I Am The Fated Villain Chapter 131

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131 — Supporting my Beloved Sister; Wanting to Put on a Show of Might?


One after another, ancient corpses floated up and down inside the dimly-lit tomb, as if they had crawled out of their graves to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon.

The sight could terrify anyone.

If someone stepped into the tomb at this time, they would be shocked.

Wisps of greenish rays of light kept falling down like a waterfall.

The greenish rays of light merged together under the coercion of the Great Dao Laws and then turned into pitch-black [Great Dao Treasured Bottles] that disappeared into the body of the young man sitting in the center of everything.

His hair and robes fluttered even without wind.

The light in the surroundings gave him a mysterious, deep, and terrifying appearance.

Gu Changge sat there cross-legged.

Right now, his skin appeared as fair as white jade, with a luster that gave it a sense of translucency and mystique. Vortexes appeared behind him and absorbed the rays of light like there was no tomorrow.

There seemed to be countless gods and demons sitting cross-legged behind him, chanting scriptures of the Great Dao.


Gu Changge’s aura rose by the moment, and all kinds of energy appeared to temper and strengthen his body!

Strange and bewitching flowers rooted themselves in the Void, and gave off a sinister feeling even though they were supposed to resemble immortal flowers.

[Bo… Bo… Bo…]

The flowers bloomed and released a mighty essence that Gu Changge absorbed through his nose and mouth.

It was the ability of his Primordial Spirit after it was tempered by a secret technique that contained the perception and understanding of Primordial Spirit Cultivation.


The Innate God inside his Sea of Consciousness kept on growing stronger and brighter; it resembled a statue made out of immortal gold that received a tempering, and now revealed a faint brilliance.

Before long, the horrifying scene inside the tomb disappeared.

Gu Changge broke through to the Pinnacle of the Heavenly God Realm in one fell swoop.

He opened his eyes and looked at the corpses in front of him — by now, all the corpses had lost all of their divinity and essence, and fallen to the ground like any other shriveled, rotting corpses.

Gu Changge showed a somewhat regretful expression.

He had expected the corpses to help him break through to the God King Realm, but only after he started absorbing their essence did he realize that many of the corpses were from people who died in battle and lost most of their divinity because of that.

‘I overestimated the amount of essence I could absorb from these corpses. Although there are two Quasi-Supreme corpses, it’s now clear that they were killed in battle, so they have already lost a lot of their essence…what a pity!’

Gu Changge shook his head and stood up; he was in no hurry to leave the tomb, though.

The gathering place of the aboriginal people he chose wasn’t all that big, only a few thousand miles in radius, so it was clear that it was only a small tribe of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

It was this fact that made Gu Changge not worry about anyone linking the matter back to him.

No one would notice any abnormality with the ancestral tombs for a while. After all, who in their right mind would come to see if someone had dug up their ancestral tombs or not?

Even if someone did discover the matter, they wouldn’t be able to estimate the timing for when it transpired.

After all, he wasn’t the only youth wandering around in the territory of the aboriginal people.

What’s more? Gu Changge’s ultimate goal was the Great Mausoleum, the place that might have actual immortal corpses buried in there.

This tiny mausoleum was merely a place for him to brush up his “ancestral grave-digging skills.” By the time someone discovers this matter, he would have already swallowed a few more mausoleums.

Gu Changge had more than enough time and means to pin the blame on Ye Ling’s head.

After all, who asked Ye Ling to scam his way into the Ancient Immortal Continent?

By then, even if the people around Ye Ling could testify that he didn’t do anything, it wouldn’t help him.

Most of the cultivators would believe that the perpetrator was the Successor of the Taboo Inheritance, and since Ye Ling sneaked in, then it was possible that he had accomplices helping him take care of these matters.

Who would carry the blame if not Ye Ling?

Gu Changge’s expression showed more and more intrigue as he thought about his future course of actions.

Afterwards, he carefully avoided the formations outside the ancestral tomb, looked at the tomb’s entrance, and then ‘took care’ of the two corpses in front of him

After all, the two were Quasi-Sacred Realm masters, so he didn’t feel well wasting them.

Afterwards, the Void in front of Gu Changge blurred and he stepped in it to leave through the route he prepared on his way in.

Leaving was, of course, easier than sneaking in, and no one noticed anything at all.

It didn’t take long for Gu Changge’s figure to reappear on the mountain outside the ancient ruined city.


Gu Changge’s followers came out of their hiding one after another and greeted him.

“Did anything happen in my absence?”

Gu Changge asked, and then took the lead in turning into a brilliant ray of light and leaving the place.

If his guess wasn’t wrong, then Gu Xian’er must have suffered quite a bit over the past few days.

Since she offended a major power like the Sea King Palace, no one besides Yue Mingkong would be willing to lend her a helping hand.

After some calculations, Gu Changge concluded that it was about time for him to show up. After all, they had been in the Ancient Immortal Continent for a good while, and he hadn’t put on a show of might.

Some in the younger generation might not take him seriously if he didn’t put them in their place.

More precisely, his sister was in danger, so it was only natural for him to go and support her as her brother, and people couldn’t fault him for putting on a show of might for no reason, right?

It was about time he took the opportunity and beat some sense into the young’uns, lest some people forget their place and get in his way to court death for no reason.

“Reporting to Master, countless battles broke out in different regions over this period of time, since many opportunities surfaced everywhere and triggered competition between the aboriginal creatures and those from the outside world. In addition to that, Miss Xian’er was hunted by the Seventh Princess of the Sea King Palace, and killed a lot of Young Supremes who tried to capture her…but, things don’t seem to be going too well for her right now…”

“I heard that the Sea King Palace used a massive formation to lock down the space in a ten thousand miles radius, and that made it impossible for her to escape.”

The same follower [from last chapter] moved ahead and reported everything to Gu Changge.

At the same time, he showed a cautious expression.

He could tell that although his Master always treated Gu Xian’er with indifference, he never missed any news about her, so he was worried that Gu Changge might get angry after listening to the news.

Gu Changge never showed any expressions of joy or rage, so it wasn’t easy for him to guess his mood and thoughts.

He quietly retreated after reporting the matter.

‘Sure, the Favored Son of Heaven are destined for countless opportunities, but their ability to offend people is also unmatched!’

‘This situation, however…it’s quite surprising. Not only did the Sea King Palace set up a great formation to trap Gu Xian’er, but they also sent a bunch of Young Supremes to hunt her down.’

‘With Gu Xian’er’s current strength, she would be able to deal with one or two of them, but more than that should definitely be out of her ability.’

‘Even though she’s in great danger, I don’t think that silly chick’s character will let her use any of her trump cards until there’s absolutely no way out.’

‘That’s beyond dumb! Who in their right mind wouldn’t use a mighty weapon as soon as they need it, and let others bully them for no reason by putting themselves in a disadvantage?’

‘As for this Seventh Princess of the Sea King Palace…I am the one always bullying that lass, yet this thing was bold enough to corner my pup — she’s courting death!’

Gu Changge couldn’t help but narrow his eyes when he heard his follower’s report, and an intrigue-filled expression covered his face.

Afterwards, the Void around Gu Changge blurred even more, and he accelerated more and more.

After all, Gu Xian’er was his personal Fortune Value machine, so how could he let others bully her like that?

What dog-shit was that Seventh Princess?


[On a mountain shrouded in white mist right now.]

Lightning flashed and thunder crackled, resembling an ancient giant hammering war drums.

Gu Xian’er stood on the mountain with her dress fluttering in the wind, and looked ahead with a cold expression.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to send so many people just to hunt me down?”

She asked.

Right now, although she was a little injured, her aura had already calmed down and returned to normal.

All sorts of creatures from the sea surrounded the mountain — with a few Young Supremes in the Initial to Middle Stages of Conferred King Realm, even.

If Gu Xian’er was made to face only then, she would still be able to come out on top since she had countless plans and methods to defeat them, but once the Seventh Princess joined the fray…

It was going to be a tough battle, and no one saw any possibility of Gu Xian’er triumphing over those who arrived to end her life.

She was only in the Middle Stage of the Conferred Lord Realm, and it wasn’t hard for her to fight those above her realm, but dealing with the Young Supremes wasn’t easy since the gap between them would be significantly narrowed.

Only those with a mighty talent and terrifying Mystical Abilities could proclaim themselves as Young Supremes, after all.

Gu Xian’er had countless trump cards up her sleeve, but those were prepared by her to deal with Gu Changge, or for times when she encountered a powerful opponent that threatened her life.

For now, she didn’t want to waste her trump cards in a place like this.

Although everyone thought that she was in a precarious situation, Gu Xian’er still saw a glimmer of hope for her survival.

“Stop talking nonsense! Everyone, kill her!”

Right then, a blond-haired Young Supreme shouted and took the lead in attacking her; his body resembled a big golden fish.

His body appeared to be made out of gold and finely-crafted, bright scales.

The Young Supreme raised his hand and summoned brilliant runes that rushed towards his front like a tide of terrifying stars about to drown everything ahead.


A bunch of mountain peaks burst open in an instant and turned into powder, including all the greenery and ancient, wood creatures — everything turned to dust by that blow!

“So powerful!”

The disastrous might of the attack caused many youths to show a change in their complexion, and they questioned themselves if they could stop that attack if they were in the same realm as Gu Xian’er?

It was the might of a Young Supreme, and only another Young Supreme could stand their ground against him.

Another Young Supreme from another direction also rushed at Gu Xian’er; she appeared to be from the Shark-Dragon Family, with fish webs on her arms and a small, half fish scale covering her face.

She sent out a burst of sound waves that resembled divine lights of different colors and intertwined in the Void; the waves held the ability to slash through clouds and stones — souls, even.

Gu Xian’er glanced at the people in front of her with a cold and unyielding expression. If it wasn’t for her lacking Cultivation Base, she believed that she could easily suppress this bunch of ‘so-called’ Young Supremes with one hand.

In other words…she held complete confidence in her invincible might, and perhaps, only Gu Changge could be her opponent.

She wasn’t blindly confident in herself, though, and had a complete understanding of her own strength.


Rich, multi-colored rays of light covered her figure, and the Dao Bone her body regrew spewed bright, immortal intent.

Immortal rays of light dazzled the onlookers.

It was as if a true immortal sat cross-legged behind her and desired to break its shackles and suppress the entire world.

Right now, Gu Xian’er stepped in the air with a sense of detachment, and slammed a palm towards the two attacking her.

At the same time, when Gu Xian’er raised her hand, a chain of divine light densely packed with Spiritual Qi gave off innumerable divine might.

The incomparably vast divine might spread in the surroundings, and made everyone feel as if it could blast everything in front of it and defeat any and all attacks coming its way.

Gu Xian’er was taught by the old monsters of the Peach Village, so it was obvious that she held great skills. What’s more? She was personally trained by the Great Elder of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace as well, so it was impossible for her to not be strong.

Right now, it appeared as if an immortal flower was trying to bloom in the Void.

Terrifying sound waves as gorgeous as fireworks disappeared in front of Gu Xian’er, only a centimeter away.

At the same time, a dazzling peach tree’s phantom appeared in her Sea of Consciousness. Every flower on the tree resembled a world, and it released great Primordial Spirit Energy.

It was the Peach Demon’s powerful and mysterious Primordial Spirit Cultivation Art which held unmatchable might.

The Mystical Ability used by the female Young Supreme of the Shark-Dragon Family disappeared into thin air.


[spoiler title=”Gu Changge’s Stats”]

Host: Gu Changge
Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain
Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd

  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace [Heir]
  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s):

  • Dao Bone(s)
  • Devil Heart

Cultivation Base: Late Stage of the Conferred King Realm [Pinnacle Stage of the Heavenly God Realm]
Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (90%)]
  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)
  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)
  • Void Ability (Talent)
  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art
  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom
  • ……

Destiny Points: 15000
Fortune Value: 0 (Dark)
System Shop: Open

  • X3 | Fortune Plundering Card
  • X1 | Domain Traversing Talisman
  • X1 | Formation Breaking Talisman
  • X1 | Divine-grade Aura Concealment Talisman


[spoiler title=”Cultivation Realms”]


  • Mortal Physique – Trash Leek Lin Tian.
  • Spirit Ocean – None worth mentioning.
  • Spirit Palace – None worth mentioning.
  • Transcendent – Su Qingge, Ye Chen, Chu Xuan (was half-step, but I think he got through to it), other Holy Sons, Holy Maidens, and Princes, etc.
  • Great-Transcendent – Elder-level Figures of the Azure Lower Realm.
  • Saint – Sect Masters, Patriarchs of the Azure Lower Realm | Ye Liuli
  • Conferred Lord – Young Supremes of the Upper Realm | Gu Xian’er
  • Conferred King – Gu Changge (Late Stage) | Ye Langtian (Initial Stage) | Yue Mingkong (Initial Stage | Late Stage)
  • False God – A’Da.
  • True God – None Yet.
  • Heavenly God – Gu Changge. (Pinnacle Stage)
  • God King – Old Ming, Aunt Xue.
  • Sacred Realm – None worth mentioning.
  • Great Sacred Realm – Yan Ji | Elder-level Figures of Ancient Immortal Families.
  • ……
  • Quasi-Supreme – None Yet.
  • Supreme – Gu Lintian is either a Supreme or someone beyond that level.
  • Beyond Supreme – Ancestors, I think. | Gu Lintian is either a Supreme or someone beyond that level.

Note: Beyond Supreme is not a real cultivation Realm, and I just put it here for Gu Lintian and Ancestor-level figures of Heritages at the level of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.


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