Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 75 (Part 2)

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She was just watching this battle calmly, the look in her beautiful eyes was grim, and she was a little worried.

Worried about Ling Ye!

Ling Ye has two lives, he should have a better chance of winning, right?

Even if he loses this battle now, he can still survive, right?

He must have a way!

Luo Xuling herself didn’t realize it, but she actually cared about Ling Ye a lot.

She was very worried about the final result of battle.

At this moment, Xun Ruyue and the others were also looking at the huge battle center that shook the sky.

Ling Ye was currently, alone against the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance!

This picture seems rather tragic!

He was all alone!

On the other hand Ye Tian was followed by the strong men of the Myriad Worlds, and had the support of hundreds of millions of troops!

Ling Ye was currently equivalent to fighting against the heavens alone!

This picture is so depressing!

Xun Ruyue and the others’ gazes then turned to Luo Xuling.

It was still hard for them to imagine such a thing happening between their Palace Mistress and Ling Ye?

No wonder their Palace Mistress said that this matter must not be spread!

Now the Palace Mistress was more worried about Ling Ye than herself.

Yes, in fact, from the very beginning, there were various signs of it!

Their Palace Mistress had her heart set on caring about Ling Ye.

She said that there was no Ye Tian era, there was only Ling Ye of this era.

She moved through the Violet Clouds Realm according to Ling Ye’s wishes, didn’t what she did prove she had a heart for Ling Ye?

So now, their Palace Mistress had to hope that Ling Ye could win!

Looking at Luo Xuling’s expression, Xun Ruyue and the others had the same thought!

Luo Xuling was their Palace Mistress, so whoever Luo Xuling hoped would win, naturally they also hoped that person would win.

Now, they all hoped that Ling Ye could actually defeat Ye Tian and the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance by himself!

On the other hand, in the Abyss Sea Daemon Nest.

At the bottom of the deep sea, Ming Ji waited with all the daemonesses in the entire sea monster nest.

On her seductive face, there was also a sense of urgency and worry at this moment.

Why? Why wasn’t Ling Ye still calling out to her?

As long as Ling Ye said a word, she could rush with everyone now!

Ling Ye doesn’t have to fight alone!

Ling Ye could actually gather an army much stronger than the current Heaven and Earth Alliance in an instant!

Why did he have to fight alone?

What was he thinking?

According to what he said, isn’t now the right time?

Ming Ji held her hand tightly, waiting for Ling Ye’s order!

It was a pity that Ling Ye really didn’t seem to have any intention of calling for help?

What was he waiting for?

“Queen, are we going to take action?”

Behind her, several high-ranking daemonesses asked.

The war had begun, and this battle was too terrifying!

If they joined forces, there would definitely be bloodshed between them and the Alliance of Heaven and Earth would definitely wipe out the entire army!

But they were not afraid, they were willing to fight with their queen!

Whatever the outcome!

Although Ming Ji desperately wanted to help Ling Ye, she still shook her head gently.

If Ling Ye didn’t call her, she couldn’t get involved.

This was out of respect for Ling Ye.

She knew Ling Ye’s temperament.

Perhaps Ling Ye has his own plans?

Behind her, many daemonesses looked at each other, and then continued to wait here with Ming Ji.

After all, as long as Ming Ji gave the order, they would take action at any time!

Deep within the blood-red endless void.

Boom boom!!

The destructive shockwaves of battle were still exploding in all directions!

At this moment, all the forces of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, Ren Fanchen and the others, retreated a certain distance!

After all, Ling Ye and Ye Tian were both in the Infinite Realm, and they couldn’t come close to that level of battle.

They were outside, with hundreds of millions of troops in a huge circle.

Then, all kinds of strange majestic formations condensed!

They were helping Ye Tian from a distance!

A vast shockwave swept across hundreds of millions of miles of endless void.

It stirred the heavens with chaos!

It seemed that if they continued, the entire heaven and earth would be destroyed by their hands!

In the middle of the battle, Ling Ye and Ye Tian bombarded each other like crazy!

At this moment, Ye Tian was enraged, and he made his move unconditionally!

Ling Ye also fought with all his strength!

The consumption of the two is huge.


It was another violent impact, and another shockwave that swept across hundreds of millions of miles!

Ling Ye and Ye Tian collided!

At this point, the two entered a state of hot war.

At this moment, the corner of Ling Ye’s mouth curled up slightly, “Although Luo Xuling didn’t say anything, she actually wants to marry me!”

That’s right, although Luo Xuling didn’t tell Ling Ye much about this matter, but he could actually see that Luo Xuling was considerate of him.

As soon as these words came out, Luo Xuling, who was deep in Violet Clouds Realm, suddenly frowned.

What nonsense!

How could I possibly want to marry him?

I just hate him!

Xun Ruyue and the others all looked at Luo Xuling curiously, “Is this true what Ling Ye said?”

“How could it be!”

Luo Xuling said so with a snort to Xun Ruyue and the others.

Ling Ye, this bastard, is really nonsense!

Xun Ruyue and the others quickly averted their eyes.

Yes, yes, what the Palace Mistress said, that’s exactly what happened!

Everyone’s eyes continued to watch the battle in the depths of the void.

Ye Tian’s eyes were red at this moment!

When he heard Ling Ye’s words, the anger in his eyes burned even more!

So, Ling Ye not only had Luo Xuling’s body, but also her heart?

Ye Tian suddenly gritted his teeth, his whole body trembling with anger!

The goddess he had admired all his life, he had never even seen her once!

And this Ling Ye, actually took everything away from him?

Of course he couldn’t accept it!

“How is it? Your life… isn’t that perfect, is it?”

Ling Ye then sneered, “You can’t beat me, you can’t dominate the heavens, and you can’t get the woman you love!”

Once these words came out, Ye Tian finally couldn’t control it anymore!

The next moment, he suddenly spread his hands!


Immediately, the entire countless realms shook wildly.

At this moment, it seemed that the entire realm was shaking wildly under his hands!

He was gathering the power of the entire Myriad Worlds!

He would unleash all his power, and today, he would kill Ling Ye!

He would never be able to get Luo Xuling, even if he got her, it would not be himself that Luo Xuling loved.

But at least, he could kill Ling Ye here!

Looking at Ye Tian who was constantly condensing the great power of Myriad Worlds, Ling Ye smiled lightly.

This battle was about to end!

The next moment, the blood-red aura around his body flowed unconditionally at this moment!

This move would completely determine the winner!


At this moment, heaven and earth, the void of the universe, once again erupted with an unprecedented vibration.

Immediately afterwards, a vast blood-red and sky-blue aura suddenly rose into the sky!

At this moment, Ling Ye and Ye Tian seemed to turn into a scorching sun!

The brilliance illuminated the entire endless void, and the coercion of the breath shook the entire heaven and earth!

This will be the final battle!

A new era of Myriad Worlds will open here!

At this moment, the eyes of everyone in heaven and earth were looking towards this place.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, under the gaze of everyone!

The blood red and sky blue aura enveloped the heavens and the world.

In the end, the two took all their strength and shot at each other!


At this moment, Ye Tian let out an unprecedented low roar!

All the world trembled at this moment.

Then, under the watchful eyes of countless people all over the world, these two forces, which were above all, in the deepest part of this void, they suddenly collided!


The next moment, a loud explosion filled the entire world!

Boom boom boom!!!

The terrifying impact shattered this endless void!

Heaven and earth, countless large and small worlds, all collapsed crazily under this terrible impact!

Especially the worlds that were originally relatively fragile, at this moment, they disappeared in an instant!

Hundreds of millions of Heaven and Earth Alliance troops, the vast majority of people, under this terrible impact, disappeared in an instant!

It was a deadly scene!

This is the god’s final blow!

This is Ling Ye and Ye Tian’s final blow!

The final blow of the Infinite Realm practitioners shattered the void and destroyed countless worlds!

At this moment, everyone in Heaven and Earth Alliance held their breath!

What was the result of this decisive blow?

Bang bang…

Under the terrifying shaking and vibration of heaven and earth, it was unknown how long it took, and the shock wave spread little by little.

Everyone’s eyes stared into the depths of the endless void without blinking.

The two great powers of blood red and sky blue disappeared little by little!

Then, under all eyes.

Two figures appeared there.
At this moment, the two were standing in mid-air, not moving at all!

Everyone was staring at them.


A figure slowly fell.

That.. is Ling Ye!

Ye Tian, who was still standing in the air, also spat out a mouthful of blood.

His eyes were fixed on Ling Ye who was slowly falling from the void.

“You’re saying I can’t beat you?”

He covered his chest with one hand, there was blood at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were slightly grim.

Indeed, the most perfect Luo Xuling in his heart was no longer perfect!

He can’t ni longer have her.

But at least, he could kill Ling Ye and become the new ruler of the Myriad Worlds!

At this moment, Ling Ye’s figure dropped slightly.

At the same time, his whole body also turned into a bit of light in the sky, slowly disappearing!

“You think you’ve won?”

However, there was always a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

When he saw Ling Ye’s expression like this, Ye Tian frowned and roared in a low voice, “My life is indeed imperfect because of you! But at least, I can kill you! I can open up a universe, a new era, a new world!”


His life, excluding Luo Xuling, was still successful elsewhere!

Still perfect!

“New era?”

The corner of Ling Ye’s mouth always had a faint smile, “Do you think you can suppress this chaotic world?”

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