Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Ye Ziwei Was Scared Stiff

Under the countless gazes from the myriad realms, the many elites for the four great factions died one by one at Ling Ye’s hands…

As a prelude to the final battle, the myriad realms had once again witnessed the terror of the Bloodshade Demon Lord!

It’s also the first time they’ve seen the fall of a Supreme Divine!

And it’s the fall of five Supreme Divines at that…

Ling Ye really… Did not leave so much as a single survivor.

He has never left survivors in his wake!

He won’t show a shred of mercy to his enemies!

Within that bloody aura, inside the blood colored barrier, Zhuge Qingchan witnessed all this with her own eyes.

This was the first time she has seen Ling Ye actually fight as well!

No wonder everyone in the myriad realms are so terrified of him. He is indeed… rather scary!

However, those guys all brought it on themselves.

They arrogantly thought to try to kill him!

If the one to win wasn’t Ling Ye, then they would have killed him as well!

Therefore, Ling Ye naturally can’t possibly let any of them off…

Qiankun Realm.

Everyone, both inside and out of it, all watched as the whole thing unfoled.

They saw the entire shocking incident!

They saw the entire tragic annihilation of those five great factions!

Ren Fanchen was quite relieved. Relieved that he didn’t join them.

If he had, then he would doubtlessly have ended up the same way as Chu Yunxiao and the rest of them!


Just then, space suddenly warped in front of the entrance to the Qiankun Realm.

An elderly figure escaped from within it!

“Miss Ye! Save me… Save me!”

The person in question was none other than the sect leader of the Tianli Sword Sect.

At the moment, he was covered in blood, with one arm missing.

He was in a terrible state!

Instantly, everyone nearby immediately pulled away from him.

They were terrified of having anything to do with him!

“Open the Xiankun Realm… Let me in! Save me!”

He screamed out at Ye Ziwei within the Qiankun Realm.

At this moment, he completely lacked any of the presence expected of one of the strongest beings in the myriad realms.

All that was left of him was his struggling and screaming in despair!

“Miss Ye! Open up the Qiankun Realm, open up already!”

He screamed and roared.

Right now, there’s no other place besides the Qiankun Realm capable of saving him!

That’s why he ran here!


Right at that moment, as he was still screaming out, a blood red flash appeared behind him!

Blood colored spirit energy instantly pierced his body!

That vast spirit energy tore both his body and soul to pieces!

It was indeed the pursuing Ling Ye!

When Ling Ye decided to leave none alive, he made sure to leave none alive!

No matter where they run to, he’ll still chase his target down!

And right beneath the sect master of Tianli’s final savage gaze, his entire body was utterly destroyed by Ling Ye’s scarlet spirit energy!

And when they saw Ling Ye appear here, everyone both inside and outside the Qiankun Realm all fell into panic!

On the outside, Ren Fanchen and the rest of them all immediately turned about and tried to put as much distance between them and Ling Ye as possible!

And inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei and her group were all scared of of their minds!

Ye Ziwei’s figure couldn’t help but move back some distance distance!

Her little face was filled with terror!

Even though she knows full well that Ling Ye cannot enter the Qiankun Realm, when she saw that Ling Ye was here, she still retreated in fear!

Her eyes opened wide, staring at Ling Ye before her!

Truth be told, this was the first time she’s seen the Bloodshade Demon Lord from such a close distance as well!

Ling Ye didn’t look all that scary. In fact, even within the entire myriad realms, his appearance can be said to be in the very top class.

But… He simply causes a strange sense of fear in everyone who sees him!

Ye Ziwei continued to focus her gaze onto Ling Ye, who is outside the Qiankun Realm.

Not even she noticed that her face was rather pale right now, and her entire body was minutely shaking!

She had just seen as Ling Ye personally slaughtered five Supreme Divines as well as all the elites of their respective great factions!

And the next moment, Ling Ye suddenly appeared here!

So of course she was scared stiff on the spot!

However, after Ling Ye appeared, he just killed the Tianli Sect Master before vanishing!

He didn’t so much as glance at anyone here even.

It’s as if none of the people here was worthy for him to pay any attention to!

After Ling Ye left, everyone both inside and outside the Qiankun Ream all breathed a sigh of relief!

Thank goodness. Thank goodness that he’s only here to kill those who tried attacking him!

And that he didn’t pay any attention to anyone else!

Being unworthy of his attention is sometimes a good thing!

Inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei also felt like a weight left her!

She swallowed thickly before taking a deep breath.

Her clenched fists were still shaking even now!

She had once said that she would help Ye Tian lead the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance!

That she would help Ye Tian deal with the Bloodshade Demon Lord!

But when that Bloodshade Demon Lord really appeared before her…

Even with the Qiankun Realm between them, she was still scared out of her mind!

Truth be told, in that instant just then, her mind was filled with terror and nothing else!

For that instant, she was completely paralyzed!

When she came back to herself, Ye Ziwei once against tightly clenched her teeth.

What was with her just now?

How could she have been so weak?

That Ling Ye merely showed up, and yet she was scared to the point of retreating? Scared to the point of shaking?

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