Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Preparation

After learning the Elementary Wisdom Art, the speed of Rod’s reading magic book was significantly accelerated.

It didn’t take long before Rod closed the book and began to digest the contents of the book.

The first half of the magic book recorded some insights from Elliott’s practice of manipulating undead and meditation, while the second half contained some spells; in addition, most of the book was filled with blank pages.

After carefully recalling what was written in the book and cross-referencing it with what he had learned in his previous life, Rod felt that there was new knowledge in his mind all of a sudden, checked the system log, and found that this was indeed the case.

“By reading the magic book, you have learned the first-order spells [Magic God Arrow], [Retardation Spell], [Body Shield]”

“[Magic God Arrow Lv1]: first-order magic. Consumes mana value 6, fires magic lightning to strike the enemy, dealing 16 points of damage. Experience value required to upgrade 20.”

“[Retardation Spell Lv1]: First-rank earth magic. Consumes mana 6, reduces an enemy’s speed by 2 points, lasts 22 seconds, requires 10 experience to upgrade.”

“[Body Shield Lv1]: first-rank earth magic. Consumes mana value 5, reduces melee damage taken by 10%, duration 22 seconds, upgrade requires experience value 10.”

“By reading the cultivation tips of other mages, you have mastered some of the knowledge about controlling undead creatures, you can continue to master it on your own or spend 80 experience points to master it directly.”

The damage that a spell can inflict, as well as the duration of the spell, is related to the caster’s own spiritual attributes.

When he first awoke in the tomb, Rod’s spiritual attribute was only 2 points. After that, due to a series of racing achievements, Rod’s current spirit attribute is 6, and the spell’s effect has been enhanced to some extent.

According to Rod’s estimation, his current spiritual attributes should only be at the apprentice level, far below Elliott’s attributes.

Even so, Rod was still satisfied, because Rod did not actively allocate attribute points to spirit, and relied entirely on the attribute bonus brought by the achievement, and then the spirit attribute was improved.

Rod knew that when he was able to do deep meditation, his mental attributes would have a leap.

The most important thing for Rod to care about is not the effect of learning these spells. Due to his experience in his previous life, the effects of these spells were not mysterious to Rod, rather the message at the end was more concerning to Rod.

Rod looked at the attribute panel, after killing the necromancer apprentice and other undead creatures, he currently had a total of 215 experience points.

The number of experience points reached the level to upgrade the rank, but Rod did not choose to upgrade, but chose to consume 80 experience points to learn the skill [Soul Invocation] used to manipulate undead creatures.

The two skills needed to create undead and manipulate them are two completely different skills.

The creation of undead relies on the necromancer’s handling of corpses, as well as the special skill of soul invocation. The majority of the undead creatures are transformed by the soul invocation technique.

The only thing needed to manipulate the undead is a common skill [Soul Invocation, which can be obtained using experience points or by learning the relevant knowledge on your own.

The principle of this skill is not complicated, but it requires a long time to practice after understanding the principle, Rod in the use of experience to master the process of practice is eliminated, can be used directly.

It is said that this skill was originally developed by the Archmage in order to control inanimate magic statues, and later became widespread due to the use of necromancers.

Rod learned this skill precisely to deal with the wolves underneath. Rod remembered that the necromancer apprentice had sent two skeleton warriors into the tomb before he had even entered the tomb.

Since the apprentice was already dead, after learning this skill, Rod could directly control these two skeleton warriors!

Relying on the [Soul Invocation], the necromancer could control the masterless low-ranking undead creatures, but it was not so good for the undead creatures with autonomous consciousness.

With these two skeleton warriors to draw fire and distract the wolves, Rod could rely on his sword skills to kill the wolves one by one.

When Rod was thinking of ways to deal with the wolves, he also considered using the original corpses in the tomb to minimize the risk. Apprentice Elliott did not activate the walking corpses, Rod can activate them.

But the premise is that Rod must learn to invoke the soul.

Soul invocation is a unique skill for necromancers, after ordinary players learn it, will be forced into the necromancer camp, the choice of occupation will be limited when advancing.

For whether or not to learn the soul-calling technique, Rod has some hesitation in his heart.

In the previous life of the game, most of Rod’s adventures were in the mage land of Bracada, and the understanding of necromancers was more through the game forum.

After a short hesitation, Rod’s mind was set and he chose to learn Soul Invocation.

Rod understood that for his current self, soul invocation was the most effective way to improve his strength, not only to deal with the wolves in front of him, but also to deal with the enemies behind him ……

Even if you don’t learn the Soul Invocation technique now, in order to enhance your strength in a short time, you still have to learn it in the future.

Moreover, Rod has this confidence that even if he doesn’t take the old path of his previous life, he can become a high level powerhouse with two lifetimes of gaming experience and with the attribute bonus brought by the racing achievement.

Rod used his last 1 skill point to learn the Elementary Soul Invocation Technique.

“Soul invocation is a unique skill for necromancers, confirm whether to learn it? Yes or no”

Rarely, the system sent a prompt before Rod learned Soul Invocation, a treatment that no other skill had.

Knowing clearly what the side effects of learning Soul Invocation were, Rod chose to learn it.

(Elementary Soul Invocation: through the learning of necromancy, you no longer believe in the line between life and death. Death no longer seems to you to be the end of life, you step into the door of the world of the dead. (You can awaken the dead, but it seems a bit difficult to do so by your own power alone.)

“You have earned the Race achievement [Necromancer]”

“[Necromancer]: Learn the art of invocation. Base bonus: +10% goodwill for the necromancer camp, -50% goodwill for the good race camp. When advancing, you can only choose the order position related to the cemetery. Wearing reward: +1 level of soul invocation.”

Seeing the wearing bonus after the achievement, Rod’s eyes lit up.

Soul invocation is extremely expensive at low levels of mana. For apprentice level necromancers, without the help of external death energy, perhaps consume all their mana to awaken a skeleton soldier.

Because of this, raising the level of soul invocation by one level, whether it is to reduce mana consumption at low levels or to have a large number of skill points left at high levels, this wearing bonus can be considered very practical.

In contrast, the other positive effect of increasing the necromancer’s good sense is of little use.

Even if the good sense is negative, in order to extract the value of using your body, the necromancer will also issue you various tasks. And even if the goodwill is positive, in the competition for resources, necromancers will not give up the benefits of the hand because of a little goodwill.

After pointing out the Soul Invocation technique, all the preparations were done. Rod received his weapon into the spatial ring, while looking towards the entrance of the dimly lit catacombs, ready for action.

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