Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 Siege IV

As the leader of the wolf pack, the Wolf King’s physical qualities were stronger than ordinary wolves. The elevated rank made the Wolf King different from ordinary wolves, able to cast spells as well as having the leadership skills to command the pack.

In addition to these, the higher rank also gave the Wolf King a wisdom that was different from other beasts.

When facing a strong enemy, the wolf king, who should have rushed to the front of the pack and had the best physical quality, could hardly be said to have much courage left after opening his wisdom, and instead, he had a deep fear of death.

Perhaps it was because of this characteristic that the wolf king was so sensitive to the perception of danger. When finding prey, the wolf king could rush to the front, but when it came to the real deadly battle, the wolf king chose to command his wolf pack to charge and release magic in the rear.

Not wanting to be injured, not wanting to charge into battle, only wanting to rely on leadership and magic to fight, the wolf king’s practice made Rod sigh, this is the human nature!

Because of this, the wolf pack eventually failed. If the wolf king relied on its physical quality and led its men to rush at the front of the passage, coupled with its magic, Rod would not be able to defeat the wolves so easily.

At this moment, the wolf king who was dodging the attack of the walking corpses, in Rod’ view, even though it was still huge, it was just a dog that lost its home.

The wolf king was so determined to escape that he ignored the attack of the walking corpses and just rushed to the gap between the walking corpses. But since the walking corpses had all surrounded it, the Wolf King could not cross over the many walking corpses for a while.

Seeing an opportunity, Rod used his Soul Invocation to manipulate a walking corpse and grabbed at one of the Wolf King’s legs. The Wolf King was unable to dodge, and one of its legs behind its body was caught squarely.

The Wolf King turned back directly and bit down on the rotting arm of the walking corpse, then its body twisted violently and ripped off a large piece of bloody flesh.

The walking corpse’s arm was only half of the epidermis still attached, and the exposed bones could even be seen from the side.

Even so, the walking corpse still didn’t let go, but took advantage of this opportunity to grab the wolf’s leg with its other hand. The characteristics of the undead creatures were played to the extreme.

The walking corpse was able to grab the wolf king’s leg like this, as a result of Rod’s control. If Rod didn’t put any control on the walking corpse, the walking corpse would only rely on its instinct to attack the Wolf King with its claws, not to grab the Wolf King like this.

In the case of the Wolf King dodging, it is difficult for the walking corpse to do enough damage to the Wolf King, but grabbing is not the same.

Many times this is the case, undead creatures fight all by instinct, even with a tenacious physique, they will not take advantage of it. Undead creatures need to be under the control of a necromancer to make the most of it.

The wolf king was caught by the walking corpse in a careless manner, and the tearing bite back did not work. Before the wolf king could continue to take action, the surrounding walking corpses surrounded it.

Under Rod’s control, the walking corpse scratched towards the Wolf King in an attempt to grab it.

With one leg caught, the Wolf King had difficulty moving and could only be grabbed by the surrounding walking corpses when it couldn’t dodge. In the struggle, the Wolf King lost its balance and fell to the ground.

After falling to the ground, the walking corpses pressed the torso of the Wolf King with their hands. Due to the large number of walking corpses, even if the Wolf King struggled, it could not get rid of it. Under the force of the walking corpses, the Wolf King could only be pressed to the ground.

If the walking corpses were replaced by a group of people, even with Rod’s command, they could not cooperate so well, and could not overcome the fear brought about by biological instincts, like this directly pressed the wolf king to the ground with their hands.

Only necromancers, when manipulating undead creatures, are able to use such tactics.

The wolf king still wanted to struggle, but some walking corpses pulled the wolf king’s legs, and some walking corpses held the wolf king down, and the wolf king’s struggle was just in vain.

Suddenly, the wolf king felt that the pressure on its body was lighter, and he just wanted to roll hard, but he only saw a cold light coming from above, and then it felt a pain in its body, and then it couldn’t feel anything ……


“You have obtained the race achievement [Undead Manipulator].”

“[Undead Manipulator]: control undead creatures and kill a normal creature. Base bonus manipulation spirit +1.”


“A glorious victory! In this battle, you have gained a total of 210 experience points!”


Rod put away his sword, and since the Wolf King was dead, he asked the walking corpses around him to retract their hands that were holding down the Wolf King.

Rod looked at the system log, and in this battle with the wolves, he had gained a total of 210 experience points.

Among these 210 experience points, only 60 points came from the Wolf King, and the ordinary wolves provided the same experience value as the walking corpses, which was 15 points.

Rod remembered that he had gained 400 experience points when he killed the apprentice Elliot. After killing this pack of wolves, the experience value gained was only half of the experience value of killing Elliot.

This could not help but make Rod sigh, kill the hero can get more experience value. Compared to creatures of the same rank, the experience value that heroes can provide is about 5 times, and the more powerful the hero is, the more experience value multipliers are provided.

This is also to encourage players to challenge the powerful heroes.

Among creatures of the same class, it is the caster who can provide the most experience value, and the two together, which is why the hero Elliott can provide 400 experience points.

“Consumed 200 experience points, 145 experience points remaining. Job level raised to 2nd rank swordsman level 3 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

Having raised the character level, due to the current lack of mana value, Rod allocated the 1 free attribute point he received to knowledge.

In the process of checking the system log, Rod also saw the hint of obtaining the achievement.

When Rod looked at his character attributes, there was one more attribute after the original five attributes, named Manipulation Soul, which only had 1 point at this time.

Manipulation Soul is an exclusive attribute of necromancers, which can be obtained through meditation, or through a series of necromancer achievements.

If you rely on meditation alone, it is difficult to obtain the Manipulation Soul unless you engage in deep meditation. Ordinary players are more likely to rely on obtaining necromancer achievements to improve the Manipulation Soul.

Currently, Rod controls 10 walking corpses, each with a Soul Invocation that occupies 0.15 spirit attributes. Even if some of the walking corpses had their legs bitten off or were seriously injured, the spirit attributes occupied did not decrease.

After gaining 1 point of soul manipulation, the 1 point of spirit attribute originally occupied was returned.


After killing the wolves, Rod didn’t stop there, but manipulated the surrounding walking corpses and had them carry the wolves’ corpses to the hall where the corpses were previously displayed, and put them together with the walking corpses that didn’t activate their soul fires.

Rod examined the wolf corpses on the ground. Most of the wolves’ corpses carried small wounds, decapitated by their own swords, and a few were directly decapitated.

The decapitated wolf corpses could not be transformed into undead creatures due to the lack of parts that produce soul fire.

Among the wolf corpses on the ground, the wolf king had the least number of wounds, only one fatal wound. Rod deliberately did not let it have too much damage, but a sword through the heart.

Rod tried it, changed his title to [Necromancer], and after gaining +1 level in Soul Invocation, he used Soul Invocation on a wolf corpse on the ground. The system prompt he got was that he needed 30 mana points to immediately transform it into an undead creature. Rod’s mana was obviously not enough.

Looking at the wolf corpses all over the ground, Rod let them remain here to transform. With Rod death energy provided by the tomb, Rod could save the mana for their body transformation.

Now, Rod just needs to wait for the tomb to finish transforming them.

In the Tomb, a bloody smell permeated the air. The original death energy also seemed to be stimulated and became more and more dense. The death energy nourished the wolf corpses displayed on the ground, and Rod didn’t know if this was good or bad ……

Rod walked out of the tomb. After such a battle, it was still late at night outside.

Because the tomb was full of blood and also partly for other reasons, Rod did not choose to meditate in the tomb, but returned to the place where he started meditating and sat down cross-legged.

The moon was still calm. If it wasn’t full of walking corpses that had been half devoured, no one would have known that a pack of wolves had come here.

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