different from that of human beings, but has a sharp claws like a knife, easy to directly bite and devour the prey, generally very easy to distinguish.

The same preference for human blood, this kind of vampire will not be like the last one in the dark to get, but directly to the human as prey to kill, and then devour the flesh.

Because of this reason, this kind of vampire was hunted by all creatures of all races, and finally could only flee back to their place of origin. Rod knew that this location was within Diya, and that this kind of vampire had a close connection with necromancers.

It is said that these two vampire share a common ancestor, but there is also a war within these two vampire.

Just at the moment of Rod’s observation, the vampire fought with the undead creatures around it.

A walking corpse grabbed at the vampire, the vampire backhanded a claw out, the arm brought out an indistinguishable shadow at high speed, before the walking corpse’s attack arrived, first choke the walking corpse’s neck, the hand of sharp claws deep into the flesh, and then pulled back, grabbed off a large piece of flesh.

Half of the walking corpse’s neck instantly disappeared. The huge amount of damage directly caused the soul fire of the walking corpse to go out and fall to the ground.

The vampire didn’t stop after killing the walking corpse, and continued to scratch at the corpse wolf underground, which was unable to dodge and had a large bloody mouth. The vampire gave another claw, piercing the neck of the corpse wolf, and then a large piece of flesh flew up.

At this time, the surrounding undead creatures have gathered around and have attacked the vampire. Even if the vampire can easily kill the undead creatures, they will be temporarily trapped in the middle. Rod also took advantage of the vampire’s attack and stabbed out a sword at its side.

The vampire seemed to anticipate this situation, before the undead creatures attacked the vampire, the undead creatures burst up in the middle of a large black fog.

A large group of bats poured out of the black fog, directly pouncing on the nearest walking corpses as well as corpse wolves. Due to the close proximity, the nearby undead creatures were completely unable to dodge. The bats began to bite wildly at the bodies of the undead creatures.

It sensed that something was wrong when Rod just shot his sword. Before Rod could manipulate the undead creatures to retreat, the vampire turned into bats and pounced on the surrounding undead creatures. In addition, quite a few bats were swooping towards Rod.

Rod stabbed out with his sword. The bat just wanted to dodge, but Rod’s sword blade seemed to lock the bat in the air, no matter which angle it flew up, Rod could make a subtle adjustment to the sword in his hand, so that the tip of the sword was always right in front of the bat.

The bat was penetrated by a sword, directly into a black mist dissipated.

Against bats such flying creatures, Rod chose to stab this way. The sword in Rod’s hand stabbed out one after another, the blade in Rod’s hand, into a sword flower, the air exploded into black mist one after another.

Even if the bats showed a strong dodging ability beforehand, can rely on flight to dodge the weapons swung at it head-on, but in the face of Rod with expert sword skills, the bat seems to have lost this ability, can only be pierced by Rod one by one, turned into black mist.

Quickly cleaned up the bats flying towards him, without any pause, Rod felt the Soul Invocation weakened, and immediately went to support the fallen undead creatures, piercing the bats hanging on them with his sword.

Just as Rod just picked off some bats, the rest of these bats retreated directly, not paying any attention to the remaining undead creatures.

Looking at the bloodstained undead creatures beside him, Rod knew that the undead creatures had suffered heavy losses this time.

Unlike Rod, the undead creatures themselves had difficulty handling the bats and relied on Rod’ support.

The bat used its claws embedded in the walking corpse body, just hanging on the walking corpse body, relying on the teeth to tear the walking corpse, without the help of Rod, the walking corpse is difficult to rely on their own strength to tear the bat from the body, if the hard pull, the result can only be the bat’s claws brought down a large piece of flesh.

Many of the walking corpses fingers are missing a few, the reason is that in the process of ripping off the bat, the bat directly to their pulling hand to tear. Almost all of the walking corpses, their hands were dripping with blood.

The corpse wolves were in an even worse condition, their own physique was low, after being hung on the body by the bat, they could only rely on rolling on the ground as a way to make the bats release their claws. But the bat’s claws seem to have special barbs, once hung on the body of the prey, almost impossible to tear away.

The only one that is still intact should be the undead creature, the corpse wolf king. The corpse wolf king, who was transformed into an undead creature, brought out its powerful physical qualities. In the previous battle, Rod saw it leap up many times and accurately bite the bats flying in the air.

The bats gathered not far away, and as the black mist surged past, the vampire’s figure reappeared.

Looking at the vampire’s figure, Rod deeply understood that the surrounding undead creatures can only be used as cover to slightly hold back the powerful vampire, the real battle ahead, or only himself.

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