Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 78 (Part 1)

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More than half a month passed slowly.

During this half-month period, the heaven had been in chaos!

The forces of all parties rose together, and the chaotic world became discordant.

Without Ling Ye, there would be no ruler of heaven and earth!

The top powers of all parties all want to stand out, and they all want to stand at the top!

They all wanted to reach Ling Ye’s level at that time.

All want to be the master of this new era!

It was exactly as Zhuge Qingchan had said earlier.

Everyone hates Bloodshade Demon Lord, and everyone is afraid of Bloodshade Demon Lord!

But everyone wanted to be like Bloodshade Demon Lord!

Now, in heaven and earth, there’s only chaos left!

All kinds of wars, big and small, continue to occur openly and secretly.

Heaven and earth, countless forces, ushered in the greatest reshuffle in history!

The great reshuffle in the melee!

Today this power is destroyed, and tomorrow that world is destroyed.

Countless wars have begun on all sides of heaven and earth!

In just half a month, countless realms have destroyed.

It is unknown how many people. Countless innocent beings died under these countless wars.

Heaven and earth seemed to have returned to the previous era of chaos.

Heaven and earth as a whole were not progressing!

Instead, it has gone backwards a lot!

All of this was unexpected!

What is a new era without Bloodshade Demon Lord?

Without Bloodshade Demon Lord, there will be many people who want to become Bloodshade Demon Lord!

Then, wars are launched constantly, destroying everything in heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth would only become more chaotic!

Qiankun World.

The headquarters of the Heaven and Earth Alliance.

In the hall.

Ye Tian was sitting in the first place at this time, his face withered and helpless!

After nearly a month of healing, his injury had basically recovered!

But his strength had been completely corrected to the Peak Divine Supreme Realm!

The Infinity Realm no longer existed!

He seemed to be exactly what Ling Ye said, after his short-lived bloom of light, he was destroyed!

In an instant!

What makes it even more troublesome is the current situation of heaven and earth!


Nothing but chaos, and unrest!

All kinds of strife!

The world is in chaos, people can’t live in peace..

At this moment, all the high-level officials of the Heaven and Earth Alliance reported the current situation to Ye Tian!

“Now heaven and earth are in chaos, and the strength of all parties is increasing! All kinds of battles continue!”

“Although we have notified the heaven and earth according to the intention of the alliance leader, anyone who dares to start a war will be against the heaven and earth alliance!”

“But that doesn’t have any effect! The forces of all parties continue to fight and continue to fight!

“They continue to fight ferociously, and they don’t care about the majesty of our Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

“In fact, some realms and some friendly forces under our Heaven and Earth Alliance have also been affected by some!”

“The forces of all parties continue to fight, and everyone wants to rise! Everyone wants to eradicate their opponents!”

“And for some forces, our Heaven and Earth Alliance is also one of the biggest competitors!”

“In short, alliance leader! I’m waiting. I really can’t do anything!”

“Now that the alliance leader has recovered from his injuries, if you come forward, perhaps you will be able to calm the skies!”

Everyone reported to Ye Tian.

At the same time, when they saw Ye Tian’s recovery, some hope appeared in their hearts!

Perhaps Ye Tian himself would be able to calm the chaos in heaven and earth!

After all, he had once killed Ling Ye.

For such a great achievement, everyone should respect him, right?

Anyone should give him a little face, right?

In this hall, Ren Fanchen held three dice in his hands and rolled them gently, without saying a word!

Ye Tian came forward to appease heaven and earth?


If Ye Tian is Infinity Realm, if Ye Tian’s strength is above others, then maybe he can do it!

But the current Ye Tian is just the peak of the Divine Supreme Realm!

Although the pinnacle of the Divine Supreme Realm is indeed the strongest in the heavens and earth!

But there are many other people who are also at the peak of the Divine Supreme Realm!

Who will give face to Ye Tian?

Ye Tian was only meritorious in killing Bloodshade Demon Lord alone!

That is his own achievement, what effect does it have on others?

Who cares about him?

Who would really consider him a great hero?

Who will really take him as a leader?

No one wants to!

Because for the top powers in heaven and earth, the battle between Ye Tian and Ling Ye was nothing more than a battle between Ling Ye and Ye Tian for the title of king!

But in the end, Ling Ye died, and Ye Tian had no ability to become king!

He had already lost his power!

Of course, the other parties were agitated!

Ye Tian killed Ling Ye, is that a great evil to heaven and earth?


What is good and what is evil!

It does not exist!

Heaven and earth were indeed benefited by Ye Tian, but will they thank Ye Tian?

They won’t!

They wouldn’t regard Ye Tian as a great hero!

Instead, talking about it, the strength of all parties only reaps the benefits.

Seeing that Ye Tian fought with the Bloodshade Demon Lord under the banner of justice.

Finally, the power of heaven and earth rose!

At this moment, on top of that, Ye Tian was holding his head with his palms, and his face was contemplative and helpless.

All of this was completely different from what he had imagined!

He believed that after he killed Ling Ye, he would become the new master of heaven and earth!

All would bow down to him, with him as the master!

He thought that after killing Ling Ye, he would be able to stand at the top of the world and marry Luo Xuling, the most beautiful woman in the world!

But the result?

Other than killing Ling Ye, it seems like he didn’t get anything!

He didn’t stand on the top of the world, and he didn’t get Luo Xuling!

Does this really count as a victory?

What had he won?

Does this really count as defeating Ling Ye?

Did everything he did result in such an empty ending?

What does all this mean?


Where is justice?

Is it the heart of the good? Is it the heart of the wicked?

No, not really!

Reality told him that man desires lust, and man desires gain!

If conditions allow, everyone wants to become Ling Ye, and everyone wants to suppress heaven and earth!

Where is right and wrong?

Only the weak eat the strong!

And now, when he killed Ling Ye, he created such an opportunity for all the peak powers in heaven and earth!

Creating an opportunity to rise up!

What is people’s admiration, what is respect?

Except for the people of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, who would put their hearts into her?

What opens a new era? What opens an era full of light?

Instead, he made heaven and earth return to an era of chaos in history!

Ye Tian still felt very disappointed and disappointed!

Ling Ye was dead, and Ling Ye’s shadow had indeed been erased from heaven and earth.

But that shadow would forever remain in his heart alone!

Covering it forever!

The image of Ling Ye before he died, and Ling Ye’s words before he died, echoed again in his mind.

Can I survive this mess?

Ye Tian’s fist clenched slightly!

Can’t I really control this chaos?

Am I really… so much inferior to Ling Ye?

He is full of disappointment!

He felt like he couldn’t beat Ling Ye at all!

“Brother Tian! If you take action, you will definitely be able to appease heaven and earth!”

At this moment, Ye Ziwei, who was standing beside Ye Tian, spoke: “Even if Brother Tian, you’re not in the Infinite Realm right now, you’re still at the peak of the Divine Supreme Realm!”

“In heaven and earth, how many people have reached the peak of the Divine Supreme Realm?”

“What’s more, in our Heaven and Earth Alliance, Ren Fanchen is also at the Divine Supreme Realm!”

“There are over 1,000 Divine Emperor Realm cultivators left under your command, which can also be compared to someone in the Divine Supreme Realm!”

“So, although Brother Tian, you are no longer in the Infinite Realm! But our Heaven and Earth Alliance is still the most powerful force in the world!”

“Brother Tian! We all believe in you!”

Ye Ziwei tried to give encouragement to Ye Tian.

She always believed in Ye Tian, and always had full confidence in Ye Tian!

Ye Tian looked at his sister who was not related by blood, and then smiled bitterly.

She didn’t know the power of Divine Supreme Realm, so she didn’t understand what Divine Supreme Realm meant!

In the Divine Supreme Realm, for someone fighting in the same realm, it was generally difficult to distinguish winners and losers!

Under normal circumstances, to kill a Divine Supreme Realm, there was a high probability of sacrificing another Divine Supreme Realm!

Therefore, although the Alliance of Heaven and Earth was powerful, it was not much stronger than other forces in the heavens and the world that also possessed a peak Divine Supreme Realm.

The difference was not big at all!
If he wanted to appease heaven and earth, he couldn’t just rely on the peak of the Divine Supreme Realm!

It is absolutely impossible to rely on Ren Fanchen in the early stage of the Divine Supreme Realm and the army of the Heaven and Earth Alliance alone!

Unless, he reaches a stronger state!

Unless the gap between the Heaven and Earth Alliance and other top powers can be widened!

Just like Ling Ye back then, stand above everyone! Destroy everyone!

Only then can the turmoil in heaven and earth truly calm down!

But how can this gap be bridged?

The solution is for a large number of Divine Supreme Realm practitioners to join forces!

But which practitioner in the Divine Supreme Realm is not solitary?

Except for gamblers like Ren Fanchen, who would willingly submit to him and follow him?

It was naturally impossible for the Alliance of Heaven and Earth to have another Divine Supreme Realm!

Then there was only one way left, and that was more practitioners in the Divine Emperor Realm!

This method can be done!

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