Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Awakening

[In the process of reshaping the body ……]

[Remodeling completed ……]


In a dimly lit tomb, a number of corpses were stacked on top of each other.

These corpses have undergone some treatment, for example, the limb parts that were chopped off at the time of death have been spliced and sewn back together again. The floor was dripping with unknown pus, and the air was filled with a foul smell of corruption.

If anyone who has practiced necromancy comes here, they will be able to find that this place is undergoing the transformation of walking corpses.

In this piece of corrupt corpses, an intact body so strange, if someone can get closer to see this body, can also see its chest with breathing up and down.

Suddenly, this body moved, then slowly sat up, propped his hand on his forehead, his face showed an extremely painful look.

“Where am I …… here ……”

As the thoughts slowly cleared, memories flooded into the mind.

Family, friends, a carefree life, and …… brutal skeletons, moving corpses, wailing villagers, spellcasters shrouded in black robes ……

“My name is Rod, the eldest son of a hunter in the village of Sáo, with a sister, who was living a carefree life in the village, but the village was attacked by a necromancer, and the whole village was destroyed and everyone was killed. Before I was killed, my last consciousness seemed to see the necromancer grabbing my sister and saying something about a born hero …… she should have survived ……”

“No …… it’s not like that …… my name is Rod, I am a professional player in the 22nd century of Earth, currently trying to play the most popular third world virtual online game [Invincible Heroes 3]. ”

“Am I …… still in the game right now? Also, what’s with this memory?”

As if to verify his suspicions, Rod reached out and touched the ground he was sitting on, then hurriedly took his hand up from the ground. With a speechless face, Rod looked at his palm, which was stained with some unknown pus.

Rod stood up and looked around at the scene.

The gloomy tomb, the corpses on display, the burst of low roar coming from the depths …… all kinds of scenes that are difficult to see in reality undoubtedly made Rod’s mind set.

“Sure enough I’m still inside the game …… then, the attribute panel.”

As the thought rose, a transparent panel appeared in front of Rod’s face.

[Name: Rod

Heroic specialties: unawakened

Rank: 1st rank militia level 1 (010)

Attributes: Strength 7, Speed 6, Physique 8, Knowledge 2, Mental 2

Health Points: 4040

Mana Points:00

Experience Points: 0

Skills: None

Special Skills: None

Spells: None]

Looking at his attribute panel, Rod fell into a deep thought.

The three basic attributes of strength, speed and physique of an adult man should be 10, according to the memory of the predecessor this body should still be in the juvenile stage, the attributes have not yet grown to the average value, while knowledge and spirit only two points shows that the predecessor did not have the talent to become a mage. Overall the starting attributes are on the low side, but the predecessor is not too old and has excellent growth.

“In the predecessor’s memory, the village he lived in was destroyed by a powerful necromancer. But according to the images I saw in my memory before, the so-called undead army was actually only two low-ranking undead soldiers, the walking corpses and skeleton soldiers, and the magic cast by that necromancer was only the lowest level of magic divine arrows and retardation spells.”

“The necromancer relied on the convenience of a surprise attack in the dark, plus the ignorant villagers’ fear of the undead, which succeeded in breaking through the village. If it was a frontal attack on the village during the day, the result would not be certain.”

“This necromancer, in fact, is only an apprentice necromancer, right ……”

Judging the identity of the attacker of the village, Rod’s thoughts came up clearly all of a sudden.

“There are only a few purposes for the necromancer apprentice to attack the village, and in general they are all related to wealth, whether it is the money within the village, or the value of transforming the villagers into an army of undead after death, all of which are needed by the necromancer apprentice.”

“Everyone within the village was killed …… wait, according to the predecessor’s memory, his sister should have survived, born a hero …… hero?”

The pupils of Rod’s eyes shrank, and seemed to think of something.

The key to the world of invincible heroes: heroes. Even an ordinary person, when facing a desperate situation, under the impact of a strong will can awaken and become a hero.

But not anyone can become a hero, more people do not know what to do when faced with a desperate situation, can only wait for death to come. The person who becomes a hero must have the qualities that ordinary people do not have, either brave and fearless, or strong-willed.

Compared to ordinary creatures of the same rank, heroes can gain huge additional attribute plus value and growth, as well as a speciality exclusive to themselves.

“A born hero? ……It’s a pity that she was born in such a remote village. If she was born in the Kingdom of Erathia, she must can do something great ……”

Suddenly, Rod’s spirit was in a trance, and a blood-red panel appeared in front of him.

[Soul Quest: Bloodline]

[Mission Summary: Since the village you live in was destroyed, as your only living blood relative, your sister’s whereabouts are unknown. Even death cannot take away this longing you have for your closest relative, and you vow to retrieve your sister.

Mission Goal: Safely retrieve your sister Lorraine within twelve months.

[Failure Condition: Exceed the time limit or lose the target hero]

【Penalty for failure: Split soul, host character disappears]


“Okay, coming to this world and inheriting this body really does come at a price. But according to the system’s general principle of equivalence of difficulty and benefit, the reward for mission accomplishment, though not stated, should be the elimination of the hidden danger of getting the allegiance of the hero Lorraine and inheriting this body.”

“Since the necromancer apprentice who attacked the village found out that Lorraine is a born hero, as long as he is not a fool, he will not simply turn Lorraine into an undead creature, even if he can get a corpse witch.”

“What he would do is either sacrifice Lorraine to a great lord in return, or send Lorraine to a large auction house in exchange for a huge payout.”

Rod made a slight calculation in his mind, in any case there are still twelve months, after confirming that nothing will happen to Lorraine for the time being, first figure out his own situation.

After everyone in the village has been killed, necromancer apprentice will carry out a series of finishing work, from the simplest scouring the village, until the processing of corpses into undead creatures.

How to deal with corpses to get higher quality undead creatures has always been the goal of necromancer research, the simplest is to sew up the wounds of the corpse to reduce the loss of walking corpses, followed by the use of various materials to improve the strength of the corpse. But no matter how high it is, it can’t transform the corpses of ordinary people into death knights. Really powerful undead creatures must be powerful before they are alive.

According to Rod’s observation, that necromancer apparently did an okay job in this area. The traces of the corpses that had been handled around the area were all very obvious.

Since apprentice level necromancers can hardly transform corpses into undead creatures independently, they can only bring the treated corpses to places where death energy is dense, so that they can naturally transform into undead creatures and finally control them. The natural transformation will last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the richness of the death energy.

“These corpses around me have already shown obvious signs of corpse transformation. Just when the necromancer apprentice returns and activates the soul fire, they can become walking corpses. That is to say, whether it is to escape before the Necromancer returns or explore the tomb, stay Time is running out for me.”

After observing the surrounding corpses, Rod came to this conclusion. .

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