Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 Siege III

Instead of making the rest of the wolves feel fearful, the death of one wolf aroused their anger.

Without waiting for the wolf king’s order, after the fallen skeleton warrior died, the rest of the wolves rushed towards Rod. But since the passage was just that narrow, only a few wolves could still approach Rod at the same time.

Just as Rod swung his sword at the frontmost wolf, the walking corpses in the back also arrived.

The walking corpses started to attack the wolves at the rear, and the wolves suddenly got confused. Part of the wolves were still ready to attack Rod, and part of the wolves turned around and tore into the walking corpses.

Due to the chaos of the wolves, the pressure Rod had to face was suddenly reduced.

In the back, the wolf had just bitten on the thigh of the walking corpses, and before it could start tearing, the walking corpse grabbed down at the wolf with a claw, leaving several blood marks on the wolf’s body, not caring about the wolf’s bite.

Players with a little common sense will not trade wounds for wounds with walking corpses. When dealing with undead creatures, exchanging wounds can’t have much effect, especially for undead creatures with thick blood like walking corpses, so you can only find ways to attack its weak points.

But the wolves are different, the wolves only know how to attack the enemy in front of them, trying to rely on past experience to kill the walkers by tearing the prey.

Inside the passage, Rod chopped down his sword, forcing back the wolf that rushed towards his leg, then pulled it sideways, wounding another wolf on the side, and then raised his foot and kicked the wolf on its fragile nose.

The wolf that was kicked was obviously somewhat depressed, not to mention injured, and the suppression of its momentum made it dare not attack Rod again, and since there were other wolves at the rear entrance, it could not retreat, and could only be stuck in the middle of the passage.

Rod continued to suppress the two wolves in front of him, but only wounded them so that they didn’t dare to come forward for a while and didn’t kill them outright.

Rod intended to let them just get stuck here. The wolves in the back were obviously unable to defeat the walking corpses, and only needed to stall like this to kill the pack without much loss.

When the wolves wanted to retreat, they couldn’t break through the rear walking corpses’ defense, and when they wanted to attack them, the entrance was blocked by the injured wolves ……

For a time, Rod completely dominated the upper hand, and the wolves were completely suppressed.

There were already wolves in the rear who had fallen, killed by the walking corpses first in the process of tearing the them, and the rest is not good either.

The wolf king also realized this, if they continued to consume like this, only death would await the wolf pack.

The wolf king let out a howl, unlike the previous howls that were obviously for command, this one just let out, and the wolf pack suddenly changed.

In the back, the wolves that were attacking the walking corpses suddenly seemed to have gone crazy, their eyes turned blood red, not caring about the attacks of the walking corpses and frantically biting the legs of the walking corpses.

In front of Rod, the wolves who were injured and did not dare to go forward also seemed to be inspired by the bloodiness of the whole body, their eyes filled with blood, and the original fear of death no longer existed, opening their mouths wide to reveal the sharp teeth inside and biting at Rod.

The expert swordsmanship of course will not be hurt by such an attack. Rod thrust his sword forward, and the sword pierced into the wolf’s mouth with an extremely fast speed, sending almost the whole sword into it.

As the sword pierced deeply into the wolf’s body, Rod could not pull it out for a while, and instead took out a sword directly from the space ring and cut down the next wolf.

In addition to the small number of wolves that tore into the walking corpses, the rest of the wolves also rushed towards Rod, not caring that they might be harmed.

“Leadership technique? ……”

Seeing the reaction of the wolves, Rod knew that if he could see the attributes of the wolf king, it must have the special skill Leadership Technique.

The leadership technique is a skill used by generals to boost the morale of their men, and active use can send them into a frenzy for a period of time.

There is a limit to the number of times you can use it, and it will increase as the leadership skill level increases.

Players want to lead their men, leadership is a special skill that must be learned, otherwise it is very easy morale collapse, especially in a bad situation, or when leading foreign creatures.

Undead creatures do not have this limitation. The undead creatures themselves are the dead manipulated by the necromancer, even if the necromancer wants the undead creatures to die, the undead creatures will carry out, and morale plays no role. Therefore, leadership techniques are of no use to necromancers.

Rod estimated that the wolf king’s leadership spell would not have a high level, otherwise when facing the skeleton warriors, the wolf king would have used it first, instead of using it when it was almost desperate.

At this moment, the small half of the wolves that had fallen into a frenzied state began to attack wildly at the surrounding walkers, while the other large half of the wolves followed the wolf king’s instructions and rushed together towards Rod inside the tomb.

No longer afraid of the damage caused by Rod’s sword blade, even if they died, they still wanted to rush to Rod’s feet and take a bite. With such a frenzied belief, the wolves began to attack Rod crazily.

If at the beginning the wolves still knew to leave a dodging distance and only let two wolves enter at the same time, now the wolves had lost their minds and completely ignored the space inside the passage, only thinking of attacking the enemy in front of them.

This kind of attack undoubtedly brought Rod’s sword skill to the extreme. Since the enemy had no space to dodge, Rod didn’t even need to consider the angle of swinging his sword, he only needed to swing it downward to cut the enemy.

Compared to the open area, the terrain here can be said to be extremely favorable to Rod.

The wolf corpses in front of him gradually increased as Rod’s sword blade swung out one after another.

When Rod’s sword pierced a wolf in front of him, the wolf king who was observing from the rear made a move and started to gather magic energy.

The first time Rod, who had been paying attention to the wolf king, noticed it, he didn’t even need the warning from the scouting art. Looking at the magic arrow shooting at him, Rod backhanded a pick and a wolf corpse flew into the air to block the magic arrow.

The wolf corpse in the air was torn apart and the blood was scattered. 15 points of strength attribute allowed Rod to make this action.

At this time, the frenzy state brought about by the leadership art had subsided, but it still drove the wolves to charge at Rod, who continued to attack the wolves in front of him while keeping an eye on the wolf king’s movements.

The wolf corpses were stacked more and more under Rod’s feet. What made Rod feel strange was that until there was no more wolf in the passage, the wolf king that he had been defending himself against did not strike again.

Rod looked to the rear, at this time the wolf king was fighting with the walking corpses.

Saying that they were fighting, it was not quite appropriate, because the walking corpses were grabbing at the wolf king, who was basically twisting and dodging.

In the process of dodging, as the walking corpses were all surrounding it, even though it dodged, it could not be completely unharmed, and there were many scratches left by the walking corpses on its body.

The wolf king dodged while rushing towards the place where the walking corpses couldn’t reach. Rod knew that the wolf king wanted to escape.

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