Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Who Wants to Become Family With Him?

Lou Xuling was also despairing!

The entire Violet Cloud Realm. Its 49 heavenly islands. The Flower Sea Palace…

Everything is now done for.

She could now only watch as it’s all destroyed!

From this moment onward, the Violet Cloud Realm will be nothing more than a destroyed world…

Every member of their Violet Cloud Realm will from this moment on be without a home to return to…

Everyone was in utter despair and pain!


Yet, right at that moment, a suddenly wave of majestic blood colored energy formed within each and every one of those cracks!

Then, it quickly repaired the already collapsing Violet Cloud Realm!

Under that majestic scarlet light, the entire Violet Cloud Realm was actually slowly being pieced back together…

“This is…”

Everyone shifted their gazes.

Then, they looked toward the core of the Violet Cloud Realm, at the figure that just appeared before Lou Xuling.

Ling Ye!

The bloody aura that was supporting the Violet Cloud Realm naturally came from him!

“Quick! Seize this opportunity and stabilize the Violet Cloud Realm!”

“Everyone together!”

Immediately, every person of the Violet Cloud Realm hurriedly pulled themselves out of their despair!

Then, they once again acted as one!

To hurriedly repair the Violet Cloud Realm.

Behind Ling Ye, Lou Xuling showed a hint of surprise at this moment on her beautiful face!

She never imagined that he would actually act to help!

A demon like him would actually help others?

As her beautiful eyes gazed at the back of Ling Ye before her, Lou Xuling suddenly felt a strange emotion from within her heart…

At that moment, it was like her home, which was about to collapse, was suddenly supported back up by a pillar!

And Ling Ye was that pillar!

And Ling Ye and herself were the masters of the household…

It was like they were family…

The moment that thought popped up, Lou Xuling viciously crushed it back down!

Damn it! How could she possibly have had such thoughts?

Who wants to become family with him?

When Lou Xuling came back to herself, she too released her own vast amounts of spirit energy.

With Ling Ye and Lou Xuling acting together, the entire Violet Cloud Realm, once on the verge of collapse, was soon completely stabilized!

Then, under everyone’s unceasing repairs, each and every crack were slowly suppressed!

This repair work continued on for some time.

Finally, the entire Violet Cloud Realm was completely repaired.

All the cracks had completely faded away.

The Violet Cloud Realm that was just a moment ago collapsing and shattering pretty much everywhere had once again become peaceful.

The sky, the earth, the islands, and the Flower Sea Palace!

Everything everywhere had become peaceful once again.

The beautiful violet clouds still encircled the Violet Cloud Realm.

Some divine realm fragments still floated within the skies of the Violet Cloud Realm.

It gave off a sense of beauty from surviving a disaster!

Although there were still some minor issues remaining.

But those can’t really be considered a big deal anymore. They could easily fix those themselves.

Having seen that the Violet Cloud Realm was, in the end, saved, everyone was overjoyed!

Thank goodness!

Otherwise, the home that they’ve lived in for countless years will really have been destroyed!

Everyone’s gazes turned toward where Ling Ye was, midair.

They never expected it either. For the Bloodshade Demon Lord to actually lend a hand?

Why? Is it because of the Palace Mistress?

Ling Ye turned around and his eyes fell upon Lou Xuling.

Lou Xuling was also looking back at him at that instant, and her gaze immediately shone with a certain kind of coldness!

That kind of coldness that seems forced!

She’s using that coldness to cover up the strange emotional tumults within her own heart!

For the entire Violet Cloud Realm, as they took in the two facing each other, they fell like…

Our Palace Mistress and the Bloodshade Demon Lord. Don’t they kind of… Strangely suit each other?

Right? They seem to match really well!

They’re both the strongest and highest existences up high!

Thinking carefully on it, they really do seem to be a perfect match from every angle!

The Violet Cloud Realm disallows any man to enter, but that wasn’t to say that they disallowed romance!

It’s just that any love to be had isn’t allowed to be brought back here.

They could very well just do it outside…

In the air, after stabilizing the Violet Cloud Realm, Ling Ye gave Lou Xuling a small smile, “No need to thank me!”

The moment those words were uttered, Lou Xuling glared back at him, “Shouldn’t those words be coming from me instead?”

If it wasn’t for you, why would I have moved the Violet Cloud Realm?

Why would my Violet Cloud Realm take such damages?

Those damages were all because of you, so you acting to repair them is only natural!

And you dare to talk about not needing to thank you?

Of course there’s no need to thank you!

It should be you who’s thanking me!

“Alright! This time… Let’s say I owe you a favor!”

Ling Ye lightly smiled before turning around.

Lou Xuling glared viciously at his back, “I don’t need any favors from you!”

Just one?

You say you only owe me just one favor?

I don’t need your favor either!

The only reason I did this… Was simply because I had no other choice!

“Whether or not you need it is up to you! Goodbye!”

Ling Ye merely smiled faintly before the space around him slowly warped.

Seeing that Ling Ye was about to leave, Lou Xuling suddenly felt a strange sense of reluctance.

It’s just like before. She gets angry just seeing Ling Ye!

But she also kind of wishes that she could keep on watching him…

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