Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Vampire II

As early as the ironclad walking corpse in the crypt were being torn by bats, Rod entered the back hall first and began to manipulate the walking corpse stationed here to light the second barrier.

This hall is where Rod was when he first awoke, and because of the spaciousness of the hall, it was impossible to set the entire floor on fire. Rod’s focus is still on the back, near the tomb passage.

At this moment, the entire rear was already in a sea of fire, and the passage was blocked by the lit barrier, in front of which still stood an ironclad walking corpse, holding up a shield and meeting the vampire who came rushing through the sea of fire ……


“Cough, cough ……”

Waking up from the tomb, killing undead creatures all the way out of the tomb, then luring the wolves and returning to fight inside the tomb. Rod can be said to be very familiar with the passage in the entire tomb.

Therefore, Rod selected several locations that are most suitable for creating flame barriers. One was at the entrance of the chamber where the coffin was located. One at the junction of the hall where the corpses were displayed and the passage of the tomb. One in the narrow part of the passage of the tomb. One at the exit of the tomb.

According to Rod’s original idea, he would be in front of the vampire, and whenever the vampire passed a barrier, he would let the walking corpses at the next barrier ignite the flame.

However, the burning of the wood made the entire inside of the tomb filled with smoke. The smoke made it difficult for Rod to observe things around him, and made Rod cough violently and physically extremely uncomfortable.

Unlike undead creatures, the smoke from burning wood may have little effect on undead creatures, but for the human-bodied Rod, this smoke is deadly.

Rod could only change his approach, and while the vampire was blocked by the second barrier, he quickly retreated towards the outside of the tomb, letting the walking corpses set the barrier on fire as he backed up.

After exiting the entire tomb passage, Rod stood on the ground with the corpse wolf pack waiting around. Looking at the smoke rising upward at the exit, Rod recalled what he had seen inside the chamber at the beginning.

In itself, for the barrier to be breached, Rod had no surprise. Rod had known that there was no way to trap the vampire in the chamber by a single barrier, but had arranged multiple barriers. What surprised Rod was the speed with which the vampire broke through the barriers.

When the barriers were first set up, Rod could not determine the type of undead creature inside the coffin, and had several guesses as to what kind of undead creature was sleeping.

The first thing that came to Rod’s mind was the third-order ghost. In Diya, most of the tombs are sleeping in the ghosts. The necromancer can transform the undead creatures with the power of the ghosts, while accelerating the advancement of the ghosts, a mutually beneficial relationship.

Except for the ghost, the other possibilities are much smaller, only Undead Mage and Vampire. Among these undead creatures, as long as the rank exceeds the third order, none of them can be directly controlled by the Soul Invocation.

No matter which one of the undead creatures in the coffin, Rod believes that with the barrier he laid out, plus the walking corpses with their lives to stall, how can they hold on for a while, the flames will be able to burn them.

But because the tomb is sleeping in the vampire, vampires focus on survivability, it has the batting skill, directly make the barrier much less useful. With this skill, the vampire only needs to deal with the ironclad walking corpse in front of it to quickly cross the barrier.

If it wasn’t a vampire, but a creature like a ghost, it would never have passed the barrier so easily.

The barrier that Rod laid out obviously didn’t do much damage to the vampire. The fire did not have the effect that Rod thought it would, but only made the vampire use batting a few more times.

However, even if the vampire used batting a few more times, Rod’s purpose of making these arrangements had been achieved. The more times the vampire used batting, the more certainty Rod had that he could defeat the vampire.

From the beginning, Rod did not intend to use these arrangements to kill the sleeping undead creature in the chamber, but only to weaken it as much as possible. The third-order undead creatures are not that easy to kill.

Even the ghosts, although there is no vampire such strong survival ability, but also by physical quality and immortality characteristics of hard to break out. For Rod, the real battle is still on the ground.

Rod made these arrangements, but only to give himself a large enough advantage in the next battle. Directly open the coffin to meet the battle, is undoubtedly the most foolish approach.

Anyone knows to get themselves an advantage before the battle, whether it’s setting up traps, poisoning weapons, sneak attacks, or other methods. Any act made, even if you can only take a little advantage, can tilt the scales of victory in your favor, are better than directly facing the battle.

“How many more times can I …… batten down the passage?”

Feeling the dissipation of the walking corpse mark in front of the third barrier, Rod whispered.

With regard to vampires, Rod knew better because of his previous combat experience. The third-ranking vampire skill, batting, when used, in addition to the consumption of life, there is a limit on the number of times. Only after reaching the fourth level, the limit of batting will disappear.

In the game, the third and fourth orders are a watershed. The fourth order, whether for the professional or other creatures, will produce an essential change. Crossing into the fourth rank will immediately double the combat ability by several times. Only after reaching the fourth rank can a spell caster remove the word apprentice from the front and become a full-fledged mage.

Likewise, for creatures like vampires, reaching the fourth rank, in addition to a substantial increase in basic physical qualities, all skills will also receive a corresponding increase. Batting no longer has a limit on the number of times it can be used, and other skills will also be awakened.

Rod had been afraid of the undead creatures deep in the catacombs advancing for this very reason. According to Rod’s observation, the current vampires were only of the third order and had not succeeded in advancing.

Originally, the vampire could have advanced in peace, by sleeping in the catacombs to accumulate energy, from a third-rank creature, to a fourth-rank creature.

Therefore, when the advancement was interrupted, the vampire would look so angry. Like this way to advance with the help of a long sleep, once interrupted, it can be said that the previous work is lost.

Because of this, the vampire will not hesitate to cross the passage full of flames to come after Rod after his advancement is interrupted.

Recognizing this, Rod at the exit, set up what he thought was the best barrier. The effort expended even surpassed the arrangement in the main chamber at the beginning.

Rod set the barrier arranged at the entrance of the passage on fire, and the walking corpses around them surrounded. Just waiting for the vampires to come here, Rod could hit them hard.

After the third barrier was breached by the vampire, Rod then hit his full attention and stared at the passage exit with full concentration, waiting for the enemy to arrive.

The smoke kept wafting outward from the tomb.

After waiting for a while, Rod began to wonder. According to the speed of the vampire, at this time should have arrived here, the walking corpses stationed in the passage, did not send any strange hints to Rod. Rod couldn’t help but raise the alarm.

Suddenly, a strong perceptual warning came from directly in front of Rod, and Rod thought nothing of it and rolled his body to the side.

A black shadow broke out from the ground far away from the exit of the tomb, rushing at a great speed towards the location of Rod, while a claw grab.

Even though Rod dodged the first time, his arm was still injured, and the sharp claws picked off a piece of flesh on Rod’s arm. This black shadow is the vampire.

For some reason, the vampire had anticipated the preparations made by Rod, but instead, it took advantage of Rod’ waiting opportunity to make a surprise attack on Rod!

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