Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Where’s the Reimbursement?

She then hurriedly shouts out, “Are you doing all this in order to deal with Ye Tian?”

Ling Ye definitely had a reason for going around and destroying or moving various worlds around the myriad realms.

She could think of that reason too. It’s to deal with Ye Tian!

“You’ll know in time!”

Ling Ye merely spoke that single statement before he vanished.

Watching as Ling Ye vanished, leaving only a blank space where he was, Lou Xuling couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment!

That piece of shit. Has he never considered talking with her a bit more?

Fine! She had already decided to not have any more to do with him after all!

She won’t expect anything of him!

The child in her belly will be hers and hers alone, and have nothing to do with him!

She won’t feel anything more for him!

However… Right now, a bigger part of her does indeed hope for Ling Ye’s Victory.

As for her wish to kill Ling Ye, it had long since completely vanished from her heart at some unknown point!

Right now, she just has a bit of a selfish hope that her child will have a father when it’s born.

Even if it’s a father that they’ll never know!

She also hopes that Ling Ye won’t lose, since that way, she won’t need to own up to that stupid statement she made way back then!

She doesn’t want to marry anyone.

Now that she’s pregnant, it’s even more absolute that she cannot marry anyone!

Lou Xuling thus considered at this moment…

She doesn’t now just what’s the point of all that Ling Ye has been doing!

Anyways, she just hopes that he really will stay unbeatable for all time!

Right now, he has two lives, so he could lose just once… Without completely loosing!

Lou Xuling then turned around, “Repair all the remaining damages. From now on, our Violet Cloud Realm will be taking root here!”


The various divine maidens nodded before going into action.

They started checking over the entire Violet Cloud Realm before repairing all the minor issues!

Xun Ruyue’s figure flew on over and suddenly said something, “He said that he will reimburse us before, but there’s nothing at all now!”

Yeah, she still clearly remember his words from back then.

Before, Ling Ye had said that he’ll make up for all the damages that the Violet Cloud Realm takes during the moving.

But now?

He just did one thing before turning and leaving?

Where’s the reimbursement?

With those words, Lou Xuling also reacted.

She forgot as well. She should have made Ling Ye reimburse her!

“Whatever! We don’t need him!”

With that statement from Lou Xuling, she started examining all the issues with the Violet Cloud Realm.

Xun Ruyue was a bit annoyed though.

Why does she feel like there’s some kind of issue with the Palace Mistress’s “don’t need him”?

But she couldn’t quite put her finger on just where that issue is…

Xun Ruyue stopped thinking much of it. Instead, she turned to work with everyone to repair all the minor issues with the Violet Cloud Realm!

They’ll be restoring the Violet Cloud Realm back to its previous state!

After the relocation of the Violet Cloud Realm was done, the entire great formation covering the entirety of the myriad realms was finally competed!

Next is the time when they’ll be setting the position of his rebirth!

“My lord, next… You’ll be able to use this formation to determine the location for your rebirth!”

Zhuge Qingchan spoke to Ling Ye within the depths of the scarlet void.

Ling Ye lightly nodded before slowly closing his eyes.

In that instant, his divine perception synchronized with the great formation and covered the entirety of the myriad realms!

Everything was now within Ling Ye’s senses.

He could clearly feel the great flows of spiritual energy within the myriad realms!

It’s an innate, vast, and unmovable energy. A power beyond comparison!

It’s a great power that doesn’t quite exist, but is nonetheless real!

The countless starts. The vast universe. All of it moves within that great flow of spiritual energy, vast and unending!

Ling Ye closed his eyes to search and simulate what he wanting. It took a great deal of time.

Finally, he located a single point within the myriad realms!

He had determined the location where he will be reborn.

It’s a tiny hidden space within the myriad realms!

It’s very small!

An unknown and tiny world hidden within the myriad realms. Somewhere that no normal person could possibly find!

Nor could they sense it!

The next moment, Ling Ye opened his eyes.

He had confirmed it. There is where he will be reborn.

Then, Ling Ye took Zhuge Qingchan with him as they headed for that secret space!

In the depths of the myriad realm, it was pitch black in that small space!

There was nothing there!

However, it is a core location within the great flow of spiritual energy.

Ling Ye appeared here with Zhuge Qingchan.

Immediately after, he pulled out the various materials that he had prepared such as the Spiritual Attraction Stone, the Starforged Divine Iron, the Sea Stabilization Pearl, and all the other materials, big and small!

Seeing all that laid out, Zhuge Qingchan was somewhat curious.

What is Ling Ye planing?

Truth be told, she had been quite curious ever since Ling Ye took the Spiritual Attraction Stone from the Spirit Tribe. What is Ling Ye going to do with all this stuff?

After bringing out all the materials, Ling Ye didn’t speak!

He only spread his hands before vast blood colored aura surged out to merge all those unique materials together.

Under the cover of that bloody aura, all the materials started slowly being merged and remade…

This bit of crafting continued for several days…

Finally, a body slowly took form!

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