I Am The Fated Villain Chapter 69

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Fourth Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty; Ruined with a Single Look!

“Changge, you are cruel…”

“I never thought that you would be the one to kill me! You were the one I loved the most, but now, you are also the one I hate the most…”

Yue Mingkong looked at her empty surroundings and involuntarily closed her eyes. Some tears could be seen at the corner of her eyes, but soon, the tears disappeared and she opened her indifferent and cold eyes once again. Her voice was calm as she spoke, and the turbulence in her heart also subsided — she had already gotten used to the heart wrenching pain that had assaulted her for the past half year.

Yue Mingkong didn’t understand why she ended up three thousand years in the past. By now, half a year had already passed since she returned in time, but the scene of the day she married Gu Changge was still fresh in her mind.

The world trembled at their union, chants of the Great Dao descended upon them from the Heavens, golden lotuses bloomed everywhere, and clear springs gushed out from the earth. Dressed in a red wedding dress, and wearing a phoenix crown and imperial robes, she stood bashfully beside the world’s most handsome and unparalleled man.

On their wedding night, they had crossed their arms and drank wine to show the world that they were now one.

She had thought that all of her wait and sacrifice had been worth it, and that she would finally receive his love! She had helped him establish the world’s strongest Immortal Dynasty, fallen out with her father for him, and even helped him clear his name from suspicions that claimed he was the inheritor of Devil Arts…

Alas! After waiting three thousand years for her bridal night with him, what she received was a look of ridicule and indifference from him. After that, a boundless darkness spread around her, and a heart wrenching pain gripped her. She finally realized that the person she loved more than anything in the world never felt anything for her. Everything he did was for himself.

In the end, he murdered her in cold blood! He had merely deceived her to free himself from suspicions about him being an inheritor of Devil Arts. After he had squeezed all use out of her, he threw her away like a used tissue.

She, on the other hand, had trusted him from the bottom of her heart, and not once did she entertain thoughts that he might just be an inheritor of Devil Arts.

Yue Mingkong wanted to call her past self ‘retarded’, and couldn’t understand how she could let herself be deceived by Gu Changge’s lies. People like him didn’t have a heart. One couldn’t even estimate the number of people someone like him had tricked without them knowing they were dancing on the palm of his hand.

“Should I call you Gu Changge, or should I call you Gu Wuxin (heartless)? You are truly a heartless monster who has no love for others! I worked hard for you for three thousand years, yet you didn’t give me a shred of affection in return. Since the Heavens have given me another chance, I will not let history repeat itself…”

Yue Mingkong’s expression turned as cold as a glacier. She had already matured, and was no longer the naive and foolish girl from her past life, who was obsessed with that almost-perfect man who had her heart wrapped around his finger.

As the fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, she was the one who disappointed her father the most in the past. But now, in just half a year, she had stomped all of her competitors in the royal family, and even dethroned her eldest brother from his position of the Crown Prince.

Her menacing means easily crushed every record set in the Supreme Immortal Dynasty since its existence. Even her father — who always looked at her with disappointment — couldn’t help but shower her with praises.

All of this was thanks to her regressing to the past. She knew much due to the fact that she had lived for three thousand years, so she could take flawless steps and dominate over everyone with ease.

“In the end, I was nothing more than a tool in your eyes. To you, I was nothing but a toy that you used to get yourself a clean reputation…”

“Gu Changge, since you never cared about me, then don’t blame me for taking everything from you in this life! I will make you experience all of my pain…”

“Alas! You are a heartless devil, so how can you understand my pain and everything that I experienced? It’s such a pity, or I could have made you fall in love with me, and then killed you just like you killed me!”

“It seems that I have no choice but to destroy your life so much that you will have no choice but to stay by my side! After all, instead of death, a life like that will be the worst punishment for someone like you…hehe…”

Yue Mingkong’s imperial robes fluttered, and she stood with her hands behind her back. Her gorgeous visage showed a deep calm as she lost herself in contemplation.

At the same time, she turned her face towards the east — that was where the Ancient Immortal Gu Family resided.

She knew that Gu Changge had already returned from the Lower Realm, and he had also gotten what he descended for. She also knew that soon, her father would bring her along to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family to discuss the matter of her and Gu Changge’s marriage.

The marriage between the Supreme Immortal Dynasty and the Ancient Immortal Gu Family was a matter of great importance, and it attracted the attention of countless behemoths and big shots. After all, it involved the majestic fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, and the only son of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s Patriarch.

The most important thing was that her father desired to take advantage of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s might to annex other Immortal Dynasties. Unfortunately, everyone in the Upper Realm knew about the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s means, and it wasn’t a hidden fact that no one had ever been able to take advantage of them. Even though the Supreme Immortal Dynasty was rumored to be the first Immortal Dynasty of the Upper Realm, it wouldn’t be an exception to that fact.

In her last life, she had never made sense of such intricate matters. Although she was talented from birth, and was also the fourth princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty, she didn’t have the wits and means of the royal family like her siblings, and this fact brought great disappointment to her father.

She was nothing more than mediocre among her peers of the royal family.

As for why the Ancient Immortal Gu Family agreed to her engagement with Gu Changge? Yue Mingkong didn’t understand this in her last life, but now she did. It was because her father promised to give the Ancient Immortal Gu Family innumerable benefits in return! She was merely a tool that would be married off to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s Young Master.

She was a little girl when she first met Gu Changge. At that time, he was cultivating atop a piece of spiritual bluestone. A brilliant glow filled his surroundings, Dao runes turned into flowers and bloomed, and divine brilliance dazzled everyone who laid their gaze upon him.

His Heavenly appearance astonished her, and then she was informed that he would be her future husband. Just that one look was enough for her to give away her heart, and she sent herself to ruin for him in her previous life.

“Fortunately, it’s still not too late to correct my mistakes! Soon, we will meet again, Gu Changge…”

Yue Mingkong returned from her trip down memory lane, and slowly closed her eyes. She now held Gu Changge’s greatest secret in her hand. Once it’s exposed that he was the inheritor of the Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art, the entire world would rush to hunt him to death — that was no exaggeration.

Alas! She knew that she couldn’t expose this fact without solid evidence, or nobody would believe her words. The Gu Changge of this time took every step with caution, and rarely used the Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art. Even then, he would make sure to erase every trace of his devilish acts.

Worse still? There was a part of her heart that didn’t desire to expose him like that; she didn’t want to see such a day where the entire world would be against him…

Yue Mingkong couldn’t help but sigh.

Even though she had regressed, her heart was still not ruthless and determined enough.

“No! How could I still love him? It’s just that I don’t want to defeat him by despicably exposing his identity as the inheritor of Devil Arts! I want to take him down fair and square — I want to take everything away from him in an upright manner…”

Soon, Yue Mingkong shook her head and muttered to herself.


“We pay our respects to the Young Master!”

“Welcome back, Young Master!”

The ancient Shrine of Reception traveled from the edge of the Upper Realm, and then traveled through many massive teleportation formations. After a long journey, they finally appeared at the gate of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s territory. All the disciples who stood outside the Gu Family’s gate showed extreme respect for Gu Changge, and it was as if they were specially standing there to welcome him.

Gu Changge responded to them with a nod.

In front him, myriad immortal mountains and islands floated in the air, releasing divine lights that rushed towards the sky. Spiritual mist floated everywhere, and the entire territory of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family was shrouded by a terrifying formation that shone with bright flares that resembled the brilliance of the sun and the moon.

Right now, it was merely releasing a fraction of its true might. If it activated in all its glory, even mighty God Kings wouldn’t be able to pass through it.

“Is this the foundation of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family?”

Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan felt their heads buzz. Although the journey all the way here had already shocked and numbed them to all sorts of scenes, the magnificent view in front of them still disturbed their hearts, and they couldn’t calm down. With this level of territory and magnificence, they could no longer be called a mere ‘Family’ estate — they were a major world!

[VILFIC: Ancient Immortal Gu Land!]

“Let’s go.”

Gu Changge said. At the same time he wondered how he should go about showing the rest of the world to them? Especially Lin Qiuhan, who he was going to send to an Alchemy Heritage. Although no one should have the guts to bully them with their relationship to him, there were always some who went against the norm. After all, the two came from the Lower Realm, so the people of the Upper Realm would obviously pick on them.

“Old Ming, you should arrange their residences.”

Gu Changge instructed the old man standing beside him. The family had strict rules, and divided the family’s estate into Inner and Outer regions. Right now, they were in the Outer Region. As for the Inner Region? Only the direct descendants of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family could enter and live there.

Su Qingge and Lin Qiuhan couldn’t go to the Inner Region until they were given some identity in the Family.

After that, Gu Changge turned into a stream of brilliant light, and headed straight towards the Inner Region. Since he had returned to the Gu Family, his top priority was to meet his father. After all, not everything he did was planned by him — his father was also deeply involved.

“Young Master has gone to the Inner Region, so we should deal with your matter first. This old slave will first teach you two the rules of the Gu Family. Make sure you don’t do something that would embarrass the Young Master when you are beside him in the future.”

“Speaking of which, don’t [be hill-billies and] show surprise at everything and anything, even if you come across people from the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.”

Once Gu Changge left, Old Ming brought them along and advised them while traveling through the various floating mountains and islands. Su Qingge was much better than Lin Qiuhan when it came to getting used to their new surroundings, while Lin Qiuhan kept nodding her head like a little chick pecking on rice, “I understand, Ancestor!”

As soon as Old Ming heard her words, his expression changed and showed deep fright. In a hurry, he corrected her, “Don’t call me Ancestor or anything like that in the future — be it in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family or outside. It’s enough if you just keep this fact in your heart.”

After all, Lin Qiuhan seemed to be highly valued by his Young Master, and there was a chance that their relationship might develop further in the future. What did his relationship with Lin Qiuhan as her Ancestor amount to? The Gu Family was extremely strict with their hierarchy, and if this fact came out, he might just end up at the gallows.

Although Lin Qiuhan didn’t understand these nuances, she would naturally follow her Ancestor’s command.

At the same time, she felt overwhelmed, and her eyes reached a point where they might burst with how wide she opened them, as she watched the magnificence of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s divine structures. In her heart, she couldn’t help but sigh, ‘Young Master Gu’s family is scary!’

She had never imagined she would see such magnificent islands and immortal mountains in her life, so much so that she couldn’t suppress her shock no matter how hard she tried. Immortal mist floated everywhere, and rumbling waterfalls flowed down from the sky. Various ominous beasts roamed the mountains and islands, and their terrifying aura surged towards the sky like a wave.

The Spiritual Qi in the surroundings was so dense that she thought it would liquefy at any moment.

Her reaction didn’t surprise Old Ming. Back when he first saw this scene thousands of years ago, he was just as astounded. It was the first time he saw the tip of the iceberg known as the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

Comparing the Ancient Families and Heritages of the Lower Realm to them was like comparing villages made of mud to Immortal Islands that floated high above the Heavens.

A lot of thoughts passed through Old Ming’s heart, and he couldn’t help but say, “This is merely the Outer Region, which is nothing compared to the Inner Region. As for the God-Child Island where the Young Master resides? It’s a true Immortal Land that has come straight out of a fairytale! I am not even qualified to go near it. Of course, you…”

Speaking of which, Old Ming suddenly felt envious of the two.

At the same time, Gu Changge arrived in the Inner Region after using the Family’s exclusive teleportation arrays that connected the Outer and Inner Regions, and the rest of their territory.

He stood in front of a magnificent and majestic hall. Suddenly, the door in front of him opened, and a warm voice seemingly belonging to a middle-aged man sounded from inside.

“Changge, you are back?”

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[spoiler title=”Gu Changge’s Stats”]

— — — — — —

Host: Gu Changge
Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain
Weapon: Eight Desolate Demon Halberd
Identity: True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace
Bloodline: Devil Heart, Dao Bone
Cultivation: Conferred Lord (Late Stage)
Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex (7th Layer [75%])
  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)
  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)
  • Immortal-Devouring Demon Art

Destiny Points: 9000
Fortune Value: 1880 (Dark)
System Shop: Open

  • Domain-Traversing Talisman x1
  • One-Third Fragment of a World Seed x3
  • Fortune Plundering Card x3

— — — — — —


[spoiler title=”Cultivation Realms”]


  • Mortal Physique – Trash Leek Lin Tian.
  • Spirit Ocean – None worth mentioning.
  • Spirit Palace – None worth mentioning.
  • Transcendent – Su Qingge, Ye Chen, Chu Xuan (was half-step, but I think he got through to it), other Holy Sons, Holy Maidens, and Princes, etc.
  • Great-Transcendent – Elder-level Figures.
  • Saint – Sect Masters, Patriarchs.
  • Conferred Lord – Gu Changge.
  • Conferred King – None Yet.
  • False God – None Yet.
  • Unknown
  • Realms
  • Here
  • God King – Old Ming, Aunt Xue.


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