Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Ling Ye, You Will Regret It

Since they don’t have the power to oppose Ling Ye at all!

Given Ling Ye’s temperament, could they really dare to try to talk conditions with him?

Isn’t that just pure suicide?

If he wants something, then you have to give it to him!

If not, then he’ll just use to more direct method to take it!

The Taixu Chief grimaced. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do.

At this rate, the Bloodsun Divine Fruit that only comes once every million years will be gone!

Thus, he hurriedly spoke, “Hoho… Demon Lord. You want the Bloodsun Divine Fruit, but the Violet Cloud Palace Mistress wants it too! But our Taixu Divine Tribe only has one Bloodsun Divine Fruit. That something that we can’t do anything about!”


Ling Ye however just let out a sold snort, “Could it be… That you’re unsure who to give it to?”

“I…” With that, the Taixu Chief had no word with which to reply.

Both people want it, so who does he give it to?

Isn’t that completely obvious?

Like he’d dare to not give it to Ling Ye?

“Should I go get it myself, or will you get it?” Ling Ye spoke tonelessly.

“That…” The Taixu Chief’s old and wrinkled face twitched.

Damn it. Who else would dare to act so arrogant?

Even when it’s someone like Lou Xuling who had come, she still had no choice but to negotiate with their Taixu Divine Tribe!

But Ling Ye is just demanding it! He’s not even bothering with negotiating!

And yet they don’t dare to refuse!

That’s basically just bullying!

Yet, the worst part is that they could only take it!

Refuse? Fine. In that case, Ling Ye will simply take it!

And at that point, the consequences will be even more serious!

“We… We’ll get it ourselves!”

Thus, the Taixu Chief surrendered on the spot as he hurriedly waved, “Go, pick that Bloodsun Divine Fruit and bring it here!”


A young girl with her hair wrapped up in a bun hurriedly turned around and headed off to pick the Bloodsun Divine Fruit.

“Demon Lord… Please wait a moment!” The Taixu Chief could only unhappily bring his hands up together respectfully.

He’s never felt so humiliated before. Ling Ye came to basically rob them, and yet they could do nothing more than give it to Ling Ye!

They couldn’t even get angry about it, being forced to hold it all in!

And they had to act all respectfully to Ling Ye at that…

Lou Xuling frowned. There’s only this one Bloodsun Divine Fruit. If Ling Ye took it, then what about her?

“This is how you negotiate, get it?” Ling Ye was now looking at her.

The people of the Taixu Divine Tribe were speechless.

In all the myriad realms, who besides you could negotiate like that?

Besides, it’s not like you actually negotiated!

You just demanded it outright!

Alright, fine. It does sort of count as negotiation.

The conditions are as follows: Either they give it up on their own accord, or Ling Ye could annihilate them!

Sigh. They could do no more than just take the bullying!

“I need the Bloodsun Divine Fruit!” At that moment, Lou Xuling spoke.

Her gaze was focused on Ling Ye as she said that!

“You need it?”

Ling Ye was somewhat curious, and so he looked back, “What’s with your tone though?”

Why is it that you keep acting like I have to give it to you just because you asked?

It’s not like there’s any sort of relationship between us!

“I already said it, unfortunately, I need it too! Therefore… You just need to wait another million years.” Ling Ye spoke with a smirk.

“Ling Ye! If you don’t give me the Bloodsun Divine Fruit, you’ll regret it!”

Lou Xuling suddenly made that cold statement.

I’m looking to get that Bloodsun Divine Fruit for your child here!

And you’re telling me to wait another million years?


Ling Ye narrowed his eyes, “This… Strange confidence of yours. Where did it come from?”

Me? Regret?

Why would I regret it?

Isn’t there something strange going on with that Lou Xuling?

Is she delusional?

Yet, beneath that confidence, there was also a kind of girlish stubbornness to her as well!

What’s going on here?

“Anyways… You’d best give it to me!” Lou Xuling coldly spoke.

She doesn’t want to say anything more to Ling Ye either!

This matter is something that she never planned on telling Ling Ye in the end!

“I’m rather curious, how are you going to make me regret it?”

Ling Ye however just smiled. He didn’t even consider giving up the Fruit to Lou Xuling.

There’s only one Bloodsun Divine Fruit here, and he needs it!

At that moment, the girl with her hair in a bun from just a bit ago had flown back over with the Bloodsun Divine Fruit!

The fruit is of a deep, blood red color. It’s about the size of a fist while glowing with a bright blood colored aura!

And the air around the fruit was filled with a blood aura visible to the naked eye!

When he saw that Bloodsun Divine Fruit, however, the Taixu Chief’s face suddenly sank!

He was so angry that his beard nearly turned upright!

He gave the girl a terrible glare!

That idiot girl! Why’d she pick the big one?

Truth be told, this time, their Taixu Divine Tribe’s ancient tree had bore two fruits at once!

This was something that only their Taixu Divine Tribe knew of!

When Ling Ye demanded it today, he thought that he could get Ling Ye to leave with just one of them!

Howver, to think that his granddaughter ended up picking the bigger one?

Isn’t that pure idiocy?

The big one had grown for nearly a million years now, while the little one was less than 500,000 years old!

When that girl noticed the Chief’s glare, she suddenly had a realization!

Oh no! She did something stupid!

When she picked the fruit, she was only thinking of the cardinal rule of picking the ripe one and leaving the small one until it’s mature…

But she ended up picking the million years old one!

She should have picked the smaller one!

It’s over!

She’s definitely going to get lectured for this!

The Taixu Chief couldn’t do anything about it right now either. It’s not like he could say anything with Ling Ye right there, so he just glared at her!

Now that she’s already brought it out, it’s not like they can put it back anymore, right?

If they did, then wouldn’t that basically mean exposing the fact that they had two fruits?

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