Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Treasure

The light between the forest dimmed, the dark red blood flowed uncontrollably. In a field of broken bones, only one person stationed sword and standing, the fishy smell floating in the sky for a long time.

After killing the necromancer apprentice, Rod used his remaining strength to clean up the few undead creatures on the battlefield.

Without giving himself time to rest, after killing all the undead creatures, Rod began to clean the battlefield and count the spoils obtained this time.

The previous battle, Rod did not see the undead creature carrying something like a walking bag, so Rod will search the focus on the apprentice’s body.

The mana value inside the body forcefully burst, the body of the apprentice after death is full of holes, it seems that as long as the force pulled, the body parts will be able to easily separate off.

This also made Rod sigh, the heroic level corpse is so damaged. If it had not undergone this transformation, this heroic corpse might have many uses.

The hero level corpse, if used to transform into undead creatures, innately have more advantages than ordinary undead creatures. After going through some rituals, it is even qualified to be transformed into a death knight.

In the production of some powerful treasures, also need to use the hero’s corpse. The people who make the treasures do not care whether the corpses of heroes originate from human or alien races.

Therefore, the corpse of the hero level, has a high value. Even if the Free Trade Guild explicitly does not accept heroic corpses, the price in the black market has remained high.

Of course, the price of a living hero is even higher.

The reason for this is that the body of an apprentice is damaged in such a way that the subsequent series of additional values are not available, and even undead creatures cannot be transformed.

In the process of searching the apprentice’s body, Rod found a pendant within his clothing, the pendant was soaked with some blood, giving Rod a strange feeling, Rod took it in his hand. Then from his bloodied finger found a plain ring, if Rod did not pay special attention to this place based on past experience, it may be overlooked.

The apprentice level necromancer, still struggling to get gold, it is difficult to say to spend effort on such decorations, whether it is a pendant or a ring.

Holding the ring, Rod made some attempts. Feeling the tendency of his mana value to flow into it, Rod knew he was looking for the right thing, it was a space ring.

The space ring was expensive, far beyond what the apprentice level could afford. Rod guessed that the necromancer apprentice had sold the captured hero to get the gold. This would also indicate that the hero he was trying to rescue was temporarily in a safe place.

Rod recalled that it normally takes 10 mana points to open a spatial ring. After this even if the space ring is lost, no one else can open and use it until the mana injector dies.

The remaining mana Points all injected into the spatial ring, Rod felt a little, the spatial ring did not transmit any response. As the current mana points does not reach the minimum standard to open the spatial ring, Rod did not bother with it, just put it away.

According to the habit of holding a weapon in his right hand, in order to avoid the ring affecting the weapon in battle, Rod put the spatial ring on the index finger of his left hand.

Then, Rod began to examine the pendant. The pendant is diamond-shaped, the outside is a layer of yellowish black cloth, which has been stained red by blood, the interior is wrapped in a hard object.

Since he couldn’t tell what its effect from the outside, Rod looked at the system log.


[Elliot’s Thing]

Quality: Treasure

Type: Pendant

Equipment requirement: None

Basic Attributes: Bloodline Perception +3

Evaluation: Things that hold the will of the hero will undergo incredible changes.

Whether you are an angel of the sanctuary, an ancient deity, or an evil spirit of hell, or an evil dragon of the abyss, please take away my thoughts, so that I will no longer doubt and wander. –Elliott


Through the system log, Rod knew that this pendant was a heroic level pendant type treasure. The pendant type of treasure, usually comes with some special bonuses.

The most useful effect is the increase in mana return per hour. The additional attributes are generally not related to direct strength in battle.

A player can equip up to three pendants at the same time. When the number of pendants exceeds three, the last pendant worn cannot come with a special effect and can only be used as a decorative item.

Rod recalled that when three pendants were equipped at the same time, an achievement could also be obtained.

After checking the pendant properties, just when Rod was about to close the system log, Rod noticed an inconspicuous place in the system log, which was the name of the original pendant owner.

“Elliott ……”

In his previous life, Rod had heard of this name.

The hero Elliott was active in the first few expansions of the game, especially in the Shadow of Death expansions.

The earliest record of his origin can only be traced back to the Black Raven Necromancy Academy in Diya. He joined the battlefield as a necromancer, and soon became one of the powerful Necrolords at the time with his superb spells and ruthless methods, before disappearing when he sensed that the whole campaign was headed for defeat.

The information from the game in the previous life flashed through Rod’s mind, and Rod took a deep look at the tattered body of the apprentice on the ground.

The hero who was destined to have something to do was killed by himself before he could grow up, and he had more or less changed the direction of the plot within the game.

In other words, the plot that occurred in the previous game will generally not change, but it will not be exactly the same. The game experience in Rod’s previous life can only be used as a reference, and he can’t just believe it completely. When dealing with some tasks in the future, more of his own judgment is needed.

Looking at the pendant in his hand, Rod had some thoughts.

The bloodline perception attribute added by the pendant is of little use to ordinary people, but it is different for Rod, who has a soul mission in his body, bloodline perception is an attribute Rod needs to use.

The previous Rod was worried about how to find his sister Lorraine’s trail, after obtaining this pendant, as long as Lorraine appeared in a certain range around Rod, Rod could sense it.

Rod put the pendant on. The bloodline perception needs to be within a certain range to be effective, and wearing the pendant did not make Rod feel anything.

The other items of Elliott are stored in the spatial ring, so Rod’s current mana value is not enough to open it, so he will have to wait until his mana value increases to try again.

The day is getting darker and darker.

Maybe because of the thick trees, or maybe it’s the tense in battle. When fighting against the necromancer apprentice, Rod didn’t notice it at all.  When Rod finished taking inventory, he found it difficult to see, and looked up, the sky has turned dark.

Due to the fishy smell all around, plus the interior of the crypt is dimly lit, Rod returned to the trunk of the tree where he was observing the apprentice, ready to meditate in order to get enough mana to open the spatial ring.

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