Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Vampire I

After spending a few mana points, Rod lit the torch he had prepared beforehand and handed it to the walking corpses on the side, while he himself retreated to the side of the passage.

In the crypt, Rod set up a total of two walking corpses. One was wearing iron armor, holding a broken iron shield in his hand, standing at the entrance of the passage. The other was in its original state, inside the chamber. At this time, these two walking corpses are holding torches in their hands.

Through the Soul Invocation, Rod manipulated the walking corpse and began to set the interior of the chamber on fire.

The walking corpse took the torch and walked towards the coffin at the end, sending the torch to the side of the coffin, and the flame immediately rose.

Without stopping, under Rod’s control, the walking corpse took the torch and limped towards various other locations, the flame lit all the way to the ironclad walking corpse and finally came to the wood piled up in front of the passage and set it on fire.

At this point, all the wood placed in the tomb chamber was lit. The tomb room was already in flames.

The death energy inside the tomb, under the burning of this flame, was expelled a lot.

Rod continued to control the walking corpses. After setting the entire tomb on fire, the walking corpse crossed the sea of fire, placed the torch on top of the coffin, and began to light the coffin.

At this moment, the entire coffin began to vibrate violently. The undead creatures sleeping inside the coffin awoke.

The feet of the walking corpse had been burnt black, and a strange smell mixed with rotting corpses and burnt things came out. Even so, the characteristics of the undead creatures let the walking corpses still follow Rod’s control and set the coffin on fire. The high physical attributes allow the walking corpse to not die in a short time.

Bang! Bang!

Inside the coffin, there came the sound of a heavy impact one after another. The undead creature inside also sensed that something was wrong and wanted to get out of the coffin.

Rod tried to get the walking corpses to open thelp coffin, but it didn’t work, the surface was obviously nailed shut.

In the past few days of preparation, Rod also observed the coffin many times, the coffin does not have any special marks on it, and there is no pattern around it. Rod did not dare to touch the coffin directly, fearing that the internal undead creatures have noticed.

Until then, Rod let the walking corpse try to open the coffin. This is also to release the undead creatures inside the coffin as soon as possible, to avoid the meaningless consumption of air in the tomb after the flame is lit.


Just as the walking corpse was trying to push at the side of the coffin, a hand crashed through the burning coffin board and reached out, then it was burned by the flames on the coffin board. The hand hurriedly retracted, and the coffin again sounded a dull crash.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rod manipulated the walking corpse and stabbed the burning torch directly through the hole pierced by the arm.

The struggle inside the coffin intensified, and it seemed to take a lot of strength for the walking corpse to press the torch down.

The flames took a considerable toll on the undead creatures inside, and the coffin began to vibrate wildly, then it split right open and countless bats flew out of it!

“Vampire? ……”

Seeing the bats flying out of the coffin, Rod immediately understood the identity of the undead creatures in front of him, vampire!

Batting, is precisely a signature skill of vampires.

According to Rod’s idea, no matter what undead creature is inside the coffin, by the time it comes out of the broken coffin, the walking corpse in front of it will rely on its own body, dragging the undead creature inside and trapping it in the sea of fire.

But, the appearance of the bat, let the attempt to drag the undead creature walking corpses did not play any role. The walking corpses waved the torches in their hands haphazardly, trying to attack the group of bats.

The bats were numerous. But just as the walking corpses swung the torch down, the group of bats was able to quickly part a path and precisely avoid the walking corpses’ attack.

Ignoring the walking corpse with the torch, the bats flew towards the back of the chamber. The walking corpses’ swings failed to have any effect and tried to move forward to grab the departing bats, but as their feet were burned close to melting, they lost their mobility and had to stay in the fire and wait to die.

After confirming the type of undead creature, Rod did not bother with the walking corpses that remained in place, but exited the tomb passage, while releasing several large wooden blocks from his space ring to block the entrance to the tomb.

Rod walked towards the back while using his space ring again and took in the large wooden blocks set aside.

Inside the chamber, the walking corpse in iron armor lit the stacked wooden blocks behind him, and also set fire to all the blocks placed on the ground under his feet.

As to these stacked blocks into a barrier all ignited, Rod alone can not do, can only rely on the walking corpses left inside to complete.

The bats rushed next to the ironclad walking corpses, who threw the torches on the ground and raised their shields to protect their heads.

In the blink of an eye, the walking corpse’s body was hung with bats, which embedded their claws into the walking corpse’s body, while tearing the walking corpse’s flesh and blood. The walking corpses did not react, just followed Rod’s control and blocked the passage.

Many bats hit the iron shield of the walking corpses, but to no avail. Since the back of the walking corpse was the stacked flame barrier, the bats could not attack the back of the walking corpse either, and could only tear at the legs of the walking corpse.

The fire inside the chamber gradually became huge, and a black smoke ran out towards the outside. Many of the bats fell into the fire and disappeared directly into a black mist, leaving no body behind.

For a while, many bats fell.

Finally, before the walking corpses fell, bats began to gather towards the walking corpses. As a large cloud of black mist gushed out, the figure of the vampire emerged.

The vampire was right in front of the walking corpse, who was still following Rod’s instructions, shrinking the upper half of his body completely behind his shield, oblivious to what was happening.

Unfortunately, because the view was blocked, Rod had no way to make a command to the walking corpse. If Rod could see the inside of the chamber, then he would have immediately told the walking corpses to raise their shields and charge at the vampire, blocking it by hitting it and being able to delay it for a while.

The flames instantly scorched the vampire’s legs and burned upward along the vampire’s nearly decaying clothes.

The vampire rushed directly at the walking corpse, pushing with all his might against the iron shield held by the walking corpse. The powerful force attribute let the walking corpse without any resistance, towards the rear of the ignited wood block. The barrier, which should have been used to stop the vampire, was pushed by the vampire and crashed into the walking corpse.

Under the vampire’s powerful force, the walking corpse’s entire body smashed into the barrier. The flames burned the back of the walking corpse, making a nuisance sound. The walking corpse will originally stacked up the wooden blocks smashed out of a gap.

At this point, the vampire itself suffered, the feet have been subjected to the burning flames.

Since the walking corpses are still in the way, the gap is not too big.

Did not choose to continue to push the walking corpse, in order to prevent the flames continue to burn, the vampire’s body burst out a large black fog, the original figure disappeared, from which rushed out a large number of bats, crossed the walking corpse, towards the gap hurriedly fly.

The walking corpse only felt a lighter push in front of its body, but with its intelligence it could not understand what was happening and just held up its shield and stayed in the sea of fire.

Seeing the blocks of wood that had been knocked apart, and the large number of bats that flew out behind them, Rod knew that the first barrier had been breached by the vampire.

The bats regrouped in front of the hall, and the vampire’s figure just appeared, but only Rod’s back was seen exiting the hall.

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