Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 76 (Part 1)

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As soon as these words came out, all the daemonesses in the entire sea monster nest were shocked!

To kill Ye Tian?

Go kill Ye Tian now?

“Queen, Ye Tian is an Infinite Realm practitioner!”

Many daemonesses said quickly.

If we fight before with Ling Ye here, we can fight!

But now how can we fight?

And even without Ye Tian, the strength of the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance is much stronger than the strength of their Abyss Sea Daemon Nest!

Even if more than half of the Sky and Earth Alliance had been killed or injured, there were still thousands of powerhouses in the Realm of Divine Emperor.

This was more than double that of the Abyss Sea Daemon Nest!

“I don’t care what the situation is! Today I want him to pay his debt in blood!”

Ming Ji was a little irrational at the moment.

Watching the man she loved get killed! Of course she couldn’t stand it!

When Ling Ye was there before, she wouldn’t have acted unless Ling Ye ordered.

But now, Ling Ye was dead!

Taking action now is not an offense against Ling Ye!

It’s not disrespect to Ling Ye!

Now, she only had one goal, to kill Ye Tian and avenge Ling Ye!

The next moment, Ming Ji directly waved her hand!

The space in front of her was distorted!

She alone wanted to kill him!

Now, she only wanted revenge and didn’t want to think about anything else!

In the back, many daemonesses in the entire sea monster lair were helpless for a while.

Seeing the departing Ming Ji, they looked at each other a few times, and then they all gritted their teeth!

All followed!

After all, queens live, they live, queens die, they die!

No matter who the opponent is!

Even if the queen is impulsive, even if the queen is reckless!

They are also willing to follow the queen to the end!

On the other hand.

A small town in ruins.

Because of the battle between Ling Ye and Ye Tian just now, although it is a small world on the edge of the Myriad Worlds, it was also greatly affected!

Under the crazy shaking of the entire world, the small town naturally almost turned into ruins.

At this moment, Jiang Yuan raised his head and narrowed his eyes slightly!

“What kind of joke is that? You just lost like this? Dead?”

He looked a little serious this time.

Ling Ye was… dead?

A sky-sweeping figure, an invincible existence!

However, in the final battle, he actually died?

Die like this?

But Jiang Yuan also came back to his senses, remembering what Ling Ye said before!

Something that requires everyone to die must happen again!

“Is it this time?”

Jiang Yuan was a little curious: “But this time, you’re really dead! What are you planning to do?”

Ling Ye was currently completely in the annihilation of both his soul and body.

There was nothing left!

It’s completely gone!

What to do after this?

Jiang Yuan really didn’t know what Ling Ye was planning.

Waiting for Ling Ye’s order if he called him at any time?

He’s dead, how can he call him?

“Anyway, I’m waiting for you! No matter what you plan to do, I trust you and you won’t say anything empty!”

Jiang Yuan then said in his heart.

Although Ling Ye did die in front of everyone in heaven and earth!

After his body died, there was nothing left!

But he believed that Ling Ye must have a plan!

Ling Ye will definitely come back!

Because Ling Ye said so!

On the other hand.

Here, is an ancient stone tomb!

The huge stone gate is pitch black!

It was covered with thick lines, ancient and heavy!

This ancient stone tomb stood in the sea of stars.

This was the Demon Emperor’s tomb!

Inside is an army of aces under Ling Ye!

Three Thousand Demon Emperors!

At this moment, in front of the stone gate of the Demon Emperor’s Tomb, a plain white figure stood calmly!

Bai Jiu!

“Waiting for you to come back? How can you come back, who is dead and soulless?”

Bai Jiu whispered softly.

She couldn’t figure it out at all, but the current Ling Ye was really dead!

How did you come back?

He is dead, what good are the three thousand demon emperors guarding him?

After thinking, Bai Jiu couldn’t think of a reason!

She just waved the staff in her hand suddenly!

A huge white sword formation enveloped the entire tomb of the Demon Emperor.

“I want to see how you come back!”

She then sat cross-legged in front of the stone tomb.

Although she didn’t know how Ling Ye could come back, although she didn’t know if Ling Ye could really come back. However, she would stay here forever for Ling Ye!

Even if Ling Ye really couldn’t come back!

Even if Ling Ye really didn’t exist anymore! She would never let anyone get their hands on Ling Ye’s three thousand troops of Demon Emperors!

Unless, someone could step over her body!

In the unknown small world.

In a dark room.

Zhuge Qingchan sat cross-legged in meditation, she had actually entered a state of emptiness!

And behind her was Ling Ye’s new body silently hanging in the air!


At this moment, the body suddenly let out a slight hum.

At the last moment, Ling Ye died. The next moment, he would be reborn in this new body!

However, the current body is unfinished!

Thus, the current Ling Ye was still in a deep sleep!

As long as the body fusion is complete, he can be resurrected!

In the dark room, there was only Ling Ye and Zhuge Qingchan.

It was dark and quiet.

No one knew.

The depths of the endless void.

Now, all that remains here is a piece of rubble!


And the countless corpses of the Heaven and Earth Alliance.

Some people died in ashes, and some people’s bodies were preserved because they were far apart.

In the entire Sky and Earth Alliance, more than half of the fatalities!

In the air, Ye Tian looked at the entire collapsed Heaven and Earth Alliance, and at the greatly reduced army of the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance.

His heart was inexplicably lost!

After defeating Ling Ye, he should have been happy!

Right now, he was not happy at all.

He took the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance and sacrificed more than half of the people in exchange for Ling Ye’s death!

He didn’t seem to be satisfied at all with such a result!

It didn’t seem like it should be like this at all!

He won Ling Ye himself, and he became the master of the new era.

But why, not happy at all?

The words Ling Ye said before he died were still swirling around in his heart, making him unable to get rid of them!

Why did Ling Ye say that?

Why did Ling Ye still have that strange smile on his face when he died.

Why can’t I see the loser feeling in Ling Ye’s eyes?

Ye Tian was a little confused at this moment, did he really beat him?

Did he really kill him?

Did he really become the master of the new era?

Has he really opened a new era for the heavens and the world?

At this moment, countless question marks appeared in Ye Tian’s confused heart!

Was this his end?

Why did such an ending seem unsatisfactory at all?

Was it because of Luo Xuling?

Was it because he thought Luo Xuling became Ling Ye’s woman, so he wasn’t satisfied with the result?

Or was it because of something else?

He simply couldn’t figure it out!

It was as if he hadn’t won anything at all!

“Cough cough…”

He coughed fiercely, and coughed up another mouthful of blood.

“Oh my God!”

Ye Ziwei flew over quickly and supported Ye Tian.

At this moment, she was also full of embarrassment.

She was in the Divine Emperor Realm, and in the battle just now, she was standing in front!

So, he was also injured to some extent!

Of course, these injuries are incomparable to Ye Tian!

At this moment, Ye Tian had a pale face, and his mouth was full of blood.

Although he was still standing here with this severely injured body, in reality… he seemed to fall at any time!

“Did I win?” Ye Tian’s faint voice sounded.

He was feeling very tired right now!

I want to sleep well!

“You win! Brother Tian, you won! You killed the Bloodshade Demon Lord! He’s dead!” Ye Ziwei said quickly.

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Ye Tian’s mouth, and then he gently waved a hand: “Hurry up and take care of the victim!”

“Brother Tian, take these pills quickly!” Ye Ziwei first took out some high-level pills.

It’s useless, the injuries in the Infinite Realm can only be recovered by oneself!” Ye Tian replied.

He tried his best to kill Ling Ye, and he was seriously injured!

For these injuries, any medicinal pill will not work.

He could only treat himself slowly.

But… Ye Ziwei’s face was full of worry.

“I’m fine, help everyone and treat the injured!” Ye Tian waved a hand gently.

“Hmm,” Ye Ziwei only nodded.

Then she turned around, helping everyone in the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance, save those who were seriously injured!

Ye Tian’s tired eyes looked at the entire chaotic Heaven and Earth Alliance army, and then his figure floated past little by little.

Against Ling Ye’s Void Throne.

He managed to win!

The king of heaven and earth is no longer Ling Ye, but himself!

His palm gently touched the throne!

At this moment, the throne was already full of cracks.

This was the result of the battle just now.

Looking at the throne in front of him, Ye Tian took a deep breath!
With a tired face, he planned to sit down and rest for a while!

“Ye Tian! I’ll take your life….”

But at this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

He saw that in the void, the figure of a burning demon suddenly appeared!

Ming Ji!

As soon as she came out, Ming Ji held a sword in her hand and slashed towards Ye Tian suddenly!

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