Interlude 3

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Imperial Calendar – Year 89/9. City of Fass.

Sneaking a glance Saya looked at Huntis.

“Didn’t I say I’m sorry?”

“Apologizing won’t solve the problem, pervert!”

“No, I really didn’t see anything”

“Even if you didn’t see anything, you should have seen something, pervert!”

“In fact, I almost didn’t see anything, there was so much steam that I barely see anything.”

“Almost not seen means to see a little bit .”

“You are perverted!”

“…… Well, then how much?”

“Eh? Ah, just, just….”

“Why are you blushing !? You really are a pervert!”

“I didn’t see anything! I didn’t see anything! ….. Just, just a little” Seeing the quarrel between those two, Recee stupefied whispered:

“…… Huntis, if you can’t find an excuse. Give her a sincere apology”

“Anyway, Recee. You should stop them too. Aren’t you our captain?”

“I stopped them. It’s just that they said, “this is dream of every ‘Man’ in their youth. Every single man want to do it!”, and did not listen to my advice at all.”

“It’s really bad.”


Saya’s narrowed eyes stab Huntis.

“I have introspected.”

“You have to introspect thoroughly, and you have to promise never to do it again.”

“I know, it won’t happen again”

“Yes, it really won’t happen again.”


“Yes, I won’t do it again. I promise….”

Huntis fell to the ground to apologize.

On the other hand, Mustoria was being reprimanded by Arurena.

“Do you have something to say, Mustoria?”

“I will not do it again”

“I won’t do it again. I don’t ask for that, but at least I don’t want you to spy on me while I’m in the outdoor bath, keep that in mind.”

“I am so sorry”

“I won’t forgive you just for apologizing. You’ll have to do something for me.”

“What should I do?”

“There’s one thing!”


“I mean, there is only one thing you can do to make me to forgive such a criminal act. You must reflect on that honestly. If you don’t that, humans would commit the same crime again …… wait, are you listening?”


“Why is your nose bleeding !? Did something happen?”

“I, I am listening, but ……”

“Are you remembering? Delete those memories!”

“Well, it’s a problem. I can’t forget it.”

“Don’t you want to reflect on what you did !?”

—— Despite the controversy that occurred, we had to complete our work.

The next morning, Unit 00 entered the city, west of the forest. The wyrm were hiding.

Saya and Arurena were a little upset.

“Due to the factors causing emotional problems in the team, our cooperation can be dead. Forget what happened last night and let’s go back as before, okay?”

Recee said, the other two just nodded.

Although this forest is not very large, due to certain circumstances it is very laborious. The group traced their target by looking from footprints, feces, and another animal that was possibly eaten by the wyrm.

“Guys, that’s …”

After a while, Recee found a great clue.

“It’s still fresh. A Monster just passed by here.”

“Uwaa, it’s a big piece of shit! Is your shit that big, Mus?”

“M-ine, is, not, that, big ….”

“I, no, I do, that, so, big ……”

“It’s just a joke, hahah——”

Kya ……!

At that moment, a small scream was heard, Huntis swallow back his laughter.

“Is it a scream ……?”

“Why is there someone in the forest?”

“Whatever, let’s go!”

They all ran at the same time.

The site of the incident is probably not far away. This may be because some people suffer monster attacks, due to the situation, it could be said that every minute counts.

Saya ran faster than everyone, like a beast, She went through the vegetation quickly. Immediately behind her, although at a not so fast pace, Huntis was running. Recee, Arurena and Mustoria arrived.

The basic composition of the Vanguard was Huntis and Mustoria, the Middle Guard is made up of Saya and the Rear are Recee and Arurena. However, in an emergency, this did not matter as much.

Huntis and Saya, they found two giant trees. Behind them is a small open space.

With a length of six meters, a wyrm was there.

The wyrm are the subspecies of the dragon, they do not have wings, and inhabit in the ground. Their appearance is similar to that of a lizard, in addition they can eat a human being.

Worse still, a few meters from the wyrm, there is a girl about 10 years old. She is on the ground trembling with fear.

“It is not too late!”

At that moment, Saya bravely launched herself.

“No no no no no no !!! I-Impossible”

At that moment, a figure emerged from the bushes behind the girl.

Huntis quickly ran towards the girl. As if trying to protect her, the wyrm stepped forward.

“—— Fierce wind teeth, divide everything, cut everything!”

Surprisingly, the girl used the [whirlwind] enchantment. The wyrm was temporarily blocked by the onslaught of the wind.

So it was enough.


Saya used his Heraldic Armament [Double Water Curtain] and continuously waved the blade of the water, cutting the body of the wyrm.

Immediately afterwards, Huntis used his Heraldic Art [Purgatory] and spurted the red flame from edge of his sword and struck the wyrm’s head.

A scream of pain shook the entire forest.

Subsequently, the light flare released from Reece [Hesparas] continuously hit the wyrm’ foot. Force it to go backwards.

Huntis addressed the girl.

“It’s okay?”

The girl nodded, she remained on the ground. Huntis with a reproachful tone said to her:

“Why are you in the woods !? Don’t you know it’s very dangerous?”

“Ehh… .Ehg… ..Onee-chan …. Uwaaaaa…” The girl started to cry.

“Now … Now … Don’t cry …… Everything is fine, so…. Ugh …… ”

The girl cried on. She was in a delicate emotional state.

Huntis gently stroked the girl’s head.

“It is true …… you are very brave. Facing such a monster. Besides, your Heraldic Art is very good. You may become a great knight”

The girl was happy with the praise, although her eyes were still bathed in tears. Her cheeks were a little red.

“But this is very dangerous. Hide in the roots of these trees”

Huntis after saying that, was preparing to return to the battlefield, but the girl did not take her eyes off her.

“What happen?”

“Ehh ….. I-I can’t … … stand ……….”

She seemed to be petrified. The girl shyly played with her fingers.

Mustoria and Arurena joined the battle, both suppressing the wyrm.

Therefore there should be no problem. Huntis made a decision, so she squatted down so that the girl climbed on her shoulders.


“It is an emergency situation”

He looked at the girl, he was treating her like a princess. By the way, the girl was able to stand up.

“Ah? What’s wrong?”

“S-Sorry, nothing happens ……”

The girl’s eyes peeked at Huntis, she had a puzzled look, but due to what had happened, she was panicking.

After moving to a place far from the battlefield, Huntis left her on the ground. “Stay here for a moment. Don’t cry.”

“E-ehh ……”

Huntis was ready to go. The girl mustered enough determination and suddenly asked a question.

“Please, W-What’s your name ……?”

“My name? I am Huntis Harmillion.”

“H-Huntis …… ..H-Harmillion-san …… ……”

The girl upon hearing his name lowered her head and happily repeated it.

Flutes and drums, laughter and a lively atmosphere echoed in the night sky.

You could smell the food all over the place, no doubt making your mouth water.

Lit bonfires light up people’s faces. Their faces have a mixture of concern and joy.

The people were holding a banquet. This is because the Huntis Unit was able to defeat a wyrm. The townspeople rejoiced after hearing the news, so they held a celebration.

“Recee-sama, I really am very grateful. You not only defeated the Wyrm, but you also helped the girl. Our gratitude is insignificant. I, as mayor, on behalf of all the villagers, we thank you.”

“No, we are always ready to help whoever needs it. So everyone can sleep peacefully tonight”

The mayor bowed deeply, revealing a wide smile towards Recee.

“Having said that, none of us could have dealt with such a monster …… Honestly, when they send you, we still have some worries … ”

“There are not many talented young men, as a captain, I am a little embarrassed to say it.”

“In fact, we are nothing more than Knight apprentice, there are still people much stronger than us. It ’s natural to have such worries. We should apologize.”

“No, no, I cannot allow that …… But then again, you are quite exceptional young people. I would like the young people of our city to learn a lot from you.”

“I’m flattered mayor”

Humbly pray I accept the mayor’s thanks. On the other hand, there was a conversation that was 180 ° different.

“Hey Mus, this dish is also very tasty!”


Huntis and Mustoria were the guests of honor, so they were eating. Especially Mustoria with her extraordinary appetite, the food disappeared in an instant in her mouth.

“The two of you are so different from Reece, you’re like children”

“Yeah. You even have food residues next to your mouth …… These are dishes made by the people of the town with their best efforts, and they should be tasted well, right.”

Saya spoke a little, Arurena also complained about the situation.

“This tastes delicious! But Recee is such a pathetic guy that he doesn’t even have free time to eat.”

“Would you trade places with him?”

“It’s impossible. My priority is to satisfy my appetite, Mus ”


“…. Oh, what event seems to be starting?”

They had built a stage out front, several beautiful young women had appeared. They all wore distinctive clothing. That is probably the dress of this region. However, that dress has a high degree of nudity, they look sensational. Their chest is almost exposed.

The women began to dance, moving their small waists, occasionally doing a provocative position.

“Are you going to give priority to satisfying your s*xual desires now? Looks like you’re not introspective at all.”

Seeing Huntis stop eating, and staring at the girls dancing, Saya gave him a contemptuous look.

“N-Not what you think! I just think the dance is a little funny. Right, Mus?”

“Right, it’s really great.”

Mus was holding on his nose with all his might, trying to keep him from having a nosebleed. He seemed to be excited. Although he should have a lot of blood in terms of body size, it was really worrying.

Mustoria constantly had a nosebleed, but he didn’t care.

“I hope Arurena does the same”

At that moment, Arurena hit Mustoria’s face.

Her eyes filled with anger and contempt, as she looked at Mustoria.

“Listen to me, Mustoria. If you continue like this, I will be ANGRY Do you understand? ”

“…… (trembling)”

Mustoria’s large body looked like that of a child curled up.

The banquet continued throughout the night.

But in fact, some drunken villagers started singing, others were lying on the ground, even others started dancing naked. The banquet turned into a binge.

Huntis and Mustoria patted each other on the bulging belly.

“I’m full.”

“Yes, I have eaten a lot”

Although Huntis also ate a lot, but it was much less than what Mustoria ate. It seemed as if he had a bottomless stomach, it’s worth praising.

“I can still eat.”

“Can you still eat? …… If you continue like this you won’t leave food in the town.”

“I can do it.”

Huntis joked, Mustoria replied confidently.

It didn’t know if the other people have returned home or stayed somewhere in the plaza. The main guest table can’t see anyone except the two of them.

Huntis stood up.

“You are going to the bathroom?”

“No, I will take a walk.”

“…… Pretending to go for a walk?”

“I’m really going for a walk!”

He passed through a group of drunks, and walked past the plaza.

Without realizing it, he was walking down some stairs.

It was winding stairs. The noise of the town began to disappear.

“These stairs are unexpectedly long …… I’m a little nauseous …… ”

Climbing the ladder for a while, he reached the spot. Beyond that, there are some stairs nearby, but if he kept going up everything he had eaten could be regurgitated.

You could see the whole landscape of the town, Huntis walked a little more and sat on a bench.

Because the sky was cloudy, it was a moonless night, everything was dark.


At that moment, Huntis saw something move through the trees.

Taking a closer look, it looks like someone is there.

As he got closer, it wasn’t just a person. There was a couple.

(Recee and Saya ……?)

Huntis was going to stand up to greet them, but then he thought, in a lonely place and only the two of them, something could be happening.

It seems they were talking about things, although you couldn’t hear what they were talking about, they were too far away, it was almost inaudible.

(Two people talking alone, what are they doing……?)

I don’t know why, but my chest had a strange feeling.

At that moment, the clouds that covered the moon moved and the moonlight illuminated the earth.


Recee slowly approached Saya.

Looking over Recee’s shoulder, I could see Saya’s face, she had a nervous look.

That was Huntis’s opinion.

They got closer and closer, their faces getting very close——

At that moment, Huntis left the place.

It was as if he was escaping, it was better to leave them alone.

His body feels very sad, it is as if all that food had fallen ill.

Huntis ran down the stairs, and returned to the hostel.


An angry voice could be heard, as well as thumping. Everything happened in a dark alley.

The voice came from a guy who was in his early thirties. Due to the drink, his face was a little red, but that was not all. The man was cursing.

“Damn arrogant knights …… Think they are great!”

He kept kicking a wall hard, but even so, his complaints were still heard.

Not long ago, he was drinking in a bar until he faced a Knight.

The cause of the conflict was not the big deal, it just small quarrel. But since they were both drunk, over time their argument grew stronger.

For the latter, only he was thrown out of the place.

The knights are in charge of protecting the city, so he had been treated like a tramp.

When he was driven out by him, a happy expression appeared on the knights’ faces. This scene was deeply imprinted on the man’s mind.

All of this caused his emotions to explode.

“I! I was born into a poor family, but still I’m better than those damn knights ……!”

His childhood dream was to become a Knight.

It was not to exaggerate, but he could use a Heraldic Art.

But to become a knight, it takes money. That is why most of the knights are children of nobles or wealthy family.

Those who are born into poor families would simply cause trouble, even in the future it would be very difficult for them to be a Knight.

“Do you want them to see how powerful you are? ”

Hearing this sudden voice, the man looked back.

“Hey, do you want them to see how powerful you are?”

The sound rang again. It was an uncomfortable, full of ominous breath, but with a childlike innocent voice.

But it is incredible that the man was not afraid of that voice.

“–Yeah, if I can I want to do it.”

The man nodded. An extremely dangerous murderous light flashed in his pupils.

“… So the negotiation is established. 』

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