Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Preparations Complete

Ling Ye only needs one after all, right?

So what’s wrong with him giving the one left over to her?

“Want it?” Ling Ye looked at Lou Xuling and smiled.

Lou Xuling first shot him a glare before speaking, “You said before that you owe me a favor!”

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t need a favor from me?” Ling Ye instead replied.

“I…” Lou Xuling had nothing to reply with.

True, she did say that in anger back then.

But that’s only something said in anger!

Also, this isn’t for me, but for our child!

No, it’s for my child!

Seeing Lou Xuling acting like that, Ling Ye started laughing.

“The big one’s mine. You can have the small one! Now… We’re even!”

He then handed the small one over.

True enough, he did owe Lou Xuling a favor for moving the Violet Cloud Realm.

Now, since she needs it, then he might as well give it to her!

After all, he only needs one!

As she watched Ling Ye hand the Bloodsun Divine Fruit over!

Lou Xuling extended her hand and grabbed it.

The big one for Ling Ye and the small one for her, that works out quite well actually!


She let out a cold snort!

Even? Easy for him to say!

There’s no way things will ever be easy between the two of them!

After giving Ling Ye another glare, Lou Xuling then turned about and got ready to leave.

However, she ended up stopping before quietly asking, “Why do you need the Bloodsun Divine Fruit for? Is it for the battle?”

For this recent bit of time, Ling Ye seemed to have been continuously doing some rather strange things.

Was it for dealing with Ye Tian?

Does he really have a way to deal with Ye Tian?

“You really hope that I’d win?” Ling Ye just smiled.

That Lou Xuling. It seems like she… Really is on his side now?

The original heroine has not become his heroine?

“That’s your business. What does that have to do with me?”

Lou Xuling just turned back to glare at Ling Ye again before vanishing on the spot!

She does indeed hope that Ling Ye would win!

But she doesn’t want to admit it to his face!

After Lou Xuling left, Ling Ye simply stood where he was with a smirk!

That Lou Xuling really has changed!

Speaking of, why does she need the Bloodsun Divine Fruit anyways?

Also, that strangely girlish stubbornness that she showed in front of him seems to have gotten stronger and stronger!

Ling Ye didn’t really think much of it either. He just shifted his gaze to the Taixu Chief and his group before saying, “Many thanks!”

With that, he took Zhuge Qingchan with him and left…

Leaving the Chief of the Taixu Divine Tribe and the many higher ups of it to simply stand there helplessly!

At that moment, all of them were depressed!

Sigh, if they had just made the trade with Lou Xuling at the start, things wouldn’t have ended up developing this way!

But now, they didn’t get anything out of it, but instead just lost both of the Bloodsun Divine Fruits.

In the end, they were left with nothing!

“You idiot girl! Look what you’ve done!”

Then, the Taixu Chief turned around and glared angrily a the girl who went to pick the fruit just then.

That girl hurriedly lowered her head, “Grandpa Chief, I… I…”

She wanted to try and explain.

But she had nothing to argue with!

It’s all because of her moment of stupidity that both Bloodsun Divine Fruits were taken!

“You what? Solitary confinement. One year!” The Taixu Chief directly ordered.

“Ah? A year?” The girl was stunned, “Don’t, grandpa Chief. I’ll die of boredom!”

“Take this as a lesson to help you remember not be so idiotic in the future!” The Taixu Chief coldly spoke.

“Wah… Grandpa Chief, I’m sorry, I’m sorry alright!”

The girl hurriedly begged for mercy, “Besides, we might have lost both Bloodsun Divine Fruits, but… But that Demon Lord said that he owed us a favor! A favor from the Demon Lord is worth two fruits, right?”

“You dare to still argue?” The Chief got mad, “Two years then!”

“Nononono… Grandpa Chief, I was wrong, I was wrong alright! One year, one year please!” The girl hurriedly admitted fault.

The Chief looked at his young granddaughter, but in the end, he just sighed in resignation.

Let it be just one year then!

“That Bloodshade Demon Lord’s battle against the leader of the Heaven and Earth Alliance is imminent. For that battle, it’s hard to say who will win or lose!”

The Chief then slowly spoke, “It’s questionable whether or not he’ll even be able to return that favor of his!”

“He can. He definitely can! I believe in him!” The girl clenched her fists.

The Chief immediately glared at her.

“I… I’m going to solitary confinement now! Bye!”

She thus hurriedly turned about and ran off!

If she stayed any longer, she might end up with even more time added to her sentence…


The Taixu Chief let out a long sigh where he still was.

Here’s hoping that Ling Ye really will be able to return that favor!

He also hopes that Ling Ye’s auspicious words from before really will be realized for their Taixu Divine Tribe!

Sigh! Today really was unlucky!

Ling Ye brought Zhuge Qingchan back to that dark and tiny space pocket.

They arrived before that new body!

Ling Ye brought out the Bloodsun Divine Fruit and merged it into that new body of his.

Following the absorption of Bloodsun Divine Fruit, the entire body’s merging speed immediately increased greatly!

Ling Ye’s lips quirked up in a faint grin.

Thus… His preparations are complete!

The moment he dies, his own will will be reborn within that body!

And within five years at most, this body lying quietly here will have reached the Supreme Divine Realm!

And it will be at the peak stage of Supreme Divine realm at that!

A Supreme Divine within five years. This kind of speed is definitely the fastest that has ever been or ever will within the myriad realms!

Consider how difficult it is for a Supreme Divine to appear?

But he could make one in just five years!

Even Ling Ye could only make a single body like that!

It’s because those special materials are basically unique from the start.

“Five years from now! I will completely remake the myriad realms!”

Ling Ye solemnly stated.

At that time, he will recreate the new Bloodshade Demon Army!

And then, he will forever crush the myriad realms beneath him!

“Are you willing… To wait five years for me!”

Ling Ye asked Zhuge Qingchan.

Since his new body is hidden here, obviously it’s best if as few people as possible knows of it!

Thus, he doesn’t planning on letting Zhuge Qingchan leave this place.

It’s in order to prevent anything unexpected from happening!

When Ling Ye said that, Zhuge Qingchan could obviously understand the meaning behind them!

Thus, she strongly nodded, “My lord, I’m willing!”

“Very good! Then from now on, you will stay here!”

Ling Ye then waved his hand and brought out a pill, “There’s no need for you to waste the next five years of time. You can use this opportunity to go into seclusion cultivation!”

“Hn! Thank you my lord!” Zhuge Qingchan nodded strongly.

Then… She will seclude herself for five years!

Wait for Ling Ye for five years!

When Ling Ye is reborn, is revived, they will forge new glories!

“Speaking of, it’s me who should be thanking you!”

Ling Ye lightly smiled before extending his hand to pat Zhuge Qingchan on the head.

Speaking of, if not for this girl, he would have had to spend a good amount of effort to figure out a way for his rebirth!

She truly is a genius of the ages!

In the future, she will be the strategist of the Bloodshade Demon Army!

Ling Ye’s sudden head-pat instantly made Zhuge Qingchan blush up a storm!

It’s… Her first time!

For her lord to actually do something like that to her?

She’s so happy…

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