Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Apprentice Necromancer I

Rod rushed towards the skeleton soldier beside him. The skeleton soldier just reacted and was about to swing his sword to attack the enemy in front of him, but only saw a stream of light flash by and the skeleton head, which was still burning with soul fire, flew up.

Without even looking at the decapitated skeleton soldier, Rod continued to swing his sword and attacked the next target.

Due to the increase in rank and a series of attributes attached to the Race achievement, the skeleton soldier was no longer a threat to Rod.

At low stats, Rod can use powerful swordsmanship skills to kill skeleton soldiers with higher stats without taking damage, not to mention now. With the current attributes, in the melee, as long as the skeleton warrior does not take action against him, Rod is confident to kill this group of undead creatures.

Even with such confidence, Rod did not blindly fight with these undead creatures.

During the battle, Rod has been observing the movements of this group of undead creatures. Once he saw a large number of undead creatures gathered on his side, he immediately rushed from the weak place to the next position, not allowing the undead creatures to surround him.

As the battle progressed, Rod found that even if he did not use the skill [Heavy Slash], he could also deal with these undead creatures in front of him.

Perhaps it was the improvement in skill that came from learning Advanced Sword Art, and in the heat of battle, Rod could see the flaws in the undead creatures at a glance.

Rod didn’t even need to think about how to swing the sword, his body would react first. As long as the undead creature reveals its flaws, the gleaming sword blade will accurately slash the undead creature’s neck. With the blessing of Rod’s own attributes, just one blow can make the undead creature’s head fall apart.

The more Rod fought, the braver he became. Without the use of combat skills, Rod’s stamina was not drastically depleted, and his prana level was always maintained at more than half.

The sword style is precise and practical, less many fancy and useless movements, the stamina consumption is naturally reduced. Perhaps this is also the hidden effect brought about by the advanced sword art.

In the field, only to see the Rod sword light flash, whether skeleton soldiers or walking corpses, in front of the Rod are no resistance, just a moment of interlocking bodies, will be Rod beheaded.

A time, the ground is full of undead creatures who have lost their heads.

Among the dead undead creatures, the skeleton soldier, fortunately, is composed of a pile of bones and has no effect after death. The walking corpse is different. Because it has been dead for a long time, although the blood will not spew out after being decapitated, the blood will still overflow outside the body after falling to the ground. On the battlefield at this time, a bloody smell permeated.

In a short period of time, this group of undead creatures were wiped out by Rod by a small half.

Since the low-level undead creatures are only driven by the instinct to kill the living and do not have any emotions, they still surround Rod after losing most of them.

If the undead creatures were replaced by any creatures of other races, at this moment, when facing a non-level opponent, they who lost most of their members should have already collapsed in morale, cowering and not daring to step forward.

Fortunately, they are undead creatures, they don’t understand the feeling of fear, no matter how much they lose, they will still attack Rod. If it were a different race, it would take a lot of effort for Rod to kill them all.

Just when Rod was about to kill the remaining undead creatures, inadvertently, Rod’s afterimage observed the scene on the other side of the battlefield.

On the other side of the battlefield, the necromancer apprentice, who had undergone a transformation and risen again after death, was fighting a skeleton warrior.

The necromancer apprentice swung his fist, hitting the skeleton warrior’s iron shield for blocking, and several cracks exploded on it. The necromancer apprentice’s body is skewed, the other hand out, accurately grabbed the skeleton warrior’s sword swinging arm, and then pulled, a hand bone will be separated from the body of the skeleton warrior.

Rod saw that the original two skeleton warriors, one fell to the ground, the body equipped with iron armor center broken a large hole, the original complete skeleton head only half left, skull is full of cracks. The other one is fighting with the magic apprentice, it looks like it will not last long.

There are a number of undead creatures falling at the feet of the apprentice magician. Because of other undead creatures to share the pressure, the skeleton warrior was not killed first.

After a short period of thought, Rod had a decision in mind.

Rod swung several swords in a row to kill the walking corpses around him, then gave up dealing with the undead creatures in front of him, and rushed in the direction of the necromancer apprentice instead.

With the experience of the previous life, Rod understood that the necromancer apprentice is driven by the mana in the body. The more mana value the body has when the original reformer dies, the more power it can explode after death, and the longer it exists.

As Rod successfully assassinated the apprentice, the apprentice still retained a full mana value at the time of death. This also means that even if the group of undead creatures around here are all killed, the mana in the apprentice’s body may not be consumed.

In order to get more experience value points in this battle, Rod naturally can not let the necromancer apprentice will kill all the surrounding undead creatures. Rod temporarily gave up dealing with the undead creatures around him, and instead gave priority to dealing with the magic apprentice.

At this time, the skeleton warrior who lost an arm could only hold on to his shield, futilely withstanding the attacks of the necromancer apprentice.

The fierce collision between fist and shield, coupled with the previous multiple attacks, the Necromancer’s fist surface is bloody and fleshy, and the blood vessels at the arm are cracked, but this does not affect its attacks in any way.

The necromancer apprentice is essentially driven by the mana in his body, even if all parts of his body are damaged, as long as there is still mana value, he can always burst out to fight.

The skeleton warriors to resist the front of the magic apprentice, Rod found an opportunity to swing a sword from the rear.

The skeleton warrior could not anticipate the attack from the rear, and just as it was fending off the magic apprentice’s attack, the deadly sword from the rear decapitated its head.

After realizing the death of the skeleton warrior, the necromancer apprentice did not care who helped it kill the previous opponent, and put all his attention on the nearest Rod.

The magic apprentice flew up directly and kicked the iron armor worn by the skeleton warrior. The entire remaining body of the skeleton warrior, with this huge impact, slammed into the back of Rod.

Perceiving the attacking intention of the necromancer apprentice, Rod did not care about the great power brought by the skeleton warrior’s body. He saw Rod not retreating but advancing, sideways to avoid the impact of the skeleton warrior’s body, and his right hand holding the sword the sword stuck out and pierced the necromancer apprentice in front of him.

The magic apprentice one hand directly upward, blocking this thrust of Rod. The tremendous force almost made it almost impossible for Rod to hold the weapon in his hand, but also reminded Rod once again that the enemy in front of him was not as easy to deal with as the lower level undead creatures.

The next punch from the necromancer apprentice was about to come, and Rod made a split-second decision to roll backwards. In the dodge this attack at the same time, Rod will originally skeleton warriors hold the shield in the hand.

Seeing the necromancer apprentice energy charging towards him, Rod opened his attribute panel …….

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