Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: One Last Thing Missing

Zhuge Qingchan watched curiously as the person slowly took form.

So the reason Ling Ye got all those top class divine materials was for making a body?

This was a person. A man.

It was… Identical to Ling Ye!

“This is… My lord?” Zhuge Qingchan was slightly surprised.

Wasn’t this Ling Ye?

She instantly understood!

So then, Ling Ye was forging himself a new body then?

Just how powerful would a body formed of all those top class materials be?

When all those materials were finally all combined into a single body, Ling Ye finally withdrew his hand.

“This new body has been finished when it comes to the forging, however… It still needs a certain amount of time before it could properly combine!”

Ling Ye calmly spoke.

Supreme Divine realm isn’t something that could appear so easily after all.

Even if he used all the most special materials of the myriad realms to forge it, it doesn’t necessarily meant that it’ll be Supreme Divine realm the moment it’s been forged!

This body might look like it’s been complete, but in reality, the insides of this body still needs time to slowly merge and combine!

This will take a certain amount of time!

“Then… How long will it take?” Zhuge Qingchan asked curiously.

“Ten years or a hundred, it’s all possible!”

Ling Ye let out a breath before continuing, “But if I were to add a certain something then… It will be done combining within five years!”

“What it is?” Zhuge Qingchan asked.

“Taixu Divine Tribe’s… Bloodsun Divine Fruit!” Ling Ye spoke tonelessly.

“Bloodsun Divine Fruit? That legendary… The Bloodsun Divine Fruit that’s said to only fruit once every million years?”

Zhuge Qingchan was a bit surprised.

Legend has it that in the beginning of the myriad realms, there existed an ancient tree. That tree’s roots have sunk deeply into many ancient realms among the stars.

It absorbs the spiritual powers of countless worlds, and then it fruits once every million years.

It’s fruit could greatly nourish one’s body!

It also has all kinds of great and miraculous effects when it comes to cultivation, growth, and healing as well.

It’s known as the omnipotent divine fruit!

As legends tell it, even the greatest elixirs crafted by the greatest alchemists of the myriad realms couldn’t so much as compare to a single Bloodsun Divine Fruit.

That’s jut how miraculous and powerful this fruit was!

And that Bloodsun Ancient Tree belongs to the Taixu Divine Tribe.

“But… How could the Taixu Divine Tribe possibly give you the Bloodsun Divine Fruit?” Zhuge Qingchan followed up.

The chief of the Taixu Divine Tribe is a peak stage Supreme Divine realm existence!

The Taixu Divine Tribe is also one of the greatest and most ancient factions within the myriad realms.

“Like I need their permission?” Ling Ye simply smiled.

“That…” Zhuge Qingchan let out a dry laugh.

That’s right. He’s the Bloodshade Demon Lord after all!

If he wants something, like anyone would dare to not give it up?

The only relevant question is if he wants it or not!

If he wants if, it’ll basically end the same way where you’re willing to give it up or not!

Ling Ye showed a slight smile before taking Zhuge Qingchan with him as they headed for the Taixu Divine Tribe.

Taixu Divine Tribe.

Among the myriad realms, the Taixu Divine Tribe is one of the few ancient tribes who have merged several worlds into one!

The reason is simple. The Bloodsun Ancient Tree’s roots were spread across several major worlds.

Thus, when the Taixu Divine Tribe made their territory, they had pulled all those worlds within the umbrella of the Taixu Divine Tribe!

A tree stood among those worlds. An ancient one whose roots and branches stretched through and across several worlds!

An ancient and opulent palace was constructed among those thick branches.

The Taixu Divine Tribe is an ancient tribe that’s spread across several worlds.

And it’s also an ancient race that lives on that ancient tree!

And today, a very noble guest had come to the Taixu Divine Trible.

At this moment, all the higher ups of the Taixu Divine Tribe had flew over and gathered up in the air above the center-most ancient tree palace.

The reason for that is simple. It’s because this guest had suddenly arrived!

It was none other than the greatest beauty in all the myriad realms! The Palace Mistress of the Violet Cloud Palaces, Lou Xuling.

Her reason for coming here… Is also the Bloodsun Divine Fruit!

The Bloodsun Divine Fruit’s miraculous nourishing effect could not only make sure that the child in her womb will grow up healthy.

It could also guarantee that her child will be bone with talent and power far surpassing what’s normal from birth!

Since she’s already decided that she was giving birth to this child, it’s only natural that she’ll also be doing her upmost to give her child the best she can.

Thus, she purposefully came to the Taixu Divine Tribe!

In order to trade for the Bloodsun Divine Fruit!

“My lady should know well that the Bloodsun Divine Fruit is the greatest treasure of our Taixu Divine Tribe! Only a single fruit is produced every million years!”

In the forefront of all the many higher ups was an elderly man with white hair, holding a staff of ancient wood.

He’s the chief of the Taixu Divine Tribe, as well as a peak stage Supreme Divine realm existence!

In all the myriad realms, the number of those who have reached peak stage of the Supreme Divine realm!

Total less than 10!

And this Taixu chieftain is one of them.

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