Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 Layout

Two days had passed.

In the tomb, the green and black wolf corpses tripped in a row, their bodies cold and hard. Rod was beside them, checking the degree of transformation of the wolf corpses.

Except for the wolf corpses, all the rest of the walking corpses were controlled by Rod, and were currently distributed in different locations according to Rod’s arrangement.

From the appearance alone, Rod could not judge the degree of transformation of the wolf corpses.

Rod tried to use the soul invocation technique on a wolf corpse, and the prompt from the system was that it required 4 mana points to wake it up.

The wolf corpse had only been transformed in the tomb for two days, and it had not been fully transformed at this time. But compared to the 30 mana points needed to perform the soul invocation technique earlier, it was already too good at this point.

There was a pang of impatience in Rod’s heart. Even if he knew that the transformation of the wolf corpse was about to be completed, he had no way to wait too long.

Because of the soul invocation technique, coupled with the increase in spiritual attributes, Rod could easily feel that the death energy in the tomb was getting denser and denser.

Compared to the first awakening, the death energy in the tomb has increased by more than a notch.

It was reasonable to say that the increase in death energy would speed up the transformation of the wolf corpse, but instead of showing a happy expression, Rod’s face became even more grave.

With the gathering of death energy, a bad feeling arose in Rod’s heart.

The previous life’s experience allows Rod to know, can emit death energy, help necromancers transform undead creatures, the tomb sleeping undead creatures at least have the strength of the third order.

At this time, the increasingly dense death energy is undoubtedly reminding Rod that the undead creatures sleeping in the coffin are about to advance.

At the very beginning, Elliott placed the corpse here, with the help of the death energy in the tomb, transforming the undead creature.

The corpse was transformed by absorbing death energy. The decrease in death energy, instead of slowing down the speed of the undead creature’s advancement, on the contrary, gave it a certain stimulus, allowing it to advance faster.

Not long ago, Rod killed a pack of wolves here again, whether the death energy released when the wolves died, or the transformation carried out here afterwards, also let the undead creature’s advancement speed up, more conducive to its advancement.

Whether it’s the increase in death energy or the warning brought by perception, all clearly let Rod know that the undead creature in the depths of the tomb, the progression is about to be completed.

Once you wait any longer, Rod can’t predict what will happen. Perhaps the corpse wolf has not yet been completely transformed, the undead creature advanced to the first stage.

In these few days, apart from meditation, Rod did not do nothing.

At the end of a period of meditation, Rod recovered his somewhat sleepy spirit while searching around the tomb and making a series of pre-battle preparations.

Rod collected all kinds of weapons left on the battlefield, as well as some equipment. Afterwards, Rod used these collected weapons and managed to cut down a few trees.

Due to the huge trees in the forest, after some treatment, the wood brought by several trees was already enough for Rod to use. But the price is, because of the rough workmanship itself, there are a number of weapons in the process of cutting trees rolled blade, can only be left to the undead creatures under the use of.

Fortunately, Rod also collected enough wood. Relying on the space ring, Rod can move these woods to the tomb without any effort, just a few more times.

Rod’s original idea was to use these woods to cover all the passages in the tomb, and then set a fire to burn the sleeping undead creatures in the tomb.

As far as Rod knows, not many undead creatures can withstand fire.

The awakened undead creatures need to pass through the entire tomb passage, and the passage is covered with flames. Rod only needs to wait at the exit of the tomb, then he can kill the seriously injured undead creatures.

Since he didn’t know any fire spells, Rod spent 1 skill point to learn the primary fire magic.

(Elementary Fire Magic: By way of meditation, you have managed to establish a connection with a stray fire magic element. Based on this slight connection, you feel more comfortable casting any fire spell. For you, using fire spells will gain a greater advantage. (The effect of the fire spells you cast is slightly increased, and the damage is increased by 10%.

Learned the elementary fire magic, Rod can then directly consume mana, to create a small flame, used to ignite wood.

However, according to Rod such a practice, the environment of the tomb is a big problem. The flame needs to be in the place of air circulation to burn vigorously, because it needs the support of oxygen in the air.

Want to rely on the existing air in the tomb, while allowing the entire tomb to burn, Rod felt a little difficult.

According to Rod’s original idea, he also needed 1 skill point to learn elementary air magic, which was used to let the air in the tomb circulate. But due to the lack of skill points and the large amount of mana needed to control the air flow, Rod could only change his plan.

Instead of laying the wood on the entire passage of the tomb, Rod changed a few places. Among them, the main chamber where the coffin was located was surrounded by a large amount of wood stacked on top of each other.

Inside the passage of the chamber originally used to ward off the wolves, Rod deliberately used the space ring to stack a large number of tree blocks here, leaving only a little access in and out.

In order to carry these tree blocks, as well as the preparation afterwards, Rod deliberately put all the items in the spatial ring into the open space outside the tomb.

Originally, Rod wanted to wait for the corpse wolves to be completely transformed and control them after consuming only a little mana value, but the death energy emanating from inside the tomb was getting thicker and thicker, so Rod knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

Rod used his soul invocation technique and began to wake up the corpses of the wolves on the ground.

With the consumption of mana, the dead wolves started to stand up from the ground, and their green eyes stared at Rod, waiting for Rod’s command.

After consuming 34 mana points, Rod woke up this group of corpse wolves. Among them, the mana value consumed to wake up the wolf king was the highest, and the spiritual attribute occupied was also the highest.

During the meditation process in these few days, Rod used some techniques he learned in his previous life, and although he still did not enter deep meditation, he also increased his meditation efficiency significantly.

After finishing his meditation, Rod managed to raise his mana value to the limit he could currently reach. Due to the limitation of the knowledge attribute, Rod’s current maximum mana value was 50, with 16 points left at this point.

After waking up the corpse wolf, Rod deliberately controlled the Wolf King to try it out to see what abilities it retained.

The result was the same as what Rod expected, no abilities were retained. Neither the leadership technique nor the magic divine arrow could be used, only the physical quality was stronger than the average corpse wolf.

Rod wasn’t disappointed either. Even if it was the corpse of an Archmage, if it was not transformed into a Undead Mage but into a walking corpse, it did not have the ability to release spells.

Through his soul invocation, Rod gave an order to the group of necro-wolves. At once, the group of corpse wolves followed the passage and ran towards the outside of the tomb, all the arrangements had been completed.

Looking at the narrow passage in front of him, as well as the walking corpses wearing iron armor, a flame flared up in Rod’ hand.

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