Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Many Birds With One Stone

She had always been cold and collected, so why was she suddenly acting like that?

Just what had just happened?

“I order…”

Lou Xuling, sword still in hand, was about to give the order for everyone to chase after and kill Ling Ye!

However, when she saw the utterly wrecked Violet Cloud Realm, she ended up slowly calming down!

Ling Ye was just too strong. How was she supposed to actually kill him?

Even if she added up every one of her Violet Cloud Palaces, there’s no way they could kill Ling Ye!

Even if they did chase after him, just where are they going to chase him to?

Case to him to the deep void where his Bloodshade Demon Army is?

Isn’t that just plain suicide?

“Damn it…” Lou Xuling gritted her teeth in fury.

For her two lives ability to be forcibly taken by him, yet all she could do in response was… Nothing?

She couldn’t do anything about that?

She couldn’t get revenge or even do anything to him?

What’s more messed up than that?

And he just left all satisfied like that?

What the heck?

“Mistress! Just… What had happened?” Several of the empresses asked.

Lou Xuling also slowly recovered her composure.

As she looked over the shattered remnants of the Violet Cloud Realm, she spoke coolly, “Do not speak any further of today’s events. Nor are you to allow this news to spread to the outside world!”

What happened?

Something like that… Can I really say it out loud?

That bastard Ling Ye!

That bastard!


Everyone nodded in compliance.

Although they were rather curious as to what had happened, since the Mistress said to no longer speak of it, of course they can’t mention it anymore!

“Clean this place up!” Lou Xuling waved a hand.

Everyone nodded once again and begun repairing the Violet Cloud Realm that she utterly wrecked!

Lou Xuling simply stood in place, frowning!

She didn’t want to accept this at all!

She even somewhat wanted to die!

But… The words that Ye Ling spoke right before he left continued to reverberate in her mind!

Since she doesn’t want to marry, just don’t!

He won’t lose to Ye Tian!

Will he really not lose to Ye Tian?

Even if that two lives ability of hers is a complete cheat.

However… After rebirth, he’d have to start over from the beginning again!

Even if Ye Tian couldn’t kill Ling Ye with just one attempt, once Ling Ye had died once, all his cultivation will have been lost!

What is Ling Ye supposed to do then?

He would be found by Ye Tian right away!

At that point, Lou Xuling had complex feelings about it.

She wanted Ling Ye to die!

However, at the same time, she somewhat hoped that Ling Ye won’t lose to Ye Tian. That he won’t die!

In such a case, she won’t need to uphold the words that she had originally stated!

Anyways… She had complicated feelings about it all…

She really shouldn’t have said something like marrying anyone who killed Ling Ye!

Also, just how did Ling Ye know about the fact that she had that two lives ability of hers?

Currently, Ling Ye felt very satisfied!

In all the ways at that!

He even got a cheat ability of an absolute rebirth!

He could also use it to piss off the protagonist Ye Tian!


That’s many birds with one stone there!

And now, since he has a chance for a second life!

Everything… Can now simply follow along with his plans!

There’s still time now, so he could make all the necessary preparations!

So as to guarantee… A reversal of the ending!

He needs two main thing now.

One is a way to guarantee the swift recovery of his strength after his rebirth!

It’s best if he could start off at the Supreme Divine realm at the very least!

The second is that after the ending, Ye Tian’s strength must fall below the Infinite realm!

Otherwise, even if he was reborn, he’s still likely be found again instantly!

After all, at the Infinite realm, one’s senses was enough to scan through the entirety of the myriad realms!

Right now, he must resolve those two problems first.

Thus, Ling Ye begun taking actions!

A perfect plan thus begun unfolding in secret right before the ending…

Supreme Divine realm!

In the chaotic myriad realms, it’s the highest existences around!

Any faction with a Supreme Divine are considered the greatest powers of the myriad realms!

The topmost factions!

There’s no faction in existence that has two or more Supreme Divine realm existences.

This was true even for Ling Ye’s Bloodshade Demon Army. Putting aside Ling Ye, who was half a step away from the Infinite realm, all that’s left is the beginning stage Supreme Divine Ren Fanchen!

It shows just how difficult it is to produce a Supreme Divine!

Of course, Ling Ye had considered how to develop his own Supreme Divine realm subordinate in the beginning!

However, in the end, he never actually tried to put it into action.

It was because he knew full well from the start!

For some people, once they’ve gotten strong… They’ll be hard to control!

Ren Fanchen is a very good example of that!

Ling Ye had known full well from the start that his own subordinates were all only willing to serve him because he was strong.

After all, back in the beginning, he was willing to take in anyone who was strong and was willing to join!

With his power, he was indeed capable of keeping said subordinates down no matter what they were actually plotting!

However, at the ending, he wouldn’t be able to match Ling Ye!

Thus, all his subordinates betrayed him!

As expected, a faction created by just profit and fear had no unity in the end!

None of those subordinates that the original novel set him up with can be depended upon!

Thus, after his rebirth, there’s no way that he can keep on taking in that kind of people!

He needs to reforge a new Bloodshade Demon Army!

For this new Bloodshade Demon Army, there’s only going to be a single requirement!

And that is loyalty!

Only when it’s gathered through loyalty can it count as a true army!

And besides raising people from the start, Ling Ye had another ability, and that is automaton creation!

His 3000 Demon Emperor Army were automaton that he had personally created!

Those automaton were absolutely loyal to him!

Automaton creation required a great deal of materials, time, and energy though!

Originally, Ling Ye had considered creating a Supreme Divine realm automaton!

However, Supreme Divine realm is an absolute peak existence, so even he can’t easily make one!

However, not being easy doesn’t mean that he can’t do it!

Right now, what he needed to do was to make an automaton with unmatched might!

A… Supreme Divine realm automaton!

Then, he’ll use that automaton as his new body post rebirt!

Supreme Divine realm existences are very rarely born!

In all the myriad realms, the number of Supreme Divine existences can be counted on one’s fingers!

Thus, what he needs to do right now is to collect some special materials!

Some… Rare and priceless materials!

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