Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 Siege II

With a group of walking corpses blocking the retreat in the rear, the wolf pack was in a commotion all of a sudden.

The number of walking corpses was only ten, and in their rear, there were still some corpses left.

The only difference between these corpses and walking corpses is that they do not have soul fire. It was by activating the soul fire of the corpses that Rod transformed them into walking corpses.

Not that Rod did not want to activate the soul fire of all the walking corpses, but Rod did not have enough the mana value.

Before activating the soul fire of the corpses, Rod first changed his title to [necromancer] and raised the level of soul invocation by one, which is equivalent to an extra skill point added to soul invocation.

Relying on Intermediate Soul Invocation, when Rod evokes the walking corpse, each walking corpse only consumes 1 point of his own mana.

Originally, the creation of undead creatures by invocation requires the consumption of a large amount of mana. Most of these mana values are used to transform the corpse’s flesh to make them into an undead race, and only a small portion is used to activate the soul fire.

But here, because there is enough death energy inside the tomb, the transformation of these corpses for the flesh is nearly complete, and they only need to activate the soul fire to be transformed into walking corpses.

Rod guessed that this is also the reason why Elliott has so many undead creatures. With the death energy provided by this tomb to help him complete most of the process of Soul Invocation, all Elliott needed to do was to provide the corpse and activate the soul fire.

Of course, the transformation inside the tomb takes some time. So Rod woke up initially, only to see a ground transformation near completion of the corpse, did not see the necromancer apprentice.

The soul fire of low-ranking undead creatures cannot produce any special effects, and can only provide the instinct to kill the living. Coupled with the enhanced effect brought about by the intermediate level soul invocation technique, Rod was only able to awaken a walking corpse by consuming only 1 mana point.

Even so, after awakening ten walking corpses, Rod’s mana was still depleted.

If the corpses were allowed to generate soul fire on their own without going through soul invocation, it would take a long time to generate soul fire even if the flesh was nourished by the death energy to reach the standard of an undead creature.

In the midst of the commotion of the wolves, the wolf king quickly observed the surrounding situation, and after confirming some things, the wolf king’s eyes were put back on Rod. It sensed that this enemy in front of it was the one who was controlling all this.

The wolf king let out a howl, and the wolf pack stopped stirring at once. As if it understood the wolf king’s meaning, the wolves’ eyes looked at Rod one after another, and then rushed toward Rod.

The wolf king wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to kill Rod by force, as long as they could kill Rod, they still had a chance to escape from the tomb.

After seeing the movement of the wolves, Rod gave a command through his soul invocation, and the skeleton warriors beside him immediately stepped forward and raised their shields to meet the wolves in front of them.

And Rod himself, standing behind the skeleton warrior with a sword, looking for an opportunity to strike.

Rod naturally would not choose to go forward and fight with the wolves. If there are undead creatures, it is no different from fighting the wolves outside the tomb.

According to Rod’s estimation, not counting the wolf king, ten walking corpses would be able to deal with the remaining wolves. Rod only needed to fend off the wolves here and wait for the walking corpses in the back to arrive.

At the back, the walking corpses were left behind by the wolves due to their speed, and could only follow slowly behind, not knowing how long it would take to catch up.

Since the main chamber was not spacious, the wolves wanted to attack Rod and had to solve the skeleton warriors in front.

Originally, the skeleton warriors relied on their instincts to fight, and many times their instinctive reactions gave the enemy a chance to break. Now, with Rod’s control, with their own powerful attributes, the strength of the skeleton warriors has increased by more than a cut, and the advantage of their powerful attributes can finally be brought into play.

The skeleton warriors in front of the sudden contact, well blocked the attack of the wolf pack.

Under Rod’s control, the skeleton warrior always protects his shield in front of his body, focusing on defending the vital parts, and the sword blade in his hand only cuts down when the wolves bite the leg bones.

The skeleton warrior is not afraid of pain or injury. It is difficult to kill the skeleton warrior in a short time by the damage brought by the wolves tearing the leg bones alone.

When facing the skeleton warriors, although the wolves had numerical advantages, only a few wolves at most could attack the skeleton warriors at the same time in order to leave space for dodging because the tomb was not spacious.

The remaining wolves could only huddle at the entrance of the chamber, and although they wanted to attack the enemy in front of them, they had no way to do so for a while.

Watching the walking corpses gradually approaching, the wolves located at the rear began to create confusion, not knowing whether to continue to listen to the wolf king’s orders or give priority to attacking the enemy in front of them.

Rod’s attention was all on controlling the skeleton warriors. With the combat experience provided by Rod, the skeleton warrior seemed to be another brave Rod, fending off the wolves in front.

Under Rod’s control, the ordinary wolves were not able to threaten the skeleton warriors, but were wounded one after another.

Looking at the walking corpses surrounding the wolves in the back, the wolf king also knew that he could not continue to drag on and had to quickly find a way to solve the enemy in front of it, so it began to gather its magical abilities.

Watching the opening after the skeleton warrior’s sword, the Wolf King spat out a magic arrow and shot at the skeleton warrior in front.

There are not many vital points on the skeleton warrior’s body, and since the skull contains the soul fire of the skeleton warrior, the only thing that can kill is the skull. Rod kept the skeleton warrior shield up on the upper body to prevent the Wolf King’s magic from hitting the cervical vertebrae. Even if the rest of the body was damaged, the skeleton warriors could continue to fight for a while.

At the beginning, Rod sent a skeleton warrior to block the incoming wolves, but it didn’t last long before it was killed because the wolf king’s magic hit its cervical vertebrae, which was the same reason as Rod killing the skeleton warrior by decapitation.

If it was not hit by magic, the skeleton warrior could have held off the wolves for a long time by relying on the wolves’ bite alone.

The wolf king probably also saw this, and when the skeleton warrior’s iron shield defended against the cervical vertebrae, the magic arrow did not shoot at the cervical vertebrae of the skeleton warrior, but shot at its lower abdomen.

The skeleton warrior was not able to close the move and was hit by the magic arrow. If it were Rod himself, it might have had a chance to avoid it, but the soul invocation alone could not allow the skeleton warrior to dodge it in time.

Due to the nature of skeleton creatures, the magic arrow passed through what should have been flesh and blood and hit the skeleton warrior directly below the spine.

With an explosive sound, the skeleton warrior fell to the ground. The spine was connected to the entire lower half of the skeleton warrior’s body, and after being hit, it was directly broken off, and the skeleton warrior lost its ability to move.

With just one spell, the Wolf King had severely injured the Skeleton Warrior.

Since the passage was slightly narrow, just one skeleton warrior could keep the wolves out of the chamber. But at the same time, the skeleton warrior also blocked Rod, so that Rod could not attack the wolves together with the skeleton warrior.

At this moment, the skeleton warrior fell down and had very little life value left. The other wolves saw the wolf king’s magic hit the skeleton warrior and immediately attacked the fallen skeleton warrior.

Just when a wolf was about to tear the cervical vertebrae of the fallen skeleton warrior, a silver light flashed and the wolf’s head fell, splashing blood and staining the gray bones on the ground, and Rod struck.

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