Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Apprentice Necromancer II

After successfully assassinating the apprentice, Rod got a large amount of experience value points due to killing heroic level units. Using these experience values, Rod’s class rank is currently Level 10 of the 1st Militia, reaching the standard for advancement.

According to Rod’s original idea, there is no need to rush to raise the rank at the moment. The most beneficial choice is to wait until the end of the battle, to plan a wave of the road to be chosen in the future, as well as the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each occupation before raising the rank.

However, in this current situation, there is no way to continue to keep the experience value points, and only by converting the experience value into his own strength in time can the enemy in front of him be solved.

The position in the attribute panel that originally showed the experience value now turned into an upward arrow, requiring Rod to select it with his consciousness.

“2nd rank professional guard, required preoccupation: militia. Required skill: none. Experience required for inauguration: 100”

“2nd rank professional swordsman, required preoccupation: militia. Required skill: advanced swordsmanship. Experience required for induction: 200”

“2nd level occupation scout, required predecessor occupation: militia. Required skills: primary sword skill, elementary eagle eye skill, elementary scout skill. Experience required for induction: 200”


There was no time to continue to look down, Rod directly chose to inaugurate the swordsman.

“Consumed experience value points 200, remaining experience value points 185. Job level raised to 2nd rank swordsman level 1 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

“[Swordsman] Occupational Specialty: Depending on the sword skill level, the damage inflicted receives an additional boost. Current sword skill level: advanced. Additional 15% bonus to damage.”

“You have learned the skill [Two-Continuous Slash].”

“[Two-Continuous Slash Lv1]: consume Qi 5 to quickly perform two slashes. Each chop deals 80% damage of the base attack power.”

“Your skill [Heavy Chop lv2] is upgraded to [Heavy Chop lv3].”

“You have obtained the Race achievement [Embark on a Journey].”

“[Embark on a journey]: Inaugurate any second-rank profession. Base bonus +1 to all attributes, boosts all damage by 5% when worn.”

Rod quickly allocated the obtained attribute points to Strength, while consuming 3 skill points to raise Advanced Swordplay to Expert Swordplay.

(Expert swordsmanship: long years of sword training make you master-like attainments in swordsmanship, sword-like weapons in your hands will turn decay into magic, any move you can do at your fingertips. (Damage dealt by sword weapons is increased by 40%)

Realizing that the remaining experience value can still raise a level, Rod is ready to continue to raise the level, the necromancer apprentice has rushed to the side of Rod, Rod can only deal with his attack first.

Because of the lessons of the skeleton warrior, even with the shield, Rod did not choose to resist the attack of the necromancer apprentice. Instead, he fought and fought with the necromancer apprentice. Only when he couldn’t avoid it, he would use the shield to block it.

The surrounding undead creatures gradually surrounded, as Rod is more in the dodge, has not counter-attack, the magic apprentice’s attack target is no longer locked Rod, and began to attack the surrounding undead creatures.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rod continued to choose to continue to level up.

“Consumed experience value points 100, remaining experience value points 85. Job level raised to 2nd rank swordsman level 2 ……”

“Received free attribute point 1, received skill point 1 ……”

At this moment, the necromancer apprentice is attacking the surrounding undead creatures, often a few simple attacks will kill the undead creatures, or even directly kill them in seconds.

The same is a one-hit kill, not like Rod that superb sword skills, magic apprentice is more rely on the brute force brought about by the burst of mana. This reckless outburst can cause powerful damage in a short period of time, but because the flesh is difficult to withstand, it will seriously damage his own body.

Any kind of creature will not let mana explode inside itself like this, even if it can bring extremely strong power in a short period of time. The horror of blood vessels breaking apart inch by inch from the body can only be endured by the undead, as they can no longer feel pain.

Even if Rod does not bother with the necromancer apprentice, it won’t take long for him to die from mana depletion, or to collapse earlier because of the complete collapse of his flesh, but before that is enough for it to clean up the surrounding undead creatures, and Rod can not get any experience value.

After assigning attribute points to strength, Rod thought about the attacking methods of the apprentice, and suddenly had an idea in his mind.

Rod swung a few swords and cleared away some of the surrounding undead creatures. While the necromancer apprentice energy attracted the attention of most of the undead creatures, Rod came to its rear.

At this moment, the Necromancer Apprentice was attacking a walking corpse in front of him. The Necromancer Apprentice punched out, through the walking corpse’s outstretched hands, directly imprinted on the its chest, the walking corpse’s chest dented at the same time, the necromancer apprentice’s own arm also stirred up a blood.

Seeing this, Rod knew that the necromancer apprentice had difficulty with the side effects of the mana burst. After all, his original body is only a second-rank apprentice, the flesh has not been exercised, can not withstand the mana burst for too long.

While the necromancer apprentice was attacking the walking corpse, Rod held up his shield and rushed towards him.

In the mana burst state, the necromancer apprentice body hardness is comparable to steel, previously it repeatedly blocked sword-type weapons also said that sharp weapons difficult to cause effective damage to the magic apprentice.

Therefore, Rod did not choose to use the sword to attack the necromancer apprentice, but chose to use the shield. The best way to deal with the necromancer apprentice is to use blunt weapons to hit and accelerate the collapse of his body.

The skills acquired through Eagle Eye would always be saved, and in order to increase the damage, Rod chose to learn [Shield Slam].

“[Shield Slam Lv1]: consume 10 prana, use the shield in your hand to slam the enemy, dealing 120% of the base damage, a certain chance to stun the enemy. The required experience value needed to upgrade is 20.”

In order to make sure that this attack would work and not be backhandedly blocked by the necromancer apprentice, Rod used all the skills he could use.

[Charge], [Burst], [Shield Slam], these three skills used at the same time, need to consume a large amount of qi value. Once it did not have the desired effect, the remaining stamina of Rod would be difficult to sustain the next battle.

Even so, after finding the opportunity to kill the magic apprentice, Rod will not give it up for nothing. Even if the chance is slim, Rod will have to catch it in his hands.

The three skills used in succession, coupled with their own determined will, the charge of Rod brought up a rainbow of momentum. Even if the body is still wearing tattered leather armor, even if the shield is full of cracks, Rod at this time the charge brought up the momentum, even beyond the average heavy warrior!

Just heard a loud sound, the magic apprentice back hit hard. The frenzied mana in his body was immediately stimulated, and the magic apprentice’s whole body began to crack.

Rod stabilized the repercussions of the punch and took advantage of this opportunity to step forward, followed by another shield strike on the back of the magical apprentice.

Without giving the magical apprentice any chance, Rod continued his attack.

The powerful external blow, coupled with the violent mana inside, the magic apprentice’s flesh finally could not withstand. Even if there is still remaining mana in his body, the necromancer apprentice lost his fighting ability and fell to the ground.

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