Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 Siege

The entrance of the tomb was just below the tree, and according to Rod’s idea, he could sneak into the tomb without being discovered by the wolves.

But what Rod didn’t expect was that just when he went down to the center of the tree, he didn’t know whether it was due to the leakage of his breath or the beast’s extreme sensitivity to danger, the wolf king who was feeding jerked his head up and looked straight at himself.

At once, the wolf king let out a loud and clear howl. In the middle of the night, the penetrating power of this howl was extremely strong. The surrounding wolves stopped feeding and looked at the wolf king.

While the wolf king was howling, Rod was not idle either.

As his whereabouts were discovered, Rod stopped hiding and leaped down from the middle of the tree towards the entrance of the tomb, landing on the ground with a roll to remove most of the impact, and then got up and rushed towards the depth of the tomb without looking back.

Only after rushing less than ten meters, the wolf king behind him directly chased into the tomb.

The howl of the wolf king caused the other wolves in the pack to gather together. They hovered at the entrance of the tomb for a while, appearing somewhat hesitant, but eventually followed the wolf king and rushed into the tomb.

The passage inside the tomb wasn’t too long. At the very beginning, Rod had to observe the terrain inside the passage of the tomb while dealing with the undead creatures, and it didn’t take much time to leave the tomb.

In a very short period of time, the full-speed running Rod will cross the previous location of killing skeleton warriors, is not far from the place where the walking corpse.

Suddenly, the running Rod’s body shuddered and a palpitating feeling arose. The perception effect brought about by the scouting technique was raised to the extreme, and Rod only felt his whole body sweating, as if he was in great danger.

Rod quickly turned around and saw the running wolf king open its mouth to gather a magic energy, then a magic arrow took shape and shot at himself at an extremely fast speed.

Rod hurriedly took out a shield from his spatial ring. In order to avoid slowing down his speed, Rod threw the shield directly at the direction of the magic arrow’s trajectory.

The magic arrow hit the shield. With a loud sound, the shield was knocked down and fell to the ground, with cracks all over the surface.

Although Rod took out his shield and threw it in the shortest possible time, but still inevitably affected himself. The distance between the Wolf King and Rod was significantly shortened.

Rod couldn’t care less about saving the scroll, and immediately took out and tore open a Magic Arrow scroll from his spatial ring. The tattered scroll fell to the ground, obviously unable to use it again.

In the air, a magic arrow took shape and shot at the Wolf King. Since the magic was generated by using the scroll, it was not as bright and fast as the magic arrow cast by the Wolf King.

Although his own mana was enough to cast a magic arrow, Rod decided to use the spell scroll directly in order to cast a soul invocation spell.

The wolf king reduced its speed and dodged to the side to avoid this magic arrow. The dodging time is not long, but it is also enough to run a large distance from the full-speed sprinting Rod.

The wolf king increased its speed and still chose to chase after Rod.

As Rod advances, the passage becomes narrow from spacious. Finally, Rod saw the figure of the skeleton warrior ahead.

Rod found that he had returned to the position he was in when he first awoke, with a display of corpses around him.

At the same time that Rod saw the skeleton warrior, the skeleton warrior also found Rod, ready to raise his sword and cut at Rod.

Rod stared at the soul fire in the skeleton warrior’s eyes. After mastering the Spiritual Imprint, Rod could see the simple emotions displayed by the soul fire.

Resentment, resentment, bloodlust, desire to kill …… all kinds of emotions are contained in the skeleton warrior’s soul fire, but the only thing missing is his own will.


“Use [Spiritual Imprint] ……”

“You are attempting to control a first-order undead creature: skeleton warrior.”

“Will determination in progress ……”

“You have successfully controlled the Skeleton Warrior! For the duration of the Spiritual Imprint, your Spiritual Attribute is reduced by 0.3!”


With a trance, Rod felt as if a bit of his own spirit was missing. At the same time, an inexplicable connection appeared in Rod’s mind, and the object of the connection was officially the skeleton warrior in front of him.

Rod had a feeling that he could order the skeleton warrior to do anything.

The skeleton warriors who had raised their swords to slash put their weapons down. Seeing the wolf king in the rear about to come after him, Rod told the skeleton warrior to go forward to fend off.

The other skeleton warrior should be in the back of the chamber. Rohde did not immediately enter the chamber to control it, but put his eyes on the corpses around ……

The wolf king in the back had already arrived and was fighting with the skeleton warrior, and for a while no one could do anything to anyone.

Unlike Rod’s flesh and blood, skeleton-like undead creatures have a huge advantage when facing wolves.

The skeleton warrior has no flesh and blood, and does not have to worry about getting hurt. Unable to bite the bones on the skeleton warrior’s legs, the wolf king can hardly limit its mobility by inflicting damage, but instead has to dodge the skeleton warrior’s chopping sword blade.

The basic attributes of the skeleton warrior are high and rank among the top first-rank creatures. As long as the skeleton warrior’s sword cut is real, the wolf king will not suffer well either.

Although the Wolf King’s rank was higher than the Skeleton Warrior, it was unable to solve the Skeleton Warrior for a while due to the characteristic restraint.

While the Wolf King and the Skeleton Warrior were fighting, Rod entered the rear chamber and prepared to control another Skeleton Warrior.

At this moment, the wolves in the rear finally arrived and surrounded the skeleton warrior together with the wolf king.

Due to the big advantage in numbers, the Skeleton Warrior only had time to slash a few wolves before the Wolf King found an opportunity to take advantage of the opening left by the Skeleton Warrior’s sword and hit it in the cervical spine with a magic divine arrow.

After killing the skeleton warrior, under the leadership of the wolf king, the wolf pack crossed the corpses on the ground and prepared to enter the back chamber.

With his weapon in hand, Rod and the other skeleton warrior just stood in the tomb room as if they were purposely waiting for the wolves to enter, with no urgency on their faces when they entered the tomb earlier, but with a cold smile.

The beast’s perception of danger made the wolf king feel that something was wrong at first, and before it could howl and command the wolves around it, the wolf pack produced a commotion first.

It turned out that at some time, a large number of walking corpses had appeared behind the wolf pack.

When passing by the previous location, although the wolf king judged that there were some corpses around, he didn’t bother about them. Just like those corpses outside, the wisdom of the beasts made it hard for the wolf king to be alert to the corpses on the ground.

Now, this group of corpses regained their feet and surrounded the wolves in an odd posture of shrugging their bodies.

The reason for the appearance of this group of walking corpses was precisely that Rod had cast the soul invocation technique on the corpses on display. After casting the soul invocation technique, Rod used his spiritual seal to control the group of walkers at first.

Rod used the Spiritual Imprint to manipulate the group of walking corpses, told them not to make any movements, and waited until the wolves had crossed them without noticing before letting them get up.

From the beginning, Rod had no intention of letting any of the wolves here go. In order to stop the wolves who felt that something was wrong from escaping, Rod came up with this method.

With the walking corpses in the back to cut off the retreat, Rod wanted to surround the wolves here!

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