Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Skeleton Soldiers

Rod observed the terrain he was in and found that this was a strip-like space with obvious pathways in front and behind. The passage on one side was the location where the growl came from before, and the passage was narrower and longer, while the passage on the other side had only a little bright light inside, which was not as bright as the fluorescence inside this long strip of space.

“Since the more dense death energy transforms undead creatures faster, these bodies should be placed closest to the location of the main chamber here. Then, this should be the closest place to the burial chamber in the tomb.”

“That apprentice will definitely place some of the undead inside the passage they came to as guards, the side where the growl came from is the passage, while the side leads to the main chamber, that necromancer will definitely not think that someone can cross the guards of the passage and enter the main chamber directly, there should be no danger inside the chamber.”

“I’ll go inside the chamber and see if there are any supplies, after all, I can’t deal with the undead in the passage by hand.”

A thought of this, Rod began to move, carefully over the corpses displayed by the feet, slowly walked to the chamber.

With the dim light inside the chamber, Rod observed the situation inside the chamber, the chamber is stacked on both sides of a large number of supplies, including some valuable items scavenged from the village, enough for a person to eat half a month of dry food, and a few sets of worn leather armor type equipment, a few rusty iron swords stacked in the corner, should be used to arm the undead creatures.

At the end of the chamber there was an intact coffin, although it was not carefully observed, but the death energy it emitted represented that there was a medium to high level undead creature sleeping inside.

When Rod saw this, he went up and selected and changed into a set of leather armor that looked relatively intact, and then selected an iron sword that was still intact from the corner. Although he didn’t look closely at the system’s evaluation, from the appearance of these items alone, Rod knew that their attributes were not good.


[Worn Leather Armor]

Equipment requirement: None

Basic Attributes: Armor +3, Durability 1320

Evaluation: Instead of putting hope on it, it is better to put hope on your body.


[Rusty Iron Sword]

Equipment requirement: None

Basic Attributes: Kill +3, Durability 410

Evaluation: An iron sword that has been placed for an unknown amount of time, once well maintained so that it can still fight for you for a while.


Changed into this set of the best equipment in the current situation, Rod was ready to start moving. According to Rod’s guess, since the attribute panel is still there and the various equipment can still display attributes, the way to get experience value will not change much.

Putting on his equipment, Rod returned to the place where the corpse was displayed before, and then walked slowly towards the passage outside the tomb.

When he came to the passage, Rod observed the terrain and found that the road had changed from the original empty to long and narrow. In this case, this is undoubtedly good news, which means that Rod does not have to face more than one enemy at the same time.

As he continued to move forward slowly, Rod could clearly hear some meaningless growl. Rod concentrated on his weapon and looked into the darkness of the passage.

Rod was certain that the first enemy he would face was a skeleton soldier. Although he hadn’t seen the full face of the enemy, the skeletal body undoubtedly indicated its identity.

Skeleton soldiers, low-grade undead creatures, attributes in addition to physical are slightly higher than adult men, only retaining the most basic combat awareness, without necromancer control can not beat trained swordsmen, in the larger battlefield can only be used to consume the enemy’s physical strength, together with walking corpses and known as the battlefield’s two major cannon fodder.

The player forums have been debating who is the most trash undead creature between skeleton soldiers and walking corpses, but these are of no use to the current Rod, because this body of Rod is still developing and its own attributes are not even comparable to the average of adult men.

“I can only figt hard…”

Rod sighed, want to kill the skeleton soldier, unless it was decapitated, otherwise it can only be done by causing damage to consume the energy of the undead fire, which is commonly known as running out of life value.

Since he didn’t know the number of enemies behind the passage, as well as the necromancers he was likely to face, Rod is obviously not willing to tangle too much with the skeleton soldier in front of him, and with slightly inferior attributes, he can only find a way to behead it.

This kind of act of putting his own life completely on the fight is actually a very disadvantaged choice. If there are other better options Rod will certainly not choose to force decapitation. In a battle, he can get the attributes and other advantages are much easier.

The main thing is that the basic attributes of this body are too poor, if it is the attributes of a normal adult man, Rod is confident to rely on his combat skills to consume the skeleton soldier. But Rod will not complain about anything, after all, the battle is still to fight, only need to change a way.

Rod’s thinking on the spot took some time, and no one knew what would happen when the apprentice of the Necromancer came back.

Thinking about it, Rod looked around the feet, then bent down and picked up an egg-sized stone, then slammed it toward the skeleton soldier in front of him.

The stone did not hit the skull of the skeleton soldier as Rod had thought, but hit the skeleton soldier’s sternum, and the impact of the stone made the skeleton soldier take two steps back.

The nature of undead creatures allows the skeleton soldier did not produce a sudden attack of shock, but after stabilizing his footing directly to the Rod with a knife.

The skeleton soldier rushed to the front of Rod, and then violently swung his sword towards him.

In order to deal with the skeleton soldier this attack with impact, Rod should retreat to fight while looking for opportunities to counterattack, but Rod did not do so, instead, when the skeleton soldier is about to arrive to meet its attack, the sword in the hand slashed upward, while the body in an unnatural posture bent diagonally.

If someone was watching at the moment, they would have noticed that instead of Rod’ sword stabbing the skeleton soldier’s cervical vertebrae at the maximum strength of his arm, the skeleton soldier took the initiative to meet Rod’ stabbing with his cervical vertebrae, and Rod’ body coincidentally avoided the skeleton soldier’s attack by a fraction of a second.


With a crunching sound, a skeleton head fell to the ground, the soul fire in the skeleton head slowly extinguished, and Rod was also exhausted at this time, propped up against a wall to rest, to calm the violent heartbeat.

Although the previous battle was extremely short, just a moment to tell the winner, but the consumption brought great, especially the consumption of mental.

It may seem that Rod just killed the skeleton soldier with a simple sword, but there is a great danger in it.

The first is the timing, once the timing is not right, the sword blade did not stab or stabbed but did not kill the skeleton soldier, then the next attack on the skeleton soldier will not be able to dodge, can only be wounded. The second is to dodge the original attack after killing the skeleton soldier, which is even more mentally draining.

It’s unknown if it’s because of the mental exhaustion, Rod felt his physical strength also consumed a lot.

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