Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 77 (Part 2)

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“But you said that you are someone who is in his heart?!” Luo Xuling was a little depressed.

If she had to say it in another sentence, “didn’t you say you were her lover?”

But Bai Jiu said they were friends, so this wasn’t the same at all?

“Don’t friends also fall under that criteria?” Bai Jiu replied.

What’s wrong with it?

It’s not wrong at all!

“Are you angry because of this?” Bai Jiu immediately understood.

“I am….” Luo Xuling couldn’t answer.

Hearing that Bai Jiu and Ling Ye were just friends, the cheerfulness seemed to have returned to her!

What’s wrong with me?

Come here, misunderstand that Bai Jiu has a relationship with Ling Ye, and get angry!

When she heard Bai Jiu say that she and Ling Ye were just friends, she was very happy!

Seeing this, what did Bai Jiu think of her?


Immediately, Luo Xuling’s expression returned to her usual indifference.

“No? When he fought against Ye Tian before, didn’t he say you wanted to marry him?”

Bai Jiu then said lightly: “What really happened between you and him?

Of course she heard some of what Ling Ye and Ye Tian said when they fought before.

Many people in heaven and earth have heard it!

It was a bit confusing, but she could guess a few things!

“There’s nothing like that! He’s just talking nonsense!”

Luo Xuling replied quickly.

That bastard!

Saying those words in front of everyone!

Didn’t you think about my feelings?

“Nonsense?” Bai Jiu smiled faintly.

If you don’t have this reaction, I really believe you’re talking nonsense!

But you came here suddenly and did this series of things!

On the contrary, this proves that he might really not be talking nonsense!

“Then, do you know where the girl who followed him is now?”

Luo Xuling then changed the subject and asked.

“The girl who followed him?” Bai Jiu recalled it.

When Ling Ye went to look for her before, there was indeed a young girl beside him!

“I don’t know.”

Bai Jiu then shook her head: “He didn’t tell me about her. He only asked me to help him protect the three thousand demon emperors!”

As soon as these words came out, Luo Xuling nodded slightly.

From this point of view, the relationship between Bai Jiu and Ling Ye is really ordinary!

She doesn’t even know where Zhuge Qingchan is, and she doesn’t know everything about Ling Ye!

Therefore, now, apart from finding Zhuge Qingchan, there is no other way to get clues about Ling Ye.

“I lost my mind earlier, sorry!” Luo Xuling then apologized again.

She appeared suddenly, vented an unclear anger on Bai Jiu, and left a sword mark on her face!

This behavior was completely inappropriate!

“It’s okay.” Bai Jiu only replied lightly.

She didn’t care about these little things!

“Goodbye then!”

Luo Xuling then turned around, and then added: “If it’s difficult to protect this place, you can ask for help anytime to Violet Clouds Realm!”

After saying that, the figure disappeared.

Leaving Bai Jiu alone, standing in front of the huge stone gate of the Demon Emperor’s Tomb!

“This woman…”

Bai Jiu is smart.

Although she has no experience in the relationship between men and women, and is not interested!

But she could also see that Luo Xuling cared about Ling Ye very much!

But at the same time, Luo Xuling was unwilling to admit it!

She really was the arrogant temperament of the number one beauty in the world!

Bai Jiu didn’t think much of it.

Turned around and continued to sit in front of this Demon Emperor’s tomb!

Continue to secretly guard the army of three thousand demon emperors.

In other side, at the Abyss Sea Daemon Nest.

After Ming Ji returned with everyone, she was alone, sad!

Ling Ye was dead, the man she had always loved, was dead!

Will never see him again!

In the past, although she also knew that Ling Ye was not interested in her.

But at the very least, there was still hope for her!

At least she could see him from time to time!

But now, that no longer exists, he’s dead!

What’s the point of living now?

In the depths of the sea, after Ming Ji returned, she locked herself in the palace alone.

Heartbroken alone!

Outside, the many daemonesses in the Abyss Sea Daemon Nest saw their queen so sad, and they were helpless.

Their queen had always been interested in only one person, and that was Bloodshade Demon Lord.

But now, the Bloodshade Demon Lord was dead!

When the only person she loved so much died, of course she grieved!

They didn’t know how to comfort the queen now.

At this moment, a high-level daemones suddenly thought of something!

“My Lady Queen, something is not right about that Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

Immediately, he hurriedly shouted to the palace.

Inside, Ming Ji suddenly flew out: “What’s not right? What’s it?

The high-level daemones replied: “He didn’t ask you to help, my Lady Queen, nor did he ask anyone else to help. This is understandable. He doesn’t want others to follow him to his death!”

“But he has an army of three thousand demon emperors! Three thousand demon emperors are all puppets! There is no such thing as life and death!”

“Why didn’t he take the three thousand Demon Emperor army with him during the war?”

As soon as these words came out, Ming Ji’s dazzling eyes were suddenly filled with some doubts!

Yes, Ling Ye alone could be completely free in battle alone!

His three thousand demon emperors, he could make those creatures follow him with a single command!

But why would he fight alone?

Could it be that from the beginning, he had planned to die alone?

Could it be that he had a special plan?

One more point, Ling Ye came here earlier and brought the Ocean Stabilization Pearl!

In this battle, he also didn’t see the Ocean Stabilization Pearl playing any role!

What about the Ocean Stabilization Pearl?

What was the purpose of what Ling Ye had done in heaven and earth before?

In this battle, there was absolutely no preparation on Ling Ye’s side!

In other words, his preparations were not actually used to face this ultimate battle?

What was the purpose?

He is already dead!

But is he really dead?

If it was really dead, what was the point of doing a series of things that no one understood?

Would Ling Ye do meaningless things?

Absolutely not!

“If he’s dead, what’s the point of keeping his three thousand demon emperors?”

The high-level Daemones then said: “Could it be that it was reserved to fight against Ye Tian’s Heaven and Earth Alliance? With his temperament, he definitely won’t let anyone off the hook!”

“So… he must have planned everything a long time ago! He must have… done some unknown plan?” Ming Ji frowned tightly.

“Perhaps, that’s true!” The senior daemones nodded.

Ming Ji’s eyes narrowed slightly, thoughtfully!

He didn’t even use the three thousand demon emperors, what was he thinking?

Immediately, Ming Ji’s figure disappeared in place!

She was going to see Ling Ye’s Demon Emperor Tomb!

Many daemonesses watched as Ming Ji left.

Now, they could only pray, pray for their Lady Queen, to get out of the shadow of Bloodshade Demon Lord’s death as soon as possible!

Also, perhaps that Bloodshade Demon Lord wasn’t really dead yet.

The Demon Emperor’s tomb.

Not long after Luo Xuling left, Bai Jiu had just calmed down.

But at this moment, the space ahead was distorted!

Ming Ji appeared there.

Immediately Baijiu frowned slightly!

Another one?

Ming Ji?

“You aren’t here for the Three Thousand Demon Emperor, are you?”

Bai Jiu said lightly.

This Ming Ji’s affection for Ling Ye was very straightforward!

It’s not as complicated as Luo Xuling!

So she could also guess that this Ming Ji wasn’t here to seize the Demon Emperor’s three thousand troops!

“Sword God Bai Jiu? Why are you here?”

When Ming Ji saw Bai Jiu, he also frowned slightly.

What was Bai Jiu doing here?

What is the relationship between Bai Jiu and Ling Ye?

“It’s the same problem again!” Baijiu shook her head helplessly.

This Ming Ji, and Luo Xuling are both thinking about the same thing?

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