Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 79 (Part 1)

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They still remembered how stern the Palace Mistress was when Ling Ye asked her to move the Violet Clouds Realm!

At that time, she also said that if Ling Ye dared to forcibly move the Palace Clouds Realm, he would regret it!

They also felt that their Palace Mistress had an inexplicable confidence, and mysteriously confronted Ling Ye!

Only now did they realize that Palace Mistress was really capable of making Ling Ye regret it!

But then, Palace Mistress changed her attitude again and took the initiative to move Violet Clouds Realm.

After all, if Ling Ye really forcibly moved the Violet Clouds Realm, and Palace Mistress insisted on stopping him, surely their Palace Mistress would be hurt.

If that were to happen, surely he would regret it, right?

In the past, they simply didn’t know what Luo Xuling was thinking!

But now, everything was clear!

From the very beginning, Luo Xuling had always had a heart for Ling Ye!

It wasn’t just that she didn’t want to face what she said at the beginning.

More than that, it was because she was already carrying Ling Ye’s child!

So from the start, she only hoped that Ling Ye could win!

So when she saw Ling Ye fall, she was so sad that she almost cried!

Xun Ruyue and the others all looked at Luo Xuling in amazement!


Their Palace Mistress actually hid such a shocking secret?

In contrast to their shock, Ye Tian on the opposite side had only anger and only pain!

Red eyes that exploded, and even some tears were trapped inside.

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists!

But the anger in his heart had nowhere to vent!

He could only hold it in himself!

He couldn’t wait to kill Ling Ye a thousand more times!

Ling Ye who took the perfect goddess in his heart!

He had been chasing Luo Xuling for a lifetime!

Yet Luo Xuling had never once glanced at him in his entire life!

What was more painful?

Luo Xuling became Ling Ye’s woman so easily!

Before he knew it, something happened between the two of them!

And she was pregnant with Ling Ye’s child!

Luo Xuling, really completely belongs to Ling Ye!

That woman belongs to Ling Ye, her heart also belongs to Ling Ye, and the child in her womb also belongs to Ling Ye!

Everything belongs to Ling Ye!

Ye Tian was on the verge of tears!

What had he won?

He hadn’t won anything at all!

Instead, he failed, failed miserably!

Ling Ye is the real winner, even if he is dead, he can still earn the respect of a powerful person like Sword God Bai Jiu!

Even if he was dead, he still had Luo Xuling and left behind a child!

“Why! Why?”

Ye Tian roared, his eyes fixed on Luo Xuling.

Hadn’t Luo Xuling never been tempted by anyone?

What about her contempt for the world?

What about her arrogance that looked down on the relationship between men and women?

Why did this happen?

Why did he have to experience all these misfortunes?

Luo Xuling didn’t care about Ye Tian’s emotions, and only said lightly: “My affairs have nothing to do with you!”

She knew that sooner or later this matter could not be hidden!

Now that Ye Tian sees it, it doesn’t matter!

She will still give Ye Tian the same answer!

The same cold answer!

Ye Tian always had something inexplicable, as if in Ye Tian’s eyes, herself was his woman!

When Ye Tian talked to her, he always had such a tone!

This made her very unbearable and annoying!

She didn’t have any relationship with Ye Tian, why did he always talk to her in such a tone?

Had he ever asked himself such a question?

Luo Xuling naturally knew Ye Tian’s feelings for her!

But in this world, there were many men who adored her! She wouldn’t put anyone in her eyes!

Luo Xuling’s answer made Ye Tian feel cold.

Even when he fought against Ling Ye before, he had never been so angry!

At that time, at least he could vent his anger on Ling Ye!

But now, he could only grit his teeth and swallow all his pain and anger alive!

His lips trembled, and then a trembling voice sounded: “What you said before, does it still count?”

“Of course!” Luo Xuling said coldly.

Since she had made that statement, of course she had to take responsibility for it!

“Then… will you marry me?” Ye Tian’s voice was filled with despair.

In this despair, there was a bit of hope!

Even though he knew the question was redundant, even though he knew what the answer was!

But still wanted to ask.

If Luo Xuling could nod, if Luo Xuling was willing to marry him!

He could still endure all the pain by marrying Luo Xuling.

Even if Luo Xuling had become Ling Ye’s woman, even if the child in Luo Xuling’s belly was not hers but Ling Ye’s!

He was also willing to do it!

As long as Luo You nodded in agreement.

At the very least, he could still see Luo Xuling’s heart, proving that he was in her heart!

However, his last ray of hope was certainly excessive.

“I said, whoever can kill him, whoever can win against him! I’m willing to marry him no matter who it is!”

Luo Xuling’s cold and icy voice rang out: “But you didn’t win against him!”

Ling Ye is still alive!

So, of course, she doesn’t have to bear anything for what she said at the beginning!

“But I’ve killed him, he’s dead! I’ve reached your standard!”

Ye Tian’s hoarse voice came out of his throat.

“You didn’t defeat him!”

Luo Xuling said coldly: “What have you done? What happened to the world of worlds just now? How can it be considered that you won against him?”

Luo You’s cold words made Ye Tian’s heart sink again!

Even Luo Xuling… was also thinking like this?

In Luo Xuling’s eyes, was he also a loser?

Why does everyone like to compare him to Ling Ye!

What Ling Ye did, he couldn’t do it himself!

Ling Ye can do it, but he can’t do anything!

Despite the fact that he had reached the Infinity Realm, it seemed that in people’s eyes he didn’t really have any abilities!

There was nothing special about it!

“Get lost! Don’t bother me anymore!”

Luo Xuling looked at him coldly.

A gloomy smile appeared at the corner of Ye Tian’s mouth.

He really was on the verge of tears!

Only now did he realize that he was such a failure!

So incompetent!

What had he accomplished in this life?

Everything is regret!

“Will your child be born soon?” Ye Tian’s voice sounded again.

“This is my own business!”

Luo Xuling coldly replied: “Also, this is my child! This has nothing to do with anyone!”

After she said that, she turned around and entered the Violet Clouds Realm.

After Xun Ruyue and the others glanced at Ye Tian, they also followed.

In this void, only Ye Tian was left standing there, trembling and angry!

Luo Xuling had no concern for him, and didn’t even look at him once!

He had been chasing her all his life, yet he had gotten nothing!

And Ling Ye, got it all!

Moreover, Ling Ye didn’t seem to know about Luo Xuling’s pregnancy!

In other words, that bastard Ling Ye, after getting Luo Xuling, he just left her?

What is this?

What is all this?

The perfect goddess he’s been chasing all his life, finally let down by another man?

How ironic is this?

Ling Ye had already gotten Luo Xuling, but didn’t appreciate her!

What about him? He sincerely wanted to love her but couldn’t get anything!

Compared to Ling Ye, was he really that bad?

Really that loser?

Ye Tian stood there, unable to calm his inner emotions for a long time!

The anger and pain in his chest almost crushed him!

“Brother Tian! Spirit Tribe sent a distress signal!”

At this moment, Ye Ziwei’s voice suddenly entered his ears.

After hearing this voice, Ye Tian slowly came back to his senses!

Then, he glanced towards the entrance of Violet Clouds Realm.

Then, turned around and left!

He and Luo Xuling could not be together!

Violet Clouds Realm, inside.

After Luo Xuling entered, Xun Ruyue and the others followed her the entire time!

They were still surprised that she was pregnant!

“Why are you guys still following me?”

Luo Xuling turned around and looked at Xun Ruyue and the others.

“Palace Mistress! We’ll take good care of you!”

Xun Ruyue suddenly realized it.

Yes, she should have that kind of mentality now.

Luo Xuling was pregnant, but the child’s father was already gone!

Luo Xuling must be going through a lot psychologically, right?

That Ling Ye has really let down their Palace Mistress!

So, now, they all wanted to protect Luo Xuling well!

Protect her and the baby!

Even though the child didn’t have a father, it still had all her fairy sisters and aunts in Violet Clouds Realm, right?

“Palace Mistress! Don’t be sad, that… even though he’s not here, you still have us! We can also take care of you!”

Xun Ruyue and the others continued.

“What are you saying?”

Luo Xuling said coldly: “I said, this is not his child! Not anyone’s child! This is my own!”

“Yes yes yes yes yes! It is a Palace Mistress’s child!”

Xun Ruyue and the others nodded hurriedly, then said, “So you should also take good care of it!

Well, Palace Mistress was still a little angry with Ling Ye!

She actually really needs Ling Ye, doesn’t she?

Too bad Ling Ye doesn’t know anything!

She always treats their Palace Mistress with that attitude!

The Palace Mistress must have suffered a lot of grievances during this period of time, right?

So she must have felt depressed as well.

“Am I a child? Need your attention?”

Luo Xuling looked at Xun Ruyue and the others, frowned and said, “Go and do your business!”


Xun Ruyue and the others just nodded, then quickly said: “Palace Mistress, don’t worry! We will definitely find Zhuge Qingchan! If he’s still alive, we’ll make him responsible for you!”

As soon as these words came out, Luo Xuling felt some ripples in her heart.

Should Ling Ye be responsible for her?

That bastard! Who’s holding him accountable?

“I don’t need him! I told you, this is my own son!” Luo Xuling continued.

“Yes! Yes, yes!” Xun Ruyue and the others nodded again.

“Then Palace Mistress is well rested, let’s go to work! Palace Mistress, if you have any other instructions, you can call us at any time!”

After saying that, they turned around and left.

Leaving Luo Xuling alone in this Violet Clouds Palace.

Luo You’s cold jade hand gently touched her lower abdomen!


That’s not necessary!

If she says it’s her own, then it’s her own!

It has nothing to do with Ling Ye!

She doesn’t need it!

Really doesn’t need it!


Other side.

Qiankun Realm, the Alliance of Heaven and Earth.

When Ye Tian returned, Ye Ziwei was waiting in the main hall!


Ye Ziwei was stunned when she saw Ye Tian’s heartbroken face!

What had happened to him?

It felt as if he had experienced a sudden turning point in life!

Why does he look like he’s been crying?

Why did he look like a dead person?

Now, Ye Tian’s heart was indeed dead!

He died in the hands of Ling Ye and Luo Xuling!

“Brother Tian, what’s wrong with you?”

Ye Ziwei looked at him with concern.

How could it be like this?

To be like this after he went out and came back?

Ye Tian didn’t answer, only asked: “What happened to the Spirit Tribe?”

“Yes! I just received a distress signal from the Spirit Tribe patriarch!” Ye Ziwei replied.

Many of their friends in the Sky and Earth Alliance were able to directly send a distress signal to Qiankun Realm!

After Ye Ziwei received the distress signal, he immediately contacted Ye Tian.

Brother Tian, I apologize! Before the war, the Spirit Tribe also wanted to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance, but I rejected them!”

Ye Ziwei then pouted and said: “I was scared at the time, because I was afraid that they were organized by Bloodshade Demon Lord, so I didn’t let them in! They seemed to be angry at the time!”

By the way, the Spirit Tribe has never contacted the Heaven and Earth Alliance since then.

It seemed that the Spirit Tribe was really angry, and they really wanted to cut ties with the Sky and Earth Alliance!

And today, they might be forced to contact the Sky and Earth Alliance again!

If not for Spirit Tribe’s sudden call for help, Ye Ziwei had almost forgotten all about Spirit Tribe.

Ye Tian didn’t say much, but the surrounding space was slightly distorted, and he rushed straight towards Spirit Tribe!

“Brother Tian, wait for me, I’ll go with you!” Ye Ziwei quickly followed.

If I leave this time, I can apologize to the Spirit Tribe!


Currently, at Spirit Tribe.

Cack cack cack…

At this moment, the World of Spiritia was full of smoke and dust!

One after another terrifying shockwaves spread throughout the spiritual world!

The screams continued, and the casualties continued to fall!

The entire Spiritia World was now a blaze of warfare and ruins.

The dead…of course they were all from the Spirit Tribe!

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