Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 75 (Part 1)

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As soon as these words came out, Ye Tian’s eyes suddenly exploded with anger that he could no longer hide.

His eyes were grim as he clenched his hands into fists.

Of course he knew what Ling Ye’s words meant!

Luo Xuling had already become Ling Ye’s woman.

How could that be?

She was the goddess he had chased all his life who had never even glanced at him.

In his eyes Luo Xuling was perfect.

She was the most perfect goddess in the entire world!

Noble and beautiful, incomparable!

It was the greatest pursuit of his life!

There was no room for the slightest flaw.

But now Ling Ye has ruined this perfection?

Did Ling Ye really do such a thing?

Immediately, Ye Tian’s divine sense passed through the entire world, he looked towards the Violet Cloud Realm and looked towards Luo Xuling.

Then across this infinite distance, his uncontrollable trembling voice rang out: “Tell me this isn’t real! This isn’t real!”

When he first saw Luo Xuling, he was completely infatuated with her.

When he first saw Luo Xuling, he was just a little-known guy.

At that time, he was just a little-known powerhouse.

At that time, he was already certain in his heart that he would never be able to marry her in his life.

Later, he heard that Luo Xuling had set a standard.

Whoever managed to kill Ling Ye, whoever could win over Ling Ye, she would marry whoever it was!

The reason why he had risen so crazy, to some extent, was because of his ambition to dominate the heavens as a man!

To some extent, it was to obtain Luo Xuling, the number one beauty in the world.

And now, Ling Ye was telling him that Luo Xuling was no longer perfect?

Luo Xuling already belongs to Ling Ye?

At this moment, Ye Tian’s mind was a little messy.

He wished Luo Xuling could tell him that none of this was true!

At this moment, in the Violet Cloud Realm.

Xun Ruyue and everyone’s eyes looked at Luo Xuling curiously.

What was the meaning of this?

Why did Ye Tian ask this question?

What does Ye Tian want to know?

“Tell me, he, he didn’t do anything to you, right?”

At this moment, Ye Tian was clearly starting to lose his mind.

His entire life was originally so perfect.

He saw himself on the verge of ultimate success!

And now at this final moment, he was destroyed?

Of course he couldn’t accept it.

A perfect start suddenly ending with a huge flaw, obviously he couldn’t accept it!

Xun Ruyue and the others all looked towards Luo Xuling.

What was the meaning of this?

Who had done something to our Palace Mistress?

Ye Tian asked this, could it be Ling Ye?

The eyes of Xun Ruyue and the others instantly swelled with a touch of shock.

Could it be that Ling Ye had done something to our Palace Mistress?

They suddenly remembered when Ling Ye first came here.

That blood-red barrier was blocking everyone!

Then, their Palace Mistress chasing Ling Ye cut in like crazy.

Xun Ruyue and the others suddenly had a sudden change in their eyes!

Could it be that Ling Ye had really done something to their Palace Mistress?

Oh my!!!

Their Palace Mistress has always been so pure and cold.

No wonder!

No wonder after that, Palace Mistress had a strange regard for Ling Ye!

No wonder Palace Mistress would have an inexplicably resentful and stubborn attitude in front of Ling Ye!

Is that so?

So that’s how it is?

The gazes of Xun Ruyue and the others were all directed towards Luo Xulin who seemed unable to respond to this matter.

At this moment, Luo Xuling didn’t see Ye Tian.

Just when she heard Ye Tian’s interrogation tone, she frowned slightly, and then said coldly, “My business has nothing to do with you!”

It was true that this business of hers had nothing to do with Ye Tian!

Ye Tian was nobody to her, so why should she answer his questions?

As Luo Xuling said this, Xun Ruyue and the others all frowned.

She didn’t deny it?

So it was true that something had happened between the two!

Our Palace Mistress has really become Ling Ye’s woman!

At this moment, in the depths of the bloody void, Ye Tian’s heart sank violently!

His face also sank fiercely!

Luo Xuling’s answer undoubtedly shattered his last hope!

It was completely shattered!

It also completely dropped her heart to the level of eighteen layers of hell!

That’s right.

What Ling Ye said is true!

Luo Xuling, the most perfect woman in his life, had become Ling Ye’s!

The goddess that he had been chasing all his life, had now become Ling Ye’s!

Ye Tian’s gaze suddenly turned towards Ling Ye.

In those eyes, killing intent and anger surged rapidly.

And sanity was being destroyed bit by bit!

The perfection in his heart, right now, was being destroyed by Ling Ye.

This undoubtedly knocked him to the lowest point in his life.

Seeing the smile at the corner of Ling Ye’s mouth, Ye Tian was even more furious!

“Today, I will make you vanish in ashes!!!”

He then let out a low roar.

The next moment.


The vast aura of the Infinite Realm erupted from his body unconditionally.

Originally, his life could have been perfect and flawless!

But he never expected something like this to happen at the last moment!

This was beyond her wildest expectations!

At this moment, of course, he went berserk.

Now it only had one thought, and that was to kill Ling Ye!


The next moment Ye Tian let out a low roar.

Then with that majestic aura he lunged towards Ling Ye.


Behind him, hundreds of millions of troops also followed Ye Tian and charged over.

On the other side, Ling Ye’s mouth curled up with a cold smile.

“I’m the one who will kill you here.”


The next moment, the huge blood-red aura all over his body also exploded!

Then, alone, facing Ye Tian, facing the huge army of billions behind Ye Tian, he suddenly lunged!

In the deepest part of the worldly void, in the deepest part of this blood-red void!

Ling Ye was alone, and suddenly collided with the Heaven and Earth Alliance led by Ye Tian.

Compared to the overwhelming army, Ling Ye was currently very lonely!

So small!

However, the oppressive aura emanating from his body was unbearable to the hundreds of millions of troops on the opposite side!

In the end, Ling Ye was alone, and the Heaven and Earth Alliance led by Ye Tian.. In this blood-red infinite void, they suddenly collided!


The next moment, there was a huge explosion!

A vast spiritual power, a shock wave that shattered heaven and earth, suddenly erupted in the depths of this void!

At this moment, all the heavens and the universe, the chaotic world, were all caught up in the violent uproar!

Hundreds of millions of miles of emptiness, shattered in an instant!

The impact of the battle swept across the entire heaven and earth.

The battle between Infinite Realm practitioners began from here!

The eyes of all the forces in the Myriad World, all the powerhouse from all over were fixed on this place.

No one had ever seen such a grand battle!

It was something that no one had ever experienced.

The shockwave that shattered the heavens and shattered the earth spread from the deepest part of this void, and spread throughout the world!

Several fragile worlds were instantly destroyed by this terrifying battle!

Heaven and earth, as if in an unprecedented crisis, trembled!

“What kind of terrifying battle is this!”

At this moment, there were already many top powerhouses from all over the world, and they rushed to the scene.

But they didn’t move!

They were just standing on the edge of the battlefield watching the battle of the century.

This was a battle like no other!

Asura Maniac and the others were naturally among them.

“Brother, are we really going to side with the Bloodshade Demon Lord?”

Several brothers behind Asura Maniac couldn’t help but ask.

The thing is, Ye Tian and Ling Ye were currently both in the Infinite Realm!

But behind Ye Tian there were billions of soldiers supporting him and also the support of countless various forces from all over the world!

Ye Tian really seemed to be the one who had gathered all the great powers.

And Ling Ye who was alone would definitely lose!

“Yes, we are on his side. But we won’t join the fight for now.” Asura Maniac nodded his head.

Since he had already decided to follow Ling Ye, he would continue to follow him no matter what.

No matter what the outcome of this battle was, he would not change his decision.

He also believed that Ling Ye had already prepared something.

It was true that Ye Tian had reached a realm that no one could reach. But the world was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

There was an uncharted realm and a deeper darkness!

Ye Tian didn’t know anything.

It was an existence that only Ling Ye knew.

Everyone behind Asura Maniac nodded their heads.

“Alright then, let’s do what the Asura Maniac wants!”

They remained on Ling Ye’s side but for now don’t do anything.


The blood red void was already enveloped in the vast aura of Infinity Realm at this moment! The great powers from all over the world, the top powerhouses from all over, all those who were on his side at the moment, were secretly watching this battle.

All eyes were fixed on the source of the shockwave and the center of the melee.

In the center of that melee, there were only Ling Ye and Ye Tian!

Although Ye Tian brought an army of hundreds of millions, it was impossible for this army to get close to Ling Ye and Ye Tian!

They could only stay behind and try their best to help Ye Tian.

Their role is not too big!

The outcome of this peerless battle was only in the hands of Ling Ye and Ye Tian!

No one else could have any influence on it!

Violet Cloud Realm.

That battle commotion coming from the depths of the void caused the entire world to tremble at this moment!

The battle between Infinite Realm practitioners was truly affecting the entire world!

It enveloped heaven and earth in the true sense.

Luo Xuling stood in the air with her beautiful eyes looking into the void.

She was witnessing that catastrophic battle!

The level of the battle was indeed beyond her ability to participate.

Otherwise.. if she could do something, she might actually move and stand by Ling Ye’s side!

She would help Ling Ye to face Ye Tian together!

But this was useless.

No one could influence this battle.

The outcome of this battle all depended on Ling Ye and Ye Tian alone!

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