Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – The Wolves


The starlight sprinkled down, the breeze brushed by, and a blurred human figure appeared among the swaying shadows of the trees.

A gust of wind came and blew away the branches and leaves that covered the figure. Only to see in that dense foliage, a person leaning back against the trunk of the tree, sitting cross-legged, although the posture is not too upright, but also can feel his heart at this time.

If not known in advance, no one would have thought that in this dense forest among the trunk of the trees, there will be someone meditating here.

The surrounding quiet environment gradually became noisy, and when you listen carefully, you can hear some kind of chewing sound. In this noise, the figure’s face gradually deteriorated.

At this time, Rod in meditation did not feel well. The state of mind that had been calmed down, for some reason, was disturbed again.

The effect of meditation is getting worse and worse, replaced by a kind of irritability, no matter how hard Rod, the thoughts in his mind can never be calmed. After realizing that this state is not suitable for meditation, Rod opened his eyes.

Just opened his eyes, the perception that had been blocked by meditation stimulated Rod, Rod eyes a gaze, towards the direction of perception warning.

In the darkness, a pair of hungry eyes were emitting a miserable green glow. Rod took a closer look, and the bottom was actually a pack of wolves.

It turned out that in the process of Rod’s meditation, the bloody smell of the walking corpse and the apprentice’s corpse attracted the predators in the forest, and it was the pack of wolves in front of him.

Rod looked down. At this time, the wolves were hungry and were eating the remains of walking corpses. Usually the wolves rarely choose to eat carrion, and only when they are extremely hungry, will they choose to gnaw cold and rotten walking corpses.

In the process of observation, Rod found an anomaly. Compared to the rotting walking corpses, there was only one wolf next to the apprentice corpse with more delicious flesh. The rest of the wolves could fight with each other for a piece of rotten meat of the walking corpses, but they did not dare to offend the wolf in front of them in the slightest.

As the observation deepened, Rod also found the abnormalities of this wolf. The other wolves were devouring the carrion of the walking corpses without caring about the surrounding situation, but only this wolf, in the process of eating, was always looking around, not forgetting to be alert around. Not only that, the size of this wolf was also more enormous.

Rod knew that this wolf was the wolf king of the pack.

Rod, who was observing from above, counted the number of wolves in this pack to be around ten. After considering his own strength, Rod frowned.

Unlike undead creatures, which have high life values but poor skills and speed, and are restrained by Rod’ swordplay, wolves are different. The wolves are more adept at siege attacks, especially on individual targets. Although the wolves are physically no match for the previous undead creatures, they are faster, which causes Rhodes some problems.

Once surrounded by a commanding wolf pack, one would be in a very passive situation. As long as one wolf rushed to his side and bit on his leg, he would lose some ability to move, and the other wolves could quickly follow and tear together, plus the wolf king on the side ……

Rod knew that beast-like creatures like this, once they break through their original rank, will have the ability to use magic to a certain extent. More threatening than these ordinary wolves is this wolf king.

Assassinate it like an apprentice? Rod hesitated.

Thinking back to the scene when he assassinated the apprentice, Rod shook his head decisively.

When he leapt out to kill the apprentice, the apprentice obviously sensed himself and turned his head back, but due to his poor physical quality and lack of melee combat skills, the apprentice was unable to dodge away.

The wolf king is different, the instinct of the beast to perceive danger allows it to detect itself just as soon as it strikes, and its strong physical qualities allow it to dodge quickly.

There was no way to assassinate the wolf king, and if one fought with the wolves head-on, it was still hard to say whether one would win or lose. Even if you win in the end, you can only spend all your attribute points and skill points to win badly.

Looking at the group of wolves in front of him, Rod had no good solution for a while.

After carefully recalling all the situations he has experienced so far, suddenly, as if he realized something, Rod’s eyes flashed, and he found a way to win.

In order to use this method, Rod still needs some preparation.

Rod got up, moved up the tree trunk to a position where moonlight could reach directly, and then checked the system log.



“Meditation is over.”

“Based on your performance within the meditation process, your maximum mana value has increased by 8 points. Current mana value is 1414.”

“Special feedback cannot be obtained for shallow meditation.”


Mana value is enough.

After realizing this, Rod quickly injected the mana value into the spatial ring on his hand.

In the attribute panel, the mana value slowly dropped. When the mana value dropped to 1014, the spatial ring stopped absorbing mana.

At the same time, Rod also felt that the spatial ring in his hand had established a subtle connection with him. With only one thought of his own, his consciousness could probe into it and access the items inside.

Rod let consciousness enter the space ring, which contained two to three cubic meters of space. The first thing that entered Rod’s perception was a large number of gold coins like a pile of sand, roughly estimated to be about two thousand.

Two books and several scrolls were stacked above the gold coins, and two iron swords and an iron shield were placed next to them, no different from those used by the previous skeleton warriors. There were dry food and water bags in the corner, and some clothes were presented next to them, and a badge was placed above the clothes.

Seeing the items he needed, Rod took out the books and scrolls and began to look at them with the help of moonlight.

On the cover of one book was written “The Basics of Pathfinding”, and on the cover of the other book there were no words, only some arcane and unknown patterns. Rod identified the patterns drawn on the scrolls, which were a lightning bolt, a magic divine arrow and two healing.

Seeing a book at the back, Rod put the rest of the items back into the spatial ring, leaving it only in his hand.

When putting back the scrolls, according to the habits developed in his previous life, Rod deliberately placed the scrolls in separate locations so that he could take out the scrolls he wanted to use from his spatial ring in the first place, and then Rod began to read the unknown book.

Quickly flipping through the book in his hands. After browsing through a few pages, Rod determined that, as he thought, this book is Elliott’s magic book.

Magic books are important tools for mages when learning spells. Since human memory is not strong, as time passes as well as the knowledge learned increases, the possibility of mistakes in memory becomes greater and greater, so a magic book is needed to help record.

Magic books allow mages to write down the key knowledge they have learned. Also, in order to be able to cast spells accurately, the mage needs to transcribe the spells into a spellbook.

Since mages will spend most of their gold coins on learning knowledge and spells, magic books that record all the knowledge learned by mages will be viewed by mages as extremely valuable, far beyond ordinary treasures.

While flipping through the spell book, Rod used 1 skill point to learn elementary wisdom.

(Elementary Wisdom Art: By learning spell-related knowledge, your learning has been increased. At the same time, your mind has expanded. Various formulas emerge in your mind, and you begin to slightly understand the reasoning contained in spells. You can learn first-order spells.)

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