Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 74 (Part 3)

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In yet another place.

It’s a normal world, on a normal continent, in a normal town.

Jiang Yuan was going down the streets with his newly wedded wife.

At that moment, their insignificant little world also naturally experienced the vast aura from somewhere countless worlds away.

However, the people of these kind of small places cannot comprehend that power!

All that they can notice is the fact that the sky and earth are trembling!

“What’s going on? An earthquake?”

“It doesn’t seem like an earthquake. Rather, it’s more like as if… Space itself was shaking!”

“Its like the entire world is shaking! Like… It’s trembling in fear!”

“What kind of unbelievable thing happened?”

“Is this the end of the world?”


The entire town was filled with cries of surprise.

And an undercurrent of fear laid beneath that surprise!

Some have already started looking for places to hide.

Some were simply stupefied…

On that street, within the crowd, Jiang Yuan slowly raised his head and looked toward the void above.

Looking through that unfathomable distance across the worlds!

“Infinite realm! Heh! I’ve once again experienced the power of that kind of realm!”

Jiang Yuan had a faint smirk on his face.

In reality, the him who had lived since ancient times have in fact witnessed the Infinite realm before!

And that was Ling Ye.

During the most chaotic time of the myriad realms, Ling Ye had also reached the Infinite realm before!

However, later on, for the sake of keeping the myriad realms peaceful, Ling Ye’s strength fell down from the Inifinite realm.

“Compared to you from back then, it feels… A lot more immature!”

Jiang Yuan smiled.

The aura from Ye Tian’s Infinite realm is indeed very powerful.

But compared to Ling Ye’s Infinite realm from back then, it’s quite lacking!

When it comes down to the feeling of being unbeatable throughout all time, as expected, no one besides Ling Ye was actually capable of it!

“Only… Although it’s immature, but in the here and now, it is an unbeatable existence!”

Jiang Yuan then shook his head.

How’s Ling Ye going to deal with this super prodigy that rose in this new age?

He’s quite curious as well!

Either way, he’s just going to wait to answer Ling Ye’s summoning at any moment!

If Ling Ye just gives the order, he could go through hell for Ling Ye!


At that moment, the shaking of the heavens and earth instantly became even more violent!

“Hah. As expected… You’ve reached the Infinite realm once more!”

Jiang Yuan showed a small smile.

That activity is obviously because the myriad realms… Had produced the aura of another Infinite realm!

Ling Y!

This Infinite realm’s aura came from the depths of the void!

It too enveloped the entirety of the universe in a single instant.

Then, Ling Ye and Ye Tian’s two Infinite realm auras suddenly met within the myriad realms!

They slammed into each other!

The two of them only just broke through, and it’s already enough to cause the entirety of the myriad realms to shake!

As if the entirety of the myriad realms is unable to handle two Infinite realms at once…

Everyone across every location within the myriad realms also detected this vast aura that appeared right after Ye Tian’s.

Another Infinite realm?

As expected, Ling Ye had also reached the Infinite realm!

Violet Cloud Realm.

Hen she detected this familiar but far stronger aura, Lou Xuling instantly let out a relieved breath!

Ling Ye… Had also reached the Infinite realm!

As expected, he could do it too!

With this… The difference between Ling Ye and Ye Tian will no longer be so obvious!

For this final battle, there’s a chance now!

“Two Infinite realms! How terrifying!”

Xun Ruyue spoke in a low tone, “Just how powerful will the clash between two people of this realm be when they actually start fighting?”

“Palace Mistress. Between the two of them… Who’s stronger?”

Everyone’s eyes were on Lou Xuling.

After all, Lou Xuling is peak stage Supreme Divine realm.

Below the Infinite realm, Lou Xuling and her peers are the strongest!

She should be the most capable of judging just who’s stronger or weaker, right?

Ye, Lou Xuling instead shook her head, “That kind of realm is not something that we’re capable of estimating!”

The Infinite realm has already exceeded everything!

It’s exceeded even the existence of the myriad realms!

Supreme Divine is the limit of cultivators!

And the Infinite realm has exceeded the limits, and is thus beyond the limits!

That’s why it’s called the Infinite realm!

Only individuals of the Infinite realm is capable of comprehending the Infinite realm!

However… Everyone knows full well that Ling Ye had broken through the Infinite realm on his own.

While Ye Tian had broken through via gathering the energies of the myriad realms.

Perhaps… Ye Tian really is a bit stronger!

However, that reality is not something that Lou Xuling wanted to admit to!

After all… In the end, she hopes more that Ling Ye would win!

Lou Xuling looked off into the distance then.

Right now, the battle between Ling Ye and Ye Tian has arrived!

She hopes that Ling Ye… Really could forever hold the position of undefeated!

Qiankun Realm.

The outside.

When they felt the vast aura that enveloped the universe that came following Ye Tian’s, everyone was visibly terrified!

Especially Ren Fanchen and his group.

After all, they’re following Ye Tian now!

If Ling Ye won, then all of them, without exception, will definitely die!

And now, Ling Ye had also reached the Infinite realm!

The results are now uncertain!

“The Bloodshade Demon Lord had also reached the Infinite realm after all! But compared to Lord Ye Tian’s Infinite realm, he will definitely be weaker!”

“That’s right. Lord Ye Tian had reached the Infinite realm through the gathered energies of the myriad realms! Ling Ye along will definitely be no match!”

“Anyways, we will follow Lord Ye Tian into battle this day! Even if the opponent is Infinite realm, we are still willing to blindly follow after Lord Ye Tian!”

“We will definitely be able to slay the Bloodshade Demon Lord and bring about a new future for the myriad realms!”


Everyone yelled out loudly.

They still chose Ye Tian!

Because they believe the Ye Tian is a bit stronger!

Ren Fanchen and the rest of those who betrayed Ling Ye were right now lacking in confidence.

Ling Ye has many tricks up his sleeves after all!

Just what the results of this battle might be is still far from certain…

Ren Fanchen lightly clenched the dice in his hand!

Whether of not he’ll win this final gamble of his or not now all depends on Ye Tian!

Inside the Qiankun Realm.

When they felt Ling Ye’s own vast aura, everyone frowned!

That Bloodshade Demon Lord had also broken through to the Infinite realm?

This final battle will be the fight between two Infinite realms then!

A battle never before seen and never to be seen after!

Ye Ziwei stood at the very front of the main hall as she stared unblinking toward that deepest part of the Qiankun Realm!

Everuone’s gazes right now were also staring toward there.

No matter what, in the end, they believe more that Ye Tian will be able to take victory in the end!

Under the gaze of the entirety of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, under the gazes of all around!


Along with that vast aura, a figure instantly shifted from the depths of the Qiankun Realm to the front of this main hall!

It was a man, clothed in blue, straight and tall!

His face was handsome and clean-shaven!

His gaze sharp and heroic!

He is the leader of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, Ye Tian!


When she saw Ye Tian, Ye Ziwei charged straight up and dove into his arms.

She started crying right away, “You’re finally out! I was scared. I was really scared!”

For this past bit of time, although she did indeed forcefully govern the Heaven and Earth Alliance the way she thought was right.

But in her heart, she was actually very unsure.

At the beginning, she was indeed filled with confidence!

But ever since the previous time when the five great factions tried to attack Ling Ye and were wiped out in response, she had completely started to panic!

That immature confidence of hers was completely gone thanks to Ling Ye!

She had clearly felt her helplessness, felt her lack of ability.

Ever since then, she had always been very guilty. She continued to feel like she was completely incapable!

“I made a lot of mistakes Tian-ge. I’m sorry! I made so many mistakes!” Ye Ziwei cried her heart out as she held onto Ye Tian.

If not for her mistake in judgment, Chu Yunxiao and the rest of them wouldn’t have been kept outside.

Those five Supreme Divines wouldn’t have gathered together, and they wouldn’t have gotten that arrogant idea!

And the five great factions wouldn’t have all been wiped out at Ling Ye’s hands!

At the end of it all, all this was due to her mistaken judgment!

She was very confident at first even, believing that her judgment was correct!

But afterwards, she had found out just how shallow and idiotic she was.

“It’s alright! Whatever it is… It can wait until later! For now… Just leave everything to me!”

Ye Tian lightly held Ye Ziwei’s back as he gently comforted her.

He’s of course ignorant of all that happened during the time when he’s been in seclusion!

But all those are now in the past. None of it is important anymore.

From now on, what’s important is… He will take all his people and slay the Bloodshade Demon Lord!

Slay Ling Ye!

With Ye Tian’s hugging her back, Ye Ziwei immediately felt her pillar of support return.

She cried her heart out in Ye Tian’s arms.

“We greet the Alliance Leader!”

At that moment, everyone in the hall gave their greetings as one!

Everyone’s eyes were on Ye Tian.

With the Alliance Leader here, there’s nothing more to fear!

Ye Tian slowly raised his head as his gaze swept across the hall.

The will to fight furiously burned behind that gaze!

Now, it is time to end this!

The next moment, he gave the order, “Pass on my orders! The entire army is to mobilize! Then, we shall slay the Demon Lord!”


Everyone roared out!

Instantly, the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance started moving.

The whole army gathered and assembled!

Then, following Ye Tian, they left the Qiankun realm!

At that moment, all the various factions kept out by Ye Ziwei were waiting at the entrance of the Qiankun Realm!

That includes the former Bloodshade Demon Army lead by Ren Fanchen!

“Lord Ye Tian! We are willing to follow you into battle!”

“Alliance Leader, we are sincerely here to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

“Alliance Leader, please lead us in slaying the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

Everyone spoke to Ye Tian with their hands raised together.

Now, they are already all willing to follow Ye Tian unconditionally!

The current Ye Tian is now the center of admiration, the light of the future!

Ye Tian’s gaze swept across the whole of the enormous army formed of various factions!

In the end, it landed upon Ren Fanchen!

“You guys… Betrayed him?” Ye Tian’s cold voice rang out.

“Hah. That Bloodshade Demon Lord made war on the whole universe. He has killed far too many! For us… None of us are willing to continue being counted as his comrades!”

Ren Fanchen smiled as he bowed with his hands held together, “Therefore… We request that Lord Ye Tian to take us in! We are willing to follow the Heaven and Earth Alliance to subjugate the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

Ye Tian gazed at Ren Fanchen and his group.

With Ren Fanchen and his group’s inclusion, his Heaven and Earth Alliance’s military power will basically double!

“It seems like you’ve realized that you have mended your ways after losing it. Therefore, my Heaven and Earth Alliance… Will naturally welcome you.” Ye Tian then calmly stated.

“Many thanks, Alliance Leader!”

Ren Fanchen and everyone behind him all shouted loudly.

With that, they’re now members of the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

“My apologies everyone! Before… Before, I had no choice either. That’s why I had to turn all of you away at the door!”

At that moment, Ye Ziwei spoke.

She bowed slightly toward Ren Fanchen and all the people of the various factions who came.

“Hoho, it’s fine, it’s fine! The situation then was rather special after all!”

“That’s right, if it was me, I’d have acted cautiously as well!”

“Your actions were right!”


All the people of the various faction hurriedly responded.

Although it was somewhat insulting to have refused them at the door.

However, now that they’ve seen the Infinite Realm Ye Tian, the Ye Tian who stands above all!

They now feel like none of it matters anymore!

She’s Ye Tian’s little sister after all, a bit of immaturity is allowed!

Besides, it’s not like she was actually wrong to do what she did, right?

She’s just being cautious after all!

“Thank you everyone for your understanding!” Ye Ziwei immediately smiled again.

A self-assured smile once more appeared on her face.

Yeah! Although she did make a mistake in judgment!

But she had no choice but to be especially cautious after all!

It’s not like she actually did anything wrong!

Anyone else would have done the same.

“Everyone! The Bloodshade Demon Lord ruled over the universe, crushing the myriad realms beneath him!”

“Under his tyrannical rule, he stained himself with far too much blood and lives!”

“The myriad realms have suffered beneath his reign of terror for far too long!”

“Today is the day when he shall pay for all that he has done!”

“We shall end his rule! End his terror!”

“We shall save this vast universe, these myriad realms!”

Ye Tian’s voice, laced with that vast aura, boomed out across the entirety of both inside and outside of the Qiankun Realm.

Over the entire area, everyone all roared out as one, “We will follow the Alliance Leader into battle!”

“We will follow the Alliance Leader into battle!”

The voices of everyone in the entire vast army of the Heaven and Earth Alliance were all focused together!

Their voices rang across the heavens!

Looking over the vast army before him, Ye Tian wasted no more words.

The next instant, his hand gave a mighty wave!


A huge spacial warp suddenly formed!

“Follow me! To slay the Bloodshade Demon Lord! To Slay Ling Ye!”

Following right behind him, the vast and countless army of the Heaven and Earth Alliance all followed in a tide of people!

Today, the Heaven and Earth Alliance has gather the various factions of the myriad realms and set off to subjugate the Demon Lord!

The final battle has come!

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