Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Ye Tian Exits Seclusion

“Go into seclusion cultivation! Five years from now… We’ll meet again!” Ling Ye spoke calmly.


Zhuge Qingchan strongly nodded before adding one final statement, “My lord. You will absolutely… Definitely not loose!”

“Losing this one battle… But not the war!”

Ling Ye lightly smiled. However, he didn’t stay long.

He immediately turned around and left this spacial pocket.

Then, he shattered the entrance to this hidden miniature world!

Thus, no one else will be able to find this place!

Instantly, Zhuge Qingchan was left alone in this pitch black and quiet hidden space.

Along with Ling Ye’s body, still continuously automatically perfecting itself.

“My lord. We… Will meet again in five years!”

Zhuge Qingchan then ate the pills that Ling Ye left behind.

“It’s a good opportunity here for me to make for the sovereign realm!”

She then sat down lotus style.

Then, within this darkness, within this quietness, she entered secluded meditation mode…

After leaving where he was, Ling Ye arrived at the depths of the void.

Within this blood colored void depths, that Void Thone stood there on its own.

Ling Ye slowly walked up to it before sitting down upon that throne!

Now, everything is prepared!

He could now break through to the Infinite realm. And then… Face Ye Tian in battle!

After the ending, he will then begin his new age!

Within that blood red boundless void, Ling Ye sat there on his own!

He was using his own might to break through to the Infinite realm!

Violet Cloud Realm.

After returning, Lou Xuling consumed the Bloodsun Divine Fruit.

She quietly sat down lotus style alone within the Flower Sea Palace.

Her eyes were tightly shut, but her long eyelashes waved slightly.

Her will dove in within her body and closely examined the fragile new life within her.

The nourishment of the Bloodsun Divine Fruit made that tiny life very healthy!

That wondrous life grew, little by little, under her close watch and protection.

As she watched that tiny life glow little by little, Lou Xuling’s mouth unconsciously quirked up into a smile.

She has never really smiled before!

No one had ever really seen her smile!

The smile of a beauty… Can overturn the world!

However, that vision of utter beauty won’t be seen by anyone.

Right away, she slowly opened her eyes.

The smile on her beautiful face also faded away!

What replaced it was a sense of resignation!

Having singularly decided to give birth to this child, it’s only natural… That she felt some resignation!

She had chosen to shoulder everything herself!

For one… She didn’t want Ling Ye to know, nor did she want anyone else to know!

For two… She might have somewhat… Not wanted to distract Ling Ye!

She really did actually greatly hope that Ling Ye won’t lose this final battle!

That he won’t die!

She doesn’t want him to die even once!

Although she didn’t want to tell that bastard Ling Ye about her pregnancy.

In the end, she does still want her child to have a father when it’s born!

After letting out a small breath, Lou Xuling calmed her thoughts!

Some matters are unchangeable.

Ling Ye and Ye Tian will definitely have their battle!

Only, the result of that battle is still unknown!

She hopes… That Ling Ye really can win!

She hopes that all those preparations that he’s been doing recently really will end up being enough to let him deal with Ye Tian!

Time slowly moved forward.

Under the waiting and anticipation of the various powers of the myriad realms…

One day after another… After another…

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed…

That month seemed to have passed very slowly, but it also seemed to have gone past very quickly as well!

Qiankun Realm.

The Heaven and Earth Alliance.

Ye Ziwei and all the higher ups of the Heaven and Earth Alliance were all gathered in the main hall.

Everyone was reporting the current situation of the Heaven and Earth Alliance to Ye Ziwei!

“The various powers of the myriad realms have answered the call of our Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

“At this moment, our Heaven and Earth Alliance has already gathered a great and mighty army never before seen in history!”

“It’s even greater than the previous Bloodshade Demon Army!”

“If we add in the Bloodshade Demon Army outside that came to join us, then all together, we have as many as 2000 Divine Emperors!”

“And one Supreme Divine! Ren Fanchen!”


The various higher ups had summarized the whole situation of the Heaven and Earth Alliance’s great army.

Up at the head, Ye Ziwei felt a bit guilty!

Truth be told, it could have been far stronger than this!

In truth, they could have had six Supreme Divines!

They could also have had many more Divine Emperors and Divines.

But because of her misjudgment, it ended up leading to the deaths of Chu Yunxiao and company!

It really was a shame!

“At this moment, the entire great army of the Heaven and Earth Alliance has basically been fully tallied up! Everyone who wanted to join our Heaven and Earth Alliance has basically already arrived!”

“All preparations are complete!”

Everyone thus reported.

Up at the head, Ye Ziwei lighty nodded her head.

Right now, all preparations were complete. All they’re missing is Ye Tian!


Just then, a rumbling came from the depths of the Qiankun Realm!

When they noticed that activity, everyone’s gazes all turned to look in the direction of the Qiankun Realm’s depths!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!!!

Right after, that activity became stronger and stronger…

Until finally…


An explosive sound rang out!

Right after that, an aura, unprecedented in power, appeared!

It was an aura vast enough to cover the entirety of the myriad realms!

It spread out from within the deepest part of the Qiankun Realm!

That vast aura was instantly noticed by the entirety of the myriad realms!

In that one instant, the heavens shook!

In that instant, all the myriad realms witnessed it!

That unprecedentedly powerful aura, filled the universe and all the myriad realms within it…

Up at the head of the main hall of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, Ye Ziwei excitedly stood up.

An ecstatic expression appeared on her face!

“Tian-ge has finally… Exited seclusion!”

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