Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 74 (Part 1)

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Chapter 74: The Final Battle is Here. What Did You Do To Her?


That unprecedentedly powerful aura started out from the Qiankun Realm!

Then, it expanded out to fill the entirety of the myriad realms!

The entirety of the myriad realms thus descended into fear!

It was like all the myriad realms were all welcoming… The descent of a king!

Outside the Qiankun Realm, in several miniature worlds.

Everyone rejected by Ye Ziwei all swarmed out.

At the front of that enormous army, Ren Fanchen stood with his dice slowly turning and his eyes narrowed!

“So this is… The Infinite realm, huh?”

His eyes was at this moment focused in the direction of the Qiankun Realm.

He felt that incomparably powerful aura!

This mighty pressure that could force the entirety of the myriad realms to their knees.

That’s a true king!

Ren Fanchen’s mouth twitched up in a small grin.

Given this… This Ye Tian truly was the right choice!

Following his will definitely be more worth it than following Ling Ye!

Ye Tian… Will definitely win against Ling Ye!

Behind him, the vast former Bloodshade Demon Army thought the same at this moment.

They used to be a bit worried before. Worried that Ye Tian won’t be a match for Ling Ye!

However, after experiencing this mighty aura, they were instantly filed with confidence!

This power was something that they had never experienced before!

They’ve never felt such power even from Ling Ye!

Before that vast aura, it was like all of them were as insignificant as ants!

This is the legendary Infinite realm after all! Ye Tian had finally reached this realm!

At this moment, with all the various factions that came to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance, every single person had the same expression on their faces!

“How powerful! So this is… The future king of the myriad realms!”

“It’s as if the myriad realms have already been forced beneath his feet!”

“Alliance leader Ye Tian will be the new lord over the myriad realms!”

“From now on… The universe will belong to alliance leader Ye Tian!”

“The myriad realms will finally completely escape the rule of the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

“We will follow alliance leader Ye Tian and open up a new age!”

“An age of light!”


At this moment, everyone felt like their blood was boiling.

Their hearts soared!

They have already completed all their preparations. They can follow Ye Tian at any momernt… To subjugate the Bloodshade Demon Lord!

To subjugate Ling Ye!

From this day onward, that terror that hung over the hearts of all within the myriad realms!

That absolute fear toward Ling Ye!

Shall be completely erased!

The myriad realms of the future shall definitely be brighter!

On the other side, at the Violet Cloud Realm.

When she detected that mighty aura from Ye Tian that covered the myriad realms, Lou Xuling’s figure flew out from the Flower Sea Palace.

At that moment, she frowned. There was a hint of worry on that peerless face!

Ye Tian… Had come out of seclusion!

And this is… The aura of an Infinite Realm.

Just how powerful is that!

It’s already completely not something that the Supreme Divine realm could hope to compare to!

Ye Tian had gone into seclusion for over a month, and as expected… He had reached that legendary realm!

What about Ling Ye though?

Why is there no response from Ling Ye?

Speaking of, she hasn’t felt anything from Ling Ye from a month now!

Even that Zhuge Qingchan had completely disappeared to who knows where!

Ever since their parting at the Taixu Divine Tribe, she hasn’t seen either of them since then.

Where did Ling Ye go?

Now that Ye Tian has already come out, where is he still?

At this moment, Lou Xuling had a completely worried look on her face!

She was worried over no one else but Ling Ye!

Even though she does indeed hate Ling Ye!

In the past, she indeed had complicated feelings about him!

But now that this moment has really arrived, now that the final battle truly is imminent!

She is quite clear just what she hopes for.

What she hopes for is that Ling Ye won’t lose. That Ling Ye could in!

What she hopes for is that the father of her child could live!

At this kind of time, she had no choice but to admit to the real thoughts she held in her heart.

She doesn’t want Ling Ye to lose at all. She even… Truly was worried over him!

At this moment, Lou Xuling was alike a wife at home, pining for her husband’s safe return…

She hopes that Ling Ye would be safe!

That this final moment, she finally admitted to herself that she does indeed… Hold some feelings toward Ling Ye.

They’re very complicated feelings!

Perhaps, from the very start, she already held feelings for that man.

Only, it’s something that she had never admitted to herself!

Lou Xuling gazed far off into the distance, piercing through the myriad realms, toward the direction of the Qiankun Realm!

Where is Ling Ye right now?

How is Ling Ye going to deal with such a powerful Ye Tian?

She lightly bit down on her ruby lips, the complicated feelings she had toward Ling Ye had now finally spilled forth uncontrollably!

Whoosh, whoosh, whosh!

At this moment, Xun Ruyue and the various high ranking elites of the Violet Cloud Realm also flew out.

“What a terrifying aura! Is this that legendary Infinite realm?”

At this moment, all of them felt completely shocked.

Ye Tian had only just left his seclusion, but his mighty aura was already enough to make all of the myriad realms tremble!

Just how powerful is this?

None of them have ever experienced such a powerful aura!

Not even Ling Ye was so vastly overpowering!

“Palace Mistress! Should we… Fight?”

Xun Ruyue immediately asked Lou Xuling.

All of the many divine maidens of the Violet Cloud Realm were all also looking toward Lou Xuling!

They obviously also noticed the worry on Lou Xuling’s face.

Ling Ye and Ye Tian’s battle did after all have something to do with her.

After all, she was the one who made that statement originally!

Only… Everyone was still somewhat unsure! If the Palace Mistress wanted Ling Ye to win!

Or if she hoped that Ye Tian would win?

It should be Ling Ye, right?

After all, their Palace Mistress didn’t have any feelings whatsoever toward Ye Tian!

For Ling Ye on the other hand, she would keep showing that strangely girlish attitude…

“Even if we did fight… It wouldn’t change anything!”

Lou Xuling took a deep breath and calmly stated that.

The Infinite realm. That power is something that they can all clearly feel now!

Besides another Infinite realm, there’s no one else capable of dealing with an Infinite realm!

Right now… The only hopes is left with Ling Ye!

In the hopes that that guy… Could really bring out some unbelievable trick.

Otherwise… Even if he had two lives, it would still be of no use!

And their child would then end up fatherless!

Xun Ruyue and the rest of them nodded.

True enough. A battle on that level was already completely beyond what they’re capable of participating in!

Right now, all that they can do is just quietly watch this battle unfold!

“Speaking of… There hasn’t been any news about that Bloodshade Demon Lord for a month now already, right?”

Xun Ruyue continued, “If he hasn’t reached the Infinite realm, then there’s no way he’d be able to face Ye Tian!”

In the past, the Supreme Divine realm was the peak for the myriad realms!

Ling Ye was the unbeatable existence of the myriad realms!

But now, that’s no longer true!

The Infinite realm is now the true ruler!

The new peak!

Lou Xuling frowned slightly.

Ling Ye… Should have a plan of his own, right?

He did do a ton of preparations before!

So he should be able to deal with Ye Tian, right?

Even if he couldn’t deal with Ye Tian this once, he definitely would have left some backup plan given his two lives!

Now, all she could do as pray in her hearts!

Pray that Ling Ye could live on!

That he won’t lose!

If there’s absolutely no other way, then even if he lose one battle… He must not lose the whole war!

It’s fine for him to lose one life!

But he must keep the second one!

Ling Ye must have a plan.

She also has faith that he has a plan!

Why else did he take her power of two lives at the start?


T/N:  This chapter is far larger than the usual ones, so it’s going to have to be split up.

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