Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 79 (Part 3)

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Fortunately, Ye Tian appeared in time, and managed to save a few people!

At this moment, Ye Tian felt very uncomfortable.

This was the result of the chaos in the world!

Things that happened like in Spirit Tribe were staged every day in the heavens and the earth!

I….. how can I stop this?

Am I really that helpless?

Do I really have no control over this mess?

In the next time, the turmoil in the heavens and the world will continue wildly!

And it’s getting more intense!

Although Ye Tian continued to strengthen the Heaven and Earth Alliance, his ability was still limited!

Of course, there will be some strong people in the Heaven and Earth Alliance, but the joining of these people does not mean solving the problem!

Those in the Divine Supreme Realm, the true peak powerhouse, did not choose the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

It seems that the stronger the peak, the more indifferent the chaos of this era!

Because they all felt that they might become the rulers of the new era!

Because they are all ambitious to become kings!

Everyone wants to be former Ling Ye.

Everyone wants to stand at the height that Ling Ye once stood.

Heaven and earth are under such chaos!

Under the chaotic chaos of this life, it slowly consumed most of the year.

In the past half year, the overall amount of power in the heavens and the earth has been reduced by nearly half!

Among them, the ones that no longer exist are naturally relatively weak forces.

All of the heavens and all of the world, now was a vivid explanation of the so-called strong eating the weak!

Although the Heaven and Earth Alliance led by Ye Tian has done its best to prevent large and small wars!

But how vast is the heavens and the universe?

His Heaven and Earth Alliance can stop battles, but it cannot stop countless battles!

Here the truce is over, yet there is battle again, and life is destroyed again.

In this chaotic era, the so-called justice and peace of the Alliance of Heaven and Earth seemed so pale.

Under this chaos, Ye Tian gradually became helpless, and gradually lost his motivation!

Gradually became a decadent change of life!

Ye Ziwei has always been by Ye Tian’s side, she has been comforting Ye Tian!

She had also told Ye Tian that she was no worse than Luo Xuling!

But Ye Tian didn’t take it to heart at all.

In Ye Tian’s eyes, she was just a sister!

After a long time, Ye Ziwei was also disappointed!

She was very disappointed in Ye Tian’s ability, and also very disappointed in Ye Tian’s feelings!

Sometimes, she doesn’t even care about Ye Tian anymore

Especially when she saw Ye Tian’s unmotivated appearance, and he didn’t have the same high spirits at all, the emotions in her heart suddenly became stronger!

Gradually, she felt that she didn’t really like Ye Tian anymore.

Because Ye Tian was simply not the hero in her heart anymore.

On the other hand, Violet Clouds Realm and Abyss Sea Daemon Nest.

Luo Xuling and Ming Ji had tried their best to find Zhuge Qingchan!

Find the clues to Ling Ye!

But unfortunately, half this year has passed and there is still no progress!

But they never gave up, they believed that they would find Ling Ye sooner or later!

Ling Ye will come back sooner or later!

And after half a year passed, the child in Luo Xuling’s stomach.

Today, the entire Violet Clouds Realm was full of anticipation and tension!

Even though it was only Luo Xuling’s affair!

But Xun Ruyue and everyone else couldn’t help but care.

After all, it was the child of their Palace Mistress!

It was the child of their Palace Mistress and Ling Ye!

Under everyone’s expectations, the blood-red emperor energy spread throughout the entire Violet Clouds Realm!

Everyone in the entire Violet Clouds Palace was shocked!

How strange!

It only appeared when cultivators broke through the Divine Emperor Realm!

And now, Luo Xuling’s child, who had just been born, was emitting such an aura?

This meant that the child was born directly breaking through to the Divine Emperor Realm?

This was the result of what Luo Xuling had given it for almost a year!

Luo Xuling did her best to find whatever could be found, including the Blood Sun Divine Fruit.

She truly gave everything for her child!

Hence, her child, her child and Ling Ye’s, not only carried her blood and Ling Ye’s blood that were extremely powerful!

So that when it was born, it directly jumped into the Divine Emperor Realm!

At this moment, the entire Violet Clouds Realm was shocked!

This would be the youngest true Divine Emperor Realm in heaven and earth!

An unprecedented talent of a child!
Under everyone’s expectations, when the powerful blood-colored aura of the emperor spread…

A baby is born!

It was a girl!

She had a pair of blood-red eyes like Ling Ye, like a red gem, transparent and beautiful!

When they saw the little angel with a pair of red eyes, the entire Violet Clouds Realm fell into a joyous and lively scene.

Everyone loved this new little princess!

Although this was the child of Ling Ye and Luo Xuling, it had nothing to do with them!

But the moment they saw the child, all the goddesses in the entire Violet Clouds Realm were filled with motherly love!

It seemed that they had the same thoughts as Luo Xuling in their hearts!

That was to give her the best of everything!

And not long after the baby was born, Ye Tian came to Violet Clouds Realm.

He wanted to enter, but he knew he wasn’t allowed in!

He wanted to see Luo Xuling, and also her child. Although that child wasn’t his, but Ling Ye’s.

However, Luo Xuling didn’t care about him, only asking Xun Ruyue and the others to come out and send him away!

At the entrance to Violet Clouds Realm’s void barrier, Xun Ruyue and the other high-level leaders of Violet Clouds Realm stood in front of Ye Tian.

“Please scram, Palace Mistress doesn’t want to see you!” Xun Ruyue said lightly to Ye Tian.

“How is she now?” Ye Tian couldn’t help but ask.

Although he knew that Luo Xuling had nothing to do with him, he still couldn’t help but care!

“Our Palace Mistress is very well! Safe and sound!”

Xun Ruyue replied.

Perhaps because of Ling Ye and Luo Xuling, they didn’t have a good impression of this Ye Tian!

“May I come in and take a look?” Ye Tian tried to ask.

“No!” Xun Ruyue refused: “We, Violet Clouds Realm, forbid outsiders from entering, especially men! You know that!”

As soon as these words came out, Ye Tian shook his head in disappointment.

“So she’s fine, is the child a boy or a girl?” Ye Tian asked.

He himself didn’t even know what he was doing, was he trying to abuse the child?

He knew it wasn’t his child, but he still cared about it!

Still pursuing to ask?

“It’s a girl, so cute!” Xun Ruyue replied.

“Girl? So it’s a girl.”

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Ye Tian’s mouth.

No one knew how painful his heart was at this moment!

The woman he loved so much had now given birth to another man’s child!

And it was a beautiful daughter!

How he feels now, only he knows!

Xun Ruyue and the others all looked at Ye Tian at this moment.

Let him suffer!

If he wants to come here and ask this question, he has to bear it himself, right?

After glancing towards Violet Clouds Realm, Ye Tian turned around alone and left here in despair.

What else could he do? Continue to stay here?

This was just humiliation!

So, let’s go…

From now on, don’t embarrass yourself anymore.

Looking at Ye Tian who left, Xun Ruyue and the others didn’t say much.

Quickly turned around and returned to Violet Clouds Realm!

They felt that they now could not want to part with their baby Palace Mistress.

Just not seeing her for a short while, they already missed her terribly.

So, now they just wanted to hurry back and continue seeing the beautiful little princess.

After Ye Tian left the Violet Clouds Realm, he wandered alone and came to the depths of the endless void!

In this blood-red depth of void, only the broken Void Throne was still standing there quietly.

Recalling the shocking battle that once took place here!

Ye Tian carried the wine bottle in his hand and poured the wine into his mouth like crazy!

Trying to use this method to numb the pain in his heart.

He did not use any spiritual power to stop the alcohol!

He just wished he could get drunk!

He came to the Void Throne alone, and stood in front of the Void Throne.

With a wry smile on his face!

“I didn’t win at all, not at all!”

He stared drunkenly at the Void Throne in front of him: “You won, you won everything! I’m just a loser!”

In the depths of this endless void, Ye Tian was alone, talking to himself!

“But I really can’t figure it out, where am I inferior to you?”

“I have already killed you, and I can already achieve eternal domination!”

“Why did it end like this?”

“Am I really not worthy of anything?

“Unworthy of being the ruler of the heavens and the earth, unworthy of being admired by the heavens and the earth! Unworthy of her?”

“I really wish you could live again, so that I could kill you again! Let me prove it to the world again!

Killing Ling Ye at the beginning, the Bloodshade Demon Lord who rules the heavens and the world, was the most glorious moment of his life!

But after that moment, he seemed to be… nothing!

In the end gained nothing!

Even lost everything!

“Do you know how unwilling I am? I’ve reached a level that no one has ever reached!”

“Why…why did it end like this?”

“Why why!?”

Ye Tian talked to himself here alone, venting.

“This world really isn’t what I think it is?”

“Is it only you who truly understands this chaotic world? Only you can suppress this heaven and earth?”

“Why? Why does it have to be you!”

“You’re obviously dead, but why can you get everything!”

“You’re obviously dead in my hands, why am I not as good as you!?”

The more Ye Tian spoke, the angrier he got, the more he spoke, the angrier he got!

Finally, he smashed the jug in his hand on the Void Throne!

Then, another savage blow hit the ground!


This blow brought her anger, her reluctance, and all the pain in her heart!


After his blow, the Void Throne, which had been riddled with cracks in the previous battle, was finally unable to support its weight!


Finally, after one huge crack after another, the entire Void Throne was completely destroyed!

However, with the destruction of the Void Throne, a dark and deep Void Distortion suddenly appeared in the original position of the throne!

Ye Tian’s complexion changed slightly when he saw this pitch black void distorted!

He instantly came to his senses, staring at the mysterious darkness in front of him!

Is this an empty portal?

Under this throne, there was actually an entrance to the void?

What lies within this dark entrance to the void?

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