Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Rewards

After landing on the ground, Rod himself was not well.

With Rod’s current physical attribute value, it was difficult enough to jump down from five or six meters, and because to assassinate the necromancer apprentice, there is no way to roll to remove the impact, can only fully withstand the impact of landing.

Rod only felt his legs numb all of a sudden, probably fractured, and a sharp pain came from his lower back.

Taking advantage of the moment when the undead creatures around him lost control, Rod looked at the system log.


“You have killed a second-rank hero.”

“A glorious victory! You have gained 400 experience points!”

“You have obtained the race achievement [Brave].”

“[Brave]: Kill a creature one rank higher than you alone. Base bonus 1 skill point, damage dealt to creatures of a rank higher than yours is increased by 10% when worn.”

“You have earned the Race achievement [Hero’s Blood].”

“[Hero’s Blood]: Kill a hero. Base bonus +1 to all attributes and 20% increase to damage dealt to heroes while wearing it.”

“After killing a hero, your heroic specialties are partially activated. (13)”

The large number of rewards displayed in the system log caused Rod to fail to react for a moment; what he hadn’t expected was that this necromancer apprentice was actually a hero.

Indeed, after thinking back carefully, Rod discovered something different about this apprentice.

The group of undead creatures controlled by the necromancer apprentice was too large in number. The number of walking corpses and skeleton soldiers, or these skeleton warriors, according to Rod’s understanding of necromancers, an apprentice level necromancer can not manipulate so many undead creatures anyway.

The necromancer needs to consume a portion of his spiritual attributes to manipulate undead creatures. When the undead creature dies, the occupied spiritual attributes will be returned.

When the necromancer manipulates more undead creatures at the same time, the spiritual attributes will become extremely low and the effects that the spells can cause will be somewhat weakened. This is also a balance made in order to avoid necromancers from becoming too powerful.

Through meditation, necromancers can obtain exclusive manipulation of spiritual attributes, used instead of spiritual attributes to manipulate undead creatures, to make up for the lack of spiritual attributes.

Even with the additional manipulation of spiritual attributes, the number of undead creatures controlled by the apprentice in front of him also exceeded Rod’ expectations. The previous observation Rod did not think there was any problem, this time know he is a hero, and then to think back, it is easy to find these problems.

Without looking closely at the achievements obtained, after confirming that he had gained a large amount of experience value points, Rod did not even think about it and directly chose to level up.

“Consumed experience points 300, remaining experience points 125. Job level from 1st rank militia level 6, raised to 1st rank militia level 10 ……”

“Got free attribute point 4, got skill point 4 ……”

Rod quickly allocated 2 free attribute points to physique to return the injury on his leg, then allocated 1 attribute point to strength and 1 attribute point to speed, while consuming 2 more skill points to learn advanced sword art.

(Advanced Sword Art: The long time of polishing for sword art makes you master various sword killing moves, and you integrate the sword art you learned into your instincts. With your instincts alone, you can unleash the right move in the right situation. You are able to use any type of sword with ease. (Damage dealt by sword-like weapons is increased by 30%)

Assigning points with your consciousness just happened in a flash. By the time Rod had done this, the rest of the undead creatures had already raised their weapons and were charging towards him.

After the necromancer apprentice died, the undead creatures he manipulated during his life reverted to their nature, which was to destroy living creatures. The current Rod has not yet mastered the skill of manipulating undead, otherwise he could have directly controlled this group of low-ranking undead without necromancer control.

The recovery effect brought about by assigning free attribute points to physique was immediate, and the pain in Rod’s leg was completely eliminated at this time. Rod tried to make a slight effort with his leg and it was no longer a big deal.

The two skeleton warriors not far away have rushed to the side of Rod, Rod draws his sword ready to fight.

At this point, Rod suddenly felt a palpitation from behind, can not think about it, and hurriedly rolled in a direction, and luckily avoided this attack of unknown origin.

The skeleton warrior who just rushed to Rod’ previous position was not so lucky, and was hit by this attack, the iron armor worn by the body was dented a piece, along with the ribs are not known how many broken.

When the tumble ended, Rod hurriedly got up and looked in the direction of the previous one. Rod was surprised to find that the necromancer apprentice who had been killed earlier was back on his feet, but with his head hanging low and his body in an attack position.

This can be unexpected, a time, Rod looked up after the necromancer apprentice once again attacked at the next skeleton warrior. With just one punch, he deformed the shield used by the skeleton warrior to block, and he was deformed by the skeleton. The warrior made a sound of gold and iron humming from the position where he was hitting, as if there was nothing wrong with it, it continued to attack.

“Is this …… undead deformation? Or magic energy transformation?” Rod pondered for a while in his inner mind.

As the system log showed the experience value gained, Rod was sure that he had successfully killed the necromancer apprentice. At this time, the apprentice’s corpse reared up and attacked indiscriminately, and Rod began to speculate about the reason for the change in his corpse.

According to some knowledge acquired in his previous life, Rod began to recall.

The first thing that came to Rod’s mind was the undead aberration, in the game of his previous life, many of the powerful necromancers that Rod had killed would come to such a hand after death.

The first thing that came to mind was that the necromancer’s body contained a lot of death energy, and when the necromancer died, the death energy lost control and turned the necromancer’s body into undead within a short period of time, which is the necromantic aberration.

But for necromancer apprentices, the death energy required to undergo undead aberration is too large and generally difficult to occur, and besides, the necromancer fighting style is not like what Rod saw. Thinking about it, Rod ruled out undead aberration.

The apprentice’s torso was hanging low in an unnaturalness position, but his arms and legs seemed extremely flexible, and he was fighting the attacks of two skeleton warriors. He wasn’t fall between the fists and sword of them. On the contrary, he was able to knock the sword out of the way

According to this current fighting style of the necromancer apprentice, as well as the abnormal changes that can occur with the apprentice level, Rod quickly surmised the reason for the change in the apprentice’s corpse.

“Magic energy transformation? ……” Looking at the corpse of the apprentice necromancer that was fighting with the skeleton warrior in front of him, Rod came to a conclusion.

Since the caster have mana in their bodies, this mana will dissipate when the caster dies. Mana transformation is to use some methods of manipulating the undead to bind the mana that was originally to be dissipated in the body, allowing the caster’s body to consume the mana in the form of fists and kicks.

Compared to the undead aberration, the requirements of the magic transformation is much lower. As long as the spell caster with mana, can accept this transformation. However, the success rate of this transformation is extremely low, but also after death to play a role, generally not many people will take the initiative to carry out this transformation.

Rod recalled that in the previous life of the game, this transformation is more often used for dead soldiers on the battlefield.

At this time, the undead creatures around Rod have surrounded. The closest to Rod were some skeleton soldiers, and the walking corpses were still closing in on Rod due to their speed. Rod had to deal with these undead creatures first.

As the apprentice corpse that regained its footing does not belong to the those undead race, he was also attacked by the undead creatures at this time, so that the two skeleton warriors, whom Rod was most afraid of, were fighting with the apprentice corpse at this time, and for a while neither side could overcome who.

Without the threat of the skeleton warriors, with the strength to improve again, Rod can easily solve these undead creatures in front of him. Before the surrounding undead creatures continued to approach him, Rod rushed towards the skeleton soldier beside him.

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