Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Is This How You Usually Negotiate?

“Of course I know! Therefore… I’m willing to trade ten imperial pills and once Violet Cloud Lotus for the Bloodsun Divine Fruit!”

Lou Xuling waved her hand.


Then pills, glowing with light, along with the vast, imperial class medicinal energy, floated before everyone.

Besides those ten imperial pills, there was also an enormous violet lotus.

That violet lotus shined with violet let, a wave of powerful spiritual energy also filled the air!

Is is an item unique to the Violet Cloud Realm, the Violet Cloud Lotus!

This Violet Cloud Lotus has very powerful effects for one’s cultivation.

It can be said that the value of this one lotus is greater than even all ten of those imperial pills.

In then entirety of the Violet Cloud Realm, there exists only five Violet Cloud Lotuses.

How that she’s brought out one of them, there are only four left.

This was quite an enormous price!

However, if it’s to trade for a Bloodsun Divine Fruit, then it’s about right.

“Hoho. The Violet Cloud Palace Mistress truly is generous!”

On the other side, the Taixu Chief slowly smiled, but he countered, “However… Our Taixu Divine Tribe’s Bloodsun Divine Fruit has never been traded to others! Therefore… Please go back!”

Ten imperial pills can add ten more Divine Emperors to his tribe.

The single Violet Cloud Lotus could moreso greatly increase the strengths of many of his Taixu Divine Tribe’s elites by a great deal!

That was indeed quite generous!

However, compared to the Bloodsun Divine Fruit, they still don’t consider it quite worth it!

The effect of the Bloodsun Divine Fruit is not something that those things can compare to.

Lou Xuling raised an eyebrow before continuing calmly, “Taixu Chief may name a price then. What would it take to trade for the Bloodsun Divine Fruit then?

She really do want to get the Bloodsun Divine Fruit, for the sake of her unborn child.

“Hoho. Since the Violet Cloud Palace Mistress is going that far, our Taixu Divine Tribe will of course need to give you a bit of face in turn!”

The Taixu Chief’s lips quirked up in a cunning grin, “If the Palace Mistress truly wants it, then go ahead and put away those imperial pills! We’ll only need… Five Violet Cloud Lotuses. With that, the Bloodsun Divine Fruit will be yours!”

The moment those words were said, Lou Xuling frowned slightly.

That’s quite the demand!

The Violet Cloud Lotus is the unique and unparalleled treasure of her Violet Cloud Realm!

They only have five total, but now he’s demanding all of them?

That’s basically cutting off the cultivation paths of many of her Violet Cloud Realm’s elits!

“Hoho. If the Palace Mistress can’t bear that price, then… Please go back!” The Taixu Chief smiled.

Lou Xuling didn’t leave though.

However, that price really was a bit much!

If they were to lose those five Violet Cloud Lotuses, then the developmental speed of her Violet Cloud Realm will greatly decrease!

However, for the sake of her child, she doesn’t want to give up on the Bloodsun Divine Fruit either…

“Is this how you usually negotiate?”

Just at that moment, an indifferent voice rang out.

When she heard that voice, Lou Xuling’s face instantly turned cold!

Ling Ye?

Everyone of the Taixu Divine Tribe also reacted, “Who?”

Someone had intruded upon the territory of their Taixu Divine Realm without permission?

Instantly, everyone’s eyes were pointed toward a space in front of Lou Xuling!


There, a blood red warp appeared at that space…

Then, under everyone’s gazes, Ling Ye slowly appeared with Zhuge Qingchan in tow!

“B-Bloodshade Demon Lord?”

When they saw Ling Ye, all of the Taixu Divine Tribe were utterly terrified!

The Taixu Chief couldn’t resist tightly gripping the staff in his hand.

Everyone behind him also went tense in an instant!

What’s the Bloodshade Demon Lord here for?

Why is he here at their Taixu Divine Tribe for?

Their Taixu Divine Tribe never had anything to do with the Bloodshade Demon Lord before, right?

Nor have they ever offended him in any way, right?

Right now, on the verge of the great battle, many people have chosen the Heaven and Earth Alliance’s side!

However, their Taixu Divine Tribe were one of the neutral parties!

They didn’t choose either side!

They had no grudges whatsoever with Ling Ye!

Although they’ve never offended Ling Ye, now that Ling Ye suddenly showed up, they are still somewhat panicking!

What is he here for?

The moment Ling Ye appeared, he turned his head slightly and looked toward Lou Xuling!

He never imagined that she also wants the Bloodsun Divine Fruit.

What’s she want something like that for?

Lou Xuling’s cold gaze was also looking straight at Ling Ye!

She’s also curious. Why is Ling Ye here?

Also, why is it that Zhuge Qingchan is with him everywhere he goes?

Just what’s that brat’s relationship with him?

“You want the Bloodsun Divine Fruit as well?”

Just then, Ling Ye spoke.

“That’s none of your concern!” Lou Xuling spoke coldly as she turned her head away.

“Of course it’s my concern!” Ling Ye calmly smiled, “Because unfortunately, I need the Bloodsun Divine Fruit as well!”

The moment those words were spoken, Lou Xuling frowned!

He wants it too?

On the other side, the masses of the Taixu Divine Tribe also reacted!

Ling Ye… Is here for the Bloodsun Divine Fruit as well?

It’s all over!

That that moment, their hearts sank.

If anyone else wants the Bloodsun Divine Fruit, they can refuse!

They can negotiate!

But when it’s Ling Ye who wants the Bloodsun Divine Fruit, what can they do?

They can’t do anything!

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