Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 74 (Part 2)

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On the other side, the World Sea Ruins.

Within the glowing white sword formation floating in the middle of those desolate ruins.

Bai Jiu, who had been sitting lotus style, slowly raised her head!

“So this is that Infinite realm, huh?”

She quietly muttered, “This time, you really have met one… An opponent you have never met before!”

The previous Ling Ye could sweep across the cosmos, forever undefeated.

But now, Ye Tian has reached an every higher realm!

A realm that not even Ling Ye has reached!

It looks like this battle will indeed turn out like Ling Ye had said!

He will lose!

But he won’t die!

He’ll be back very soon!

That was what Ling Ye had said before.

Although Bai Jiu had no idea whatsoever just what Ling Ye was planning…

“I really am curious just how you’re going to win against an opponent like this!”

Bai Jiu’s mouth quirked up in a small smile.

The next moment, she raised her thin, pale hand and grabbed the stick before her that she had previously whittled down!

Then, she slowly stood up.

She suddenly swung the stick in her hand!


With an explosive sound, the enormous sword formation that covered this section of the World Sea Ruins was instantly dispersed!

She had been sealed here for a thousand years now!

But now… Is the time for her to leave!

“I will protect your 3000 Demon Emperor Army with all my might! Until your return!”

“But I won’t accept any fault if I lack the strength to hold on until then!”

After all, Ye Tian is at the Infinite realm right now!

For Supreme Divine realms, she’s confident that no matter who comes for her, there’s no way that they’d get past her!

But if it’s the Infinite realm, then there’s nothing that she can do!

Either way, she’ll do all that she can to fulfill Ling Ye’s request!

Even if it were to cost her life!

As for what the results of that would be, that’s something that she can’t offer any guarantees for.

On another side, the Chaotic Asura Realm.


The hammer in Asura Maniac’s hand suddenly slammed down onto the black blade that he was forging!

Then, he slowly raised his head and felt that vast aura coming from the Qiankun Realm.

“Infinite realm huh?”

“The battle between the two of you… Has finally come!”

Asura Maniac then put down the great saber that he had been forging.

Then, he grabbed his warhammer and moved.

He directly flew out of the 18 Layered Asura Hell!

At that moment, the entirety of the Chaotic Asura Hells, both inside and out, were all looking up at the stars above them.

They of course also felt that mighty aura.

It’s a power stronger than anything they’ve ever felt before!

In all the myriad realms, no one had ever reached that realm before!

At the very least, they’ve never seen someone reach that realm!

That incomparable realm!


Just then, Asura Maniac’s figure flew out from the Asura Hells.

“Big bro!?”

Right then, a bunch of figures stood u from the crowd.

Asura Maniac did grow up within this area.

So it’s only natural for there to be some factions belonging to himself.

Or rather, to him, they don’t count as factions!

But rather brothers.

“Big bro, are we going to fight? There should still be time for just to join a side!”

The brothers below him asked Asura Maniac.

Before they didn’t particularly care!

But now, they’ve felt Ye Tian’s unprecedentedly powerful aura!

Now they can be sure. Next… The myriad realms really might be calling Ye Tian their ruler!

“Join a side? Who do you plan on joining?” Asura Maniac gazed at them.

“That… Of course it’s the Heaven and Earth Alliance’s side! After all… From the looks of it, the Heaven and Earth Alliance will definitely win!”

“That’s right, even the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s enormous army had betrayed him! The Bloodshade Demon Lord will definitely lose!”

“There’s no real point to this battle!”


Everyone was saying so.

In all the myriad realms, practically everyone was thinking the same.

Ye Tian is certain to win!

What follows will be Ye Tian’s age!

“I’ve already chosent the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s side! If you guys want to join Ye Tian’s side, then I don’t mind!”

Those are the words that Asura Maniac said next though.

The moment those words were uttered, everyone was shocked!


He picked the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s side?

Now of all time?

That… It’s completely stupid though!

Based on the current situation, it seems like Ling Ye was certain to lose though!

Why is their big bro instead on Ling Ye’s side?

Several guys exchanged a few looks before letting out a breath, “Since big bro is on his side, then we… Will do the same!”

They’re following Asura Maniac after all. They’ll follow him wherever he goes!

Weather it be though life or death!

“Don’t worry, he won’t lose!”

Asura Maniac then spoke, “We’re not joining this battle! We’re just watching!”

Based on what Ling Ye had said, Ling Ye didn’t need their help to deal with Ye Tian!

He instead had other plans!

Therefore, they won’t be joining in no matter what ends up happening in this battle!

Besides, if it’s the Infinite realm, then nothing would change even if they did join.


Everyone nodded.

Then, they followed after Asura Maniac as they all left this Chaotic Asura Realm!

Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest.

At this moment, the entire Abyssal Sea was covered in maelstroms.

It’s because their Abyssal Sea was an ocean that connected the seas of countless worlds from the start.

Thus, when many worlds all started staking together, it’s only natural that the tremors of the Abyssal Sea was made even more obvious!

A this moment, at the bottom of the deep abyss.

An enormous army of billions of daemonesses was currently gathering continuously…

Daemons of all kinds, all sorts of strange daemonesses. They were all being summoned.

They were truly a mass of allure…

“Infinite realm! So this is the Infinite realm huh?”

“So powerful. We truly feel tiny before such power!”

“My queen, are we really going to join in on this? And… On the opposite side against the Heaven and Earth Alliance at that?”

The mass of eyes were all looking toward Ming Ji at the very front.

The moment she detected that activity, Ming Ji had summoned up all of them.

She said to prepare for battle!

That they must be ready at any moment to support… The Bloodshade Demon Lord!

Even at this kind of time, she still intends to be on Ling Ye’s side. Their queen’s obsessive love toward Ling Ye really is somewhat beyond their expectations!

“If he needs it, I’m willing to dive into hell itself!”

At the very front, Ming Ji’s alluring face held a certain determination!

She wonders if the later that Ling Ye spoke of is now?

If it is now, then she will fight without hesitation!

No matter who the opponent is!

No matter how strong the opponent is!

Even if it’s to die alongside Ling Ye, she still won’t hesitate at all!

“All of you have the right to chose whether or not to follow me to this battle!”

Ming Ji turned back to look at all the daemonesses of the entire Abyss Sea Daemon Nest.

This was her own personal decision. It has nothing to do with all her subordinates!

None of them needs to join her!

However, all the daemonesses instead only let out a resigned sigh, “We… Wish only to follow our queen!”

“Wherever our queen goes, we too shall follow!”

“Even if it means our death!”

“Be it through a mountain of blades or down a sea of flames, we… Will always follow your majesty!”


Everyone loudly stated it.

They simply has that kind of loyalty toward Ming Ji!

They won’t have any complaints even if it’s to follow Ming Ji to their deaths for Ling Ye’s sake.

Ming Ji simply swept her gaze across everyone there, but she didn’t say anything!

She knows very well just what kind of people her Abyss Sea Daemon Nest is like.

She then simply continued to look up above the oceans.

Waiting to Ling Ye’s summoning!

While also hoping for his summoning!

In the hopes that Ling Ye really will have a use for her!

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