Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Who Are You To Him?

“Demon Lord, here’s the Bloodsun Divine Fruit!”

The Taixu Chief rather unwillingly so spoke to Ling Ye.

Whatever. It’s fine even if it’s the big one. At the very least they managed to save the small one!

However, they didn’t realize that Ling Ye had fully noticed their whole silent exchange!

Thus, Ling Ye thought about it a bit…

He first accepted that Bloodsun Divine Fruit before speaking, “Although I’ve heard that the Bloodsun Ancient Tree has existed for countless years! Still, I’ve never taken a proper look. Just why does this ancient and great tree that spans several worlds end up only bearing such small fruits?”

The moment those words came out, the Taixu Chief’s heart sank!

What’s he planning?

What more does he want?

“Why don’t you show me then?” Ling Ye gazed at the Taixu Chief.

“That… Demon Lord, the place where the fruit grows is a tree within the tree. That’s why the fruit is so small!”

The Taixu Chief immediately hurried to explain.

“It looks like you’re not willing to show me? In that case, I’ll go ahead myself!” Ling Ye said with a cold smile.

Then, he directly flew toward the direction of the inner section of the ancient tree.

Given the Taixu Chief’s reaction, the Chief obviously didn’t want Ling Ye to go. That just proves that there’s something up!

Thus, he wants to see it even more!

“That… Demon Lord, there’s really nothing to see…”

The Taixu Chief followed behind along with the mass of the Taixu Divine Tribe’s leadership!

Up in the sky, Lou Xuling and Zhuge Qingchan were left on their own.

They were quite curious as well now. Just what is Ling Ye intending?

Just then, Lou Xuling’s gaze fell upon Zhuge Qingchan.

She’s been curious all this time. Just what is this girl’s relationship with Ling Ye?

Why does Ling Ye take her with him wherever he goes?

Zhuge Qingchan also noticed Lou Xuling’s gaze, so she gave a glance back before lowering her head!

Why is this number one beauty in the universe looking at her?

She’s somewhat uncomfortable being stared at like that by Lou Xuling!

Your majesty, milady, what are you looking at me for?

“Who are you to him?” Just then, Lou Xuling spoke up.

There’s no way that she would have asked that kind of question in front of Ling Ye or any other outsiders.

But now that there’s no one around, she could ask it!

“I… I’m his… Strategist!” Zhuge Qingchan quietly whispered.


With that, Lou Xuling mysteriously felt a lot more comfortable.

So she’s his strategist huh?

And here she thought that they might have had some kind of special relatinship!

If it’s just a strategist, then it’s only logical for her to follow Ling Ye everywhere!

After all, she might need to advise him at any moment.

With that in mind, Lou Xuling felt relieved.

But right after, she suddenly reacted!

No, that’s wrong. Why’s she being relieved for?

What’s there to be relieved about?

Why did she suddenly turn relieved after finding out that there’s no special relationship between Zhuge Qingchan and Ling Ye?

Could it be that she actually cares what kind of relationship Ling Ye might have with the women around him?

No! There’s no way!

Absolutely not!

Lou Xuling hurriedly suppressed those thoughts of hers!

She doesn’t care about him, not at all!

No matter who’s around him, what does that have anything to do with her?

For someone like him, he definitely will have a lot of woman by his side!

So what does she care about that?

Yeah! She doesn’t care at all!

Not one bit!

At this moment, in the inner section of the Taixu Divine Tribe.

Ling Ye few past the Ancient Tree’s bark and finally entered the insides of the Ancient Tree.

Then, he arrived at a certain special place.

There, the entrances were guarded by many elite heavy guard!

However, Ling Ye simply completely ignored them all!

He just directly entered that special place.

There, there was a a special space.

Countless thickly grown blood red branches were entangled together like they’re some kind of ancient blood red jade.

There is where the Bloodsun Ancient Tree bears its fruits.

Looking at it like this, the Bloodsun Divine Fruit feels less like the Ancient Tree’s fruit, and more like its heart!

A heart that regrows ever million years!

At that moment, one more blood red fruit hung upon those blood red ancient branches!

However, this fruit was obviously a bit smaller and more immature compared to the one in Ling Ye’s hand.

When he saw that fruit, Ling Ye immediately smiled.

So it really was like he thought!

This tree had actually bore two fruits at the same time?

“Demon Lord, this…”

Behind him, the Taixu Chief and his group had also flown in.

Then, they were all speechless!

It’s over!

He saw it in the end after all!

“In the past, this Bloodsun Ancient Tree had always only bore a single fruit! To think that this time, it actually bore two at once?”

Ling Ye showed a slight smile, “It looks like your Taixu Divine Tribe is quite prosperous!”


The Taixu Chief and his group all looked quite depressed.

It’s true that they’re prosperous, but what prosperity is there to speak of after meeting you?

“There’s no need to be so depressed now. This is an auspicious sign! Your Taixu Divine Tribe will definitely develop to even greater heights!”

Ling Ye smiled.

“That… Thank you, Demon Lord, for your auspicious words!” The Taixu Chief hurriedly raised his hands together in a respectful gesture.

“I’m taking both fruits!” Ling Ye then directly picked the smaller Bloodsun Divine Fruit as well.


Everyone of the Taixu Divine Tribe felt a pain in their hearts!

For their Taixu Divine Tribe’s greatest treasure to be picked just like that in front of them. It’s just like as if their own hearts were taken!

This is practically their heart’s blood after all!

With both fruits in his possession, Ling Ye smiled, “I have no grudges against your Taixu Divine Tribe. Therefore… Let’s say that I owe you a favor with this!”

Everyone of the Taixu Divine Tribe showed a depressed face!

Isn’t this just salving us with some money after slapping us in the face?

We would have preferred not to have your favor in the first place!

But no matter what Ling Ye does, they don’t have any choice, nor do they dare to object!

They could only let Ling Ye take it all!

Now that he got both fruits, Ling Ye flew out.

The Taixu Chief and his group also flew out after.

Sigh. This day really was unlucky for them!

Everyone once again returned to the sky up above where they were before.

When she saw that Ling Ye had both a big and small Bloodsun Divine Fruit in his hands, Lou Xuling showed a slight sign of shock!

There’s… Actually two?

Wasn’t it supposed to be only one every million years though?

Thus, she immediately shot a look at Ling Ye.

She of course was hoping that Ling Ye could give one to her!

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